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    Quote from Genius_idiot»

    NO ALCOHOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Minecraft is sold as a FAMILY game and adding alcohol would NOT be something people will be fond of.

    Woah! Read you loud and clear buddy!

    You make a point I hadn't thought of. So, therefore allow me to withdraw said offense.

    "Minecraft is sold as a family game..." I'm not so sure about that. I mean, perhaps now it is but that hasn't been it's history. Minecraft was a sensation before it even left development. Notch never mentioned his intention for Minecraft to be a family game.

    Parents might view minecraft as a less violent alternative to other games but frankly, this game is no moral example! Graphics aside, there is plenty of fighting, killing, stealing, lying, cursing, raging, anti-social stuff that goes along with this game.

    But I'm sure you are absolutely right about folks not being fond of drinks in game. I mean, you hit the nail on the head!

    Although, in the unsurprising event that some thin-skinned, blogger-mom would be offended at the notion of beer being an aesthetic item in a game which features witchcraft, among other things, I'd have to marginalize their hypocritical opinion.


    /not obsessed with drinking

    //but i do drink

    ///also not a parent so what do i know anyway...

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    While I'm not convinced on each and every element to this suggestion, (like thirst bars) I think the overall idea of fruit bearing trees is great idea. In fact, to a large degree I think the idea was originally Notch's idea! Thus apple trees. So this simply builds upon an existing game mechanic. I like it!

    But as a few folks have already stated, more fruit trees and their food items could overwhelm the player with too many food options. If that happened, the survival aspect of gameplay could become irrelevant. After all, even in the current vanilla game, a player can build HUGE automated farms that essentially gives that player an infinite amount of food! Starving to death can be made obsolete! That's okay for the individual player who puts the time into building it, but you wouldn't want every player to have infinite food right from the start!

    So allow me to add my recommendation to this idea of fruit bearing trees:

    1.) First of all, as you've somewhat mentioned, their location within the world should be organized according to biomes. You can't have fruit trees popping up everywhere! It should make sense. Wild fruit certainly can grow in jungles and sparsely in regular forests. Coconuts, obviously next to oceans. What about a small concentration of fruit trees that consistently spawn near or in villages. The assumption being that the villagers planted and cultivated them?

    2.) More to the point, the health/hunger capabilities should correspond directly to the availability of each fruit. In other words, the more readily available a fruit or vegetable, then the less effect it has on regeneration of hunger/health. Conversely, if a certain fruit/veggie is rare or difficult to cultivate then the greater it's power and the higher its value. Players who build huge farming operations would still reap a great reward (albeit not as great as they currently do.) and smaller farms would be valuable only over time; making true the adage: "You get out what you put in".

    3.) I like an expansion of farming ideas because it naturally leads to more cooking ideas! But here again we risk loosing the game's balance by introducing too much food to a survival themed game. So we have to be careful. I would suggest that recipes be a little more complicated and resource demanding. Rather than seeing food items as ingredients, why not make it so that a few food items are combined to create a single ingredient. Once different, multiple ingredients are crafted, THEN they are added to one another (perhaps in a particular sequence) to produce the finished food product. Which means some foods would be tough to get all the appropriate ingredients for and those food items would thus be very valuable to a players health/hunger. Perhaps some ingredients for certain food items are only obtainable in the wild and cannot be cultivated? Something to think about.

    4.) Do away with the notion of thirst. It's not a terrible idea in concept, but I'm not sure it would be fun to have in game. Probably a bit awkward and clunky to manage, I would imagine. BUT, I like the idea of drinks! Fruit juices are obvious. What about beer?!? Or wine? They'd be items that are only available to those who go through the process of growing or finding the necessary items, crafting them into ingredients, and then making them according to their recipes. Their effect would be, as mentioned, according to their availability or difficulty in crafting.


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    Support, but with some added suggestions.

    There should be perishable and nonperishable food items. Meat is obviously perishable, but beans or dried fruit is not.

    This solves the very legitimate concern some have expressed regarding their food storages being lost simply due to time. It would reinvigorate the food collecting and preparation game experience in a positive way and be another great strategy exercise.

    Another related suggestion: Refrigerator chests. A Chest for storage that utilizes a separate slot for ice blocks. Keeps perishable food items fresh as long as there are ice blocks. Ice blocks would melt off slowly enough to make the Refrigerator chest worth it. Would be a great inclusion for kitchens.

    Watcha think?


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    What I'm about to suggest is an overhaul of certain game features that nearly all Minecraft players will agree is NOT broken! And I agree! Why fix something that isn't broken? That's a good argument.

    But I'm not suggesting we fix it because it's broken. I'm suggesting we overhaul it and make it something completely different and new. That being said, I would never want Vanilla Minecraft, as it exists in its current form or in its past versions, to be inaccessible to players. These are suggestions for Minecraft's future, not it's present. And they are suggested so as to further the game's development not to be commentary on it's current state.

    Biome Habitats

    This is actually not a new idea. Minecraft already does it to a small extent. Ocelots (or cats) have a Jungle Biome habitat. And that's one reason why I love both Ocelots and Jungle Biomes!

    So, what if we expanded that to included all sorts of Biome-specific features? This could make possible the inclusion of a whole host of new animals without overloading the world with animal mobs. For example:

    Deer - Plains, Forest Biome

    (A huge food source which could potentially replace cows as the wild animal of choice)

    Bear - Dark Forest Biome

    (A rare find. Shy, and reclusive. A bear spawns only occasionally outside his cubby-hole where you might find berries!)

    Boar - Forest, Pine Forest

    (Another easily available food for hunting. Could replace pigs)

    Pigs & Cows - Villages

    (Since I've mentioned Deer and Boar as replacements let me say that I think Pigs and Cows make more sense as livestock animals rather than wild animals. They could spawn inside fenced areas in villages and be cared for and bred by the villagers.)

    Lions/Tigers - Savannah Biome

    (Great for sport hunting! Also can drop trophy items for bragging rights and/or enchanting!)

    Snake - Dessert Biome

    (Drops potions, meat)

    Yeti - Snow, Ice Biomes

    Gorilla - Jungle Temple Mob Boss

    (Terrifying and very deadly! Jungle Temples are easy and predictable, but a Gorilla guard would make it FUN!!!!)

    At any rate you get the idea. Each biome could become much more than just a different look than the others. They can be dynamic worlds onto themselves.

    Underground Mobs vs. Aboveground Predators

    I may be the only one in the world who thinks so, but I'll risk the flaming: I think the whole 'zombies and scary monsters at night' schtick is played out. I mean how many movies, books and t.v. shows feature this predictable theme? It's popular, for sure! But I think if it hasn't already past its prime then it will very soon!

    I would support a game where hostile mobs such as zombies, spiders, creepers, etc. were only encountered in the dark depths of the world. This is where we find their individual spawners after all. I think this would create mystery to the underworld. Mining and caving would be activities requiring your full alert, lest you encounter the unexpected! Occasionally, Mobs that spawn near cave entrances might wander out under the sky but would burn off in the daylight as usual.

    Whereas the Aboveground isn't completely safe, mind you. Lurking in most biomes are predator animals who are every bit as lethal as those underground mobs! I've mentioned a few above. These animal or predator mobs can be given AI which makes them passive unless provoked. Perhaps some predators are only hostile all the time?

    That's all got at the moment!


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    posted a message on An Odd Suggestion For Ice Blocks...
    Hey everyone,

    I'm up to building an adventure map. It it, I've planned a steep accent using ice blocks. Since ice blocks are slippery the higher you ascend the greater the tension builds for a miss-step.

    However, you don't actually slip off of an ice block. I've tried it over and over. You can walk off, or run off. But you don't slip off. Items, on the other hand, will slip to the edge of a block and - if going fast enough - will slip off the block it's on and onto the next.

    It would be nice if the player did the same thing. Of course, this would make moving on ice more difficult but come on! It's ice! It isn't supposed to be easy!

    Just a suggestion! Anyone agree?
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    Total Survival Mode
    [i]You are lost. Completly lost in an unknown, and unfriendly world. There is no such thing as peaceful. Where do you go? What do you do? Will you live through this? Can you find your way? [/i]

    The Enviroment
    Threats loom from every direction. But they aren't obvious. Animal and Mob spawn rates are much lower in TSM than other modes. You are alone. For now.

    As with the current game mode, you need covering. A home. A safe haven. A place to hide and from which to work. But you will not last long here with only a home. You must survive the elements.
    Weather now presents are serious threat. Getting caught outside during weather events such as rain or snow can have adverse effects on your health. Your hunger diminishes quickly threating your hearts. You need - at the veryleast - some cow-hide. Hunting is difficult, though since animals spawn fewer than on normal survival mode. You must explore to find a herd. And you must have weapons. This could take days. Meanwhile, what will you eat?

    Food is the most pressing issue in surviving. You need it. Constantly. There are many sources of food, though. Mushrooms and Flowers can be made into stews. Wild pigs can be killed and cooked. Fish can be caught. Even wheat can be planted, cultivated, and made into bread. But these things take time and must be properly prioritized. A full day without food intake of some kind wil dimish your hunger bar and threaten your hearts. But caution must be also be taken here.
    Food Poisoning is a danger. Raw meat can make you sick. As can certain mushrooms and certain recipes of stews. You may have to make a few mistakes before you learn what is and isn't safe.

    Cactus can cause you to loose hearts if you aren't careful. But so can poisonous vines and flowers. You must tread carefully as you explore. A wrong step and the wrong time could cost you dearly.

    Animals do not spawn as frequently in Total Survival Mode. They aren't too rare, though, and you make use of their appearances by hunting and killing them. But some animals are dangerous. There are preditors here. They blend into their surroundings. You will likely not see them before they see you. The hunter can become the hunted. Killing a preditor animal will reap you a greater reward than the death of a passive animal. Keep your eyes open. And never leave your safe-haven without being prepared to meet an aggressive animal. Fair warning.

    The Natives
    Mobs are rare. So rare, in fact that you could easily be drawn into a state of complacency. How many times have you been out at night without seeing a spider or skeleton? How many caves have you explored without once encountering a Zombie? You think you are alone. You feel alone. But they do lurk in the darkness. Waiting for some misstep of yours. Should you meet, their attacks are ruthless. Very damaging. Your combat must be quick and ready. And where one is, there are others. They spawn in groups and can draw attention to one another. If one attacks you, others will also follow. Mobs are not to be taken lightly. They present the most threating danger to you and your survival. Death means death. There is no retry. Did you really think you could just start over? That creeper behind you thinks otherwise.

    [i]~Villages & NPC[/i]
    Villages are naturally appealing places. Within the safe walls of these huts and houses are food storages and warm beds. Not to mention a wealth of tools, weapons, armor, and other useful items to you. You may enter villages and use them as your base. You may also open chests so long as they are unlocked and use the items you find there. But what about the people of the villages. Paying them could open locked chests for you, revealing their loot. But who are the people there? Are they friendly? Will they even allow you into their village? These things are unknown.

    [i]~Strongholds & Bosses[/i]
    Strongholds are horrible places. Terrible things happen there. You do not want to mess with strongholds. Inside these difficult passages are many, many hostile mobs. Only the most daring would make entry to these places. Should you destroy the mobs, and deactivate their spawners, you must face the Mob Boss in the heart of the stronghold. He will be no easy task. The reward for his death, however, could mean a quicker rescue for you. Will you risk it? Will you risk everything?

    Somewhere in this vast and frightning world is your goal. Your final resue. Finding it is your ulltimate concern. Locating and reaching your final goal gives you, not only safety, but also a reward that you can use on other game modes within your Minecraft client. Something completly unattainable besides completing Total Survival Mode. What is it? To be honest, you may never see it. In all likelihood you will die in this world. Survival is only for the fittest.

    I dunno. Just thought a [i]real[/i] survival mode would be fun and tried to make it sound dramatic for effect. What do you think? Any additional suggestions?
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    You know, there really isn't enough support for MAC here in minecraftforums. I'm not complaining, I'm just making a simple point. The majority of user-created content (i.e. Mods, skins, texture packs, etc.) come equipped with Windows only instructions. It really makes playing the game on a MAC more difficult from the standpoint of add-ons.

    I run a MAC too. I have two texture packs that I switch to and from with. (LB Photo Realism & Gerudoku) I use the MCPatcher tool to run those packs. I also use the MC MapDeleter/Pine Tree Generator mod alot as well. The other little program I got to work was TreasureChest, to back-up my save files in the event of a meltdown or something.

    Those are the only downloaded, Minecraft-specific mods/programs that I've felt comfortable enough to try and figure out - or that came with Mac instructions. I'd like to download more, but as you said, alot of these mods aren't Mac friendly.

    I wouldn't want a "MAC Mod Section" or anything like that, but it would be nice if folks would include or contribute Mac-related issues with available mods.

    /two cents
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