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    posted a message on Fallout: War Never Changes REBORN! Tons More Features and Epic Hardcore Role-Play Meet Again!

    IGN: Blackwell

    Age: 24, Male

    Role-Play Exp.: Six years as a runescape player Moderator (SirBlackwell). I know my way around many an rpg (the final fantasys, oblivions, fallout, what have you) I’ve played a few games of old school D&D in my day but by no means am I a professional, can’t take these things too seriously now I’m in it to have a bit of fun and a spot of healthy escapism heh. No RP experience as of yet with minecraft though, haven’t found a rp server that seemed to be a good fit for me. I’ve been a part of a few other servers (vanilla mostly) but most have gone belly up, hoping to find a good place to cut my rp teeth so to speak and being a huge fan of the fallout universe I had to give it a shot.

    Why Us: Happened across an article on the obsidian block just now, and jumped to apply. I love fallout and I’ve wanted to try my hand at RP minecraft style for some time now, seems like the best of two worlds. What’s not to love?

    Time You Can Dedicate: On average an hour or so most days (got an 8-5 job) and likely two or three on my weekends give or take. Though with Skyrim coming out next week no promises heh..


    Faction- You do your thing and I’ll do mine. I've no real issue with the NCR independents or brotherhood but I'm none too fond of being told what to do, how to think, or being taxed at that. As for the rest of those loons and psychopaths, well now that's what they make buckshot foe eh?

    Name: Reginald Blackwell (why fix what ain’t broken?)

    Gender: Male

    Age: 25

    Appearance: Scraggly red hair & beard, Green eyes, flannel, suspenders, boots and khakis, average build and average looking. Looks more like he’d be suited for the hills of Vermont rather than the Mohave *shrugs* I ams what I ams’

    Fears: Not being able to protect the folks he cares about, that and feral ghouls, those give em the willies.. all shrieking, running, grabbing, biting at you in the dark like that.. and that SMELL. Oh and rad roaches, ughh.

    Personality: Stoic, untrusting, & standoffish at first, kind and genuine once he warms up to you, snarky and deadpan at all times.

    Occupation: Jack of all trades master of none? Makes a living savaging, fixing, and learning what he can from the past. Something of an amateur scientist and strangely enough lumberjack (bit useless in the desert wastes- granted but that’s life for you and that rarely makes a lick of sense)

    Skills: Tinkers with devices of years gone by. None too bad with a shotgun or axe if need be and loves woodworking when he can get his hands on some actual un rotted/ irradiated/ er non sentiate lumber.. had a run in with a talking tree over in DC some time back… trys not to think about it.

    Nickname (Optional): Reggie, or Blackwell whatever strikes your fancy.

    RP Example-

    Staring down a particularly deranged looking twitchy legionnaire at the side of an overturned Box Truck-

    Now I don’t want any trouble boyo, I’m just trying to pry these self sealing stembolts free from this here rusted hulk, dunno just what in blazes they’r for but… Oi you wearing a skirt there and is that a flippin dog collar??!

    (leaginare steps forward swinging a spiked collar over head barking obesities while making a lude jester)

    Now ifin your planning on dragging me back to your masters as a slave or er gimp by the look’a you I’m afraid I’ll have to give it a miss, why don’t you scamper on back to Little Caesar’s and make a few pizzas eh? Now let me back to my work Nancy… lest you wana be making your toga wearing, s&m, nobhappy masters miffed at me for the free lobotomy I’ll be giving ya should you be stepping any closer, er well if you have a brain to blast out at any rate..

    (howling with rage, and confusion the legionnaire charges brandishing a massive spear and his middle finger)

    Righ’ then guess he must be fond’o being eviscerated? C’mon now bring it Nancy! Careful now Don’t want you tripping over tha’ fancy mettle skirt do we?!

    With a quick side step he dodges a spear hits the legion in the nether regions with a round of 000 buck, a second to the forehead point blank and is off on his merry way, well after a bit o looting useless trinkets naturally, it’s the wasteland after all eh?


    Three legion scouts observe this from a distance, looks like Mr. Blackwell’s done stirred up the hive.


    Blackwell Hails from the deep misty (and slightly radioactive) mountains of Vermont, Grew up living a simple life in a small cabin tucked away in the woods (or what you would call woods these days) with his father.

    From what Blackwell could gather over the years from the old man was that he was a scientist with the enclave- having fled the ranks, disgusted by their xenophobia and terrified by their genocidal ambitions retreated to the distant mountains to raise his children as best and morally he could. His mother had sadly passed while giving birth to him; even with the enclaves advanced technology mortality rates are still high no matter what part of the shattered world you live ..or so his father said. That’s where the tragedy ends and their new simple life began. Beyond that Blackwell could never pry out of the old guy. Just what his father did for the enclave Blackwell couldn’t say, all he ever got was a blank stare and a quick subject change or a smack with a belt. Even his mother’s death he wondered about, he figured there were just some things you didn’t ask a about. Still….

    Years later at the age of 19 Blackwell simply took it in his head to set off on his own to seek adventure across the wastes, no particularly tragic turn of events, no death, no revenge, just wanderlust sent him off. His left his father with a simple good bye note (and as far as Blackwell is aware he’s still living in the hills, stewing in depression, rage, and whiskey as he always was) Living the life of a woodsmen though peaceful enough, just proved too dull and mesmerized by the tails of the untouched oasis of Las Vegas told by passing caravans Blackwell parted ways with his father, well ran away to join the circus; so to speak and set off across the tattered remnants of this once great country. The old story of a young kid leaving his boring home for a life of fun and adventure, sad it never turns out that way eh?

    Six hard long, did I mention hard?, years of wandering and barely scraping by with nothing but his wits to protect him Blackwell Finally made it to the fabled promise land of flashing lights and excess and found it not quite as he had hoped but exactly what he had secretly dreaded…
    War... war never changes…

    Viva la- Las Vegas indeed..
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    posted a message on Pixelville•PvP, Creative And Survival•120 Slot•Spoutcraft•Bukkit•1.7.3
    In-game name:
    Country you live in:
    The US of A
    Where did you hear about this server?:
    Originally I happened across it at random
    Banned before?:
    Nope can't say I have been
    Tell us about yourself:
    Names Blackwell, I'm a returning member, lost my status due to the up date. I've been away for about a month or two (computer died on me) Hoping to make my triumph return.
    Which rule is your favorite, and why?
    No griefing of course.
    Have you signed up, and will you be active on our forum/website?
    I've got an account on the forms, and I try to post when I can
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    posted a message on Pixelville•PvP, Creative And Survival•120 Slot•Spoutcraft•Bukkit•1.7.3
    In-game name:

    -Where did you hear about this server?
    I was carousing the forms and happened across your server. After the old server I frequented went the way of the dodo Ive been on the lookout for a new place to set up shop.

    -What do you choose? -Pixelville or the wilds
    Hmm hows about a little from A and a little from B I certainly like to be part of the community but don't we all need a fortress of solitude too?

    -Have you, or will you vote for us on ? I'll be certan to do so when I've the chance

    -Will you be active on our forum? I don't see why not, allways looking for a new form to add to the ol' favorites list

    -Anything else?
    I've been at minecraft for quite some time now and know my away around building some fairly nice stuff, nothing to the scale of say that the enterprise or any thing eh *shrugs*. I've also had experience in moderating (runescape) so no worries about me causing any trouble in that regard. So hope to see ya soon then'
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    posted a message on yogcraft
    A yogscast server? Now how could I pass that up? Count me in, should smp decide to start working in the forcible future that is. :SSSS: So are you by chance affiliated with Lewis and Simon or is this server like dedicated to em so to speak?
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    posted a message on NomNom v4 [no item spawn][no whitelist]
    Hm ya when I was on the other night things started to get a bit wonky with the server before my connection cut out (satellite + bad weather + exceedingly bad service provider= no internet) lost every thing I was holding and got booted a few times, dunno if it was just my end or some bugs to work out server side *shrugs* figured I'd post my two cents-

    Crappy internet permitting I'll be on at some point to harass ya'll
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    posted a message on NomNom v4 [no item spawn][no whitelist]
    Glad to hear you have a server up and going ron, I'll have to drop by- let me know if I can lend a hand in any testing/ what not. Yaa go figure I finally start to settle down in a server than poof! it explodes or gets sucked into a parallel dimension (I'm leaning twords the latter). Ah well looks like your the new dill then, congrats? :Notch:
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    posted a message on NomNom v4 [no item spawn][no whitelist]
    Hm servers down I see, ah well looks like I'll have to find some other way to piddle away my time.
    PS Will finished the Russian skin you asked for

    -btw if any one else has a request for a skin let me know and I'll see what I can whip up for ya :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on NomNom v4 [no item spawn][no whitelist]
    Heh well hope you guys get things up and running, I'll be back to pester every one once you do er lag permitting that is lol. Best of luck-

    Edit: Hm going to go out on a limb here and hazard a guess and say that notches new smp update made things a bit unstable? Glad he's putting some work into it but man he needs to get some in house bug testers. Ah well Such is life as they say.
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    posted a message on NomNom v3 [no whitelist]
    Hay there' Just had a crack at the server, nice group of people all around. Corse all I've been doing is digging about in the sand box, still we all gotta start some where eh? Hope to see ya there'

    er yes and omnomnom
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    posted a message on You should click on this right now.
    Heh actually I enjoyed that' look forward to what you've got in mind next.

    If I recall notch is planning somthing more with the pigmen, I dunno it'll be nice to have something sentient out there other than your self. Certainly seems like your minecrafter has gotten quite paranoid his solitude so looks like these guys are a blessing for him if any thing eh? Hm now that I think of it where we have zombie pigmen in the nether why not er "living" pigmen in the regular world hm? Somthing to ponder.

    Any hoo enough rambling, nice work' Keep it up! :Pig:
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    posted a message on Introductions & Leavings
    Hay people names Blackwell just started playing minecraft oh month or so ago and am only just now getting around to introducing m'self/ joining the forms. Happned across the game while thumbing through a friends Gameinformer and havn't looked back. Next step is to join a server and get to building some epicness.

    Now to spread the minecraft plague amongst every one I know Whahahaha! :SSSS:
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