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    posted a message on [1.8.1] Level Up! - RPG Skills & More - Update v1.5.2
    Quote from redsamuraixiii

    I hope this mod will get updated, it was a favorite of mine back in Beta and it would be amazing to see it come into 1.2.5 now.
    Quote from TheFavoriteFruit

    Plz Update to 1.2.5 its one of the best mod ive seen
    Quote from Agent_A

    Update! Please! I love this mod!
    Quote from Metordd

    Can somone update this? the OP hasnt been around for a long time now. and i hate to see such a Gem of a mod die off
    He did say before he left

    "You all have full permission to do so under four conditions:
    1. you do not put up an adfly link for downloading the mod pack
    2 you do not edit or otherwise tamper with the mod
    3 you put a link to this topic in the mod pack's topic
    4 you do not ask me for a compatibility fix for another mod that you want in the pack."

    i'd like to see this mod once again....
    Quote from Metordd

    this mod reminds me alot of mcmmo an i wish it was updated
    Quote from M00NSPELL

    Update please :( i like this mod :(

    Owner of the Level Up mod, or somebody, listen to or prays =P please someone, can do the favor of updating this mod to minecraft 1.2.5 version? PLEASE, its a great n' amazing mod :D
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    posted a message on [1.19] AtomicStryker's Infernal Mobs - Diablo Style Modifiers
    Quote from Doskan

    AFAIK default is 15, wich means every 15 mobs, 1 will be special/powered/infernal... so you can set it to 3 and let the party begin.

    P.D: don't set below 3... :Pig:

    aww ty, now i understand, i've seted 50 =P i was thinking that was a percentage or chance =P ty man o/
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    posted a message on Chocolate quest. Mods for the adventurers
    Please update Adventure Items to MC 1.2.4. version *-*
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