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    posted a message on New PS4 HermitCraft Server

    PSN blackbox3000

    Xbox Blackbox3k

    Dedicated player. Would love to join

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    posted a message on Trustworthy, frequent players needed! Viking/Medieval SMP

    Brand new Realm on Bedrock

    Currently only 3/4 players

    Will be using the NEW conquest texture pack once we have a daily player base

    Youtubers/content creators welcome

    If you're bored, and wanting a new realm to join, with daily players, perhaps come join us?!

    18+ Advised

    All 3 of us build in a viking medieval style

    Shopping district is in the works currently

    Creating your own kingdom and 'lore' would be fantastic

    Admins needed too

    Contact me on discord for a quick Q&A and an invite code

    Discord - Blackbox3000#6845

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    posted a message on Hermitstyle survival world

    Add me if there's still space. I enjoy building viking/medieval style.

    Psn: blackbox3000

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    posted a message on Survival Server in need of trusting builders and survivalists

    Needing new players for our hobbitcraft server

    Must be trusting, understanding and OVER 17

    Reply with your psn and your age

    PS: currently for 4 daily players. Looking for a balance of male and female. First come first serve.

    Thank you :)

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    posted a message on ya girl needs someone to play survival with


    We have a survival server and we're looking for new players..only about 4 of us on the server..mix of guys and girls. All over 20 lol

    Blackbox3000 is my PSN if you'd like to join :)

    Also a mix of guys and girls

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    posted a message on Hobbitcraft season 2 realm

    Realms are finally here!!

    Are you looking for a survival realm that treats all players the same?

    Are you wanting a relaxed world where all players help each other?

    Do you enjoy building in your own style away from others? Or getting inspiration from other people builds? Maybe needing a second opinion or help? Then come join us!

    We're looking for 1, 2 people max to join our server. The realm is in its second season and will last throughout 2021!

    Over 18 preferably. With a mic and a good sense of humour

    Build style doesn't matter but viking/nordic helps

    Apply by adding Blackbox3000 on PSN

    First come first serve

    Happy mining! And merry Christmas!

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