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    posted a message on New mobs in 1.6? Jeb Tweet
    Not unexpected. Mobs are usually added every second update, and there is almost always two or more mobs added in these updates.
    To draw on past examples:
    Beta 1.8: Endermen, cave spiders and silverfish
    1.0: Enderdragon, mooshrooms, villagers, snow golems, magma cubes, blazes
    1.1: none
    1.2: Iron golems and ocelots
    1.3: none
    1.4: Wither skeletons, Wither, Witches, bats
    1.5: none
    1.6: ???
    As for what we can expect, if there are any aquatic mobs added, don't expect anything more than a sea bat equivalent. Maybe fish, but possibly not. In other words, don't expect the ocean to be teeming with life in 1.6. Maybe a hostile water mob, but unlikely.
    As for other mobs, maybe a flying overworld monster? hasn't been done before. Otherwise I can't really think of a niche to be filled.
    It's not likely to be a red dragon, unless they are little dragonlings. But people would be disappointed without a big dragon, I would think.
    Nether mobs? Maybe... There seem to be a good variety at the moment though.
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    posted a message on Renaming Adult Villagers (Not Just Kids and Eggs) - and also maybe color-coding
    The snapshots already add in the naming functionality, that does what you describe. Naming villagers will have their names in the trade window, and if you look directly at them there will be a nameplate above their head.
    A named villager (or any mob) can be made in creative by renaming a spawn egg on the anvil.
    If you want to rename existing villages, you can do so in MCEdit using Sethbling's ChangeMobs filter found here: http://sethbling.com...mcedit-filters/
    Although some knowledge of MCEdit is required to do so.
    So basically, this is already implemented. If your suggestion is that villagers naturally spawn with a name, I guess that's cool. Names should be randomly generated rather than selected from a list of predetermined names though. They may end up with weird, un-pronounceable names, but that's part of the fun.
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    posted a message on Easy way to make flaming arrows
    This thread is TWO YEARS OLD And no longer relevant. It was made before the enchantment system existed. It is no longer needed as you can now get flaming arrows in Minecraft.
    To get Flaming arrows, you need to enchant your bow with the "Flame" enchantment.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.6 update theme spectulation
    Quote from Kholdstare

    Considering that the whole system revolves around having better equipment and Internet connection than the other guy, no. Combat is not fine.

    And those people would definitely be overreacting. All you would do is try to guess how much you have to charge your attack and try not to go overboard (otherwise you get a penalty). At the same time, you have to block or dodge the other guy's hits as well.

    Right now, combat is just spamming the mouse button whilst your cursor is pointed at them. Not by any stretch of the imagination is that a good combat system.

    Besides a terrain update and a combat update, I'd also like to see more generated structures, but preferably AFTER the terrain and combat updates.
    And how is making the combat system more complicated going to fix latency issues? I assume the point you are trying to make there is that no skill is involved. In which case I'd argue that there is skill involved in Minecraft combat, just not the combat encountered on PvP servers. And that is the servers fault, not Minecraft's.
    In Minecraft, you can build, use the environment to your advantage, brew potions to give you an edge, craft explosives and build traps. Servers that disable all of these things, and only leave you with the basics, are going to be dull.
    But they aren't dull are they? People go on them and play PvP all the time. Why? If they wanted a deep multiplayer combat experience couldn't they play another game?
    Is it perhaps because they like the simple combat system, the goofiness of it and the fact that they find it fun?
    So why would they want to change it for something they can get elsewhere? One that all players might not understand and find harder to use?
    Combat is fine.

    And besides, Dinnerbone seems to like it how it is, and so it is unlikely to change.

    Quote from Lilhurkgamer

    1.6 will have the following futures (Technical all speculation, but I do have reasoning behind them) 1. Duel Weilding- Jeb has made multiple hints to the fact that he would like to add duel Weilding weapons at some point- I believe the reason he doesn't want it in 1.5 is that it is more of a "techie" update (WHICH I LOVE!) 2. Major Updates to the Neather- I think Dinnerbone has been pushing jebs towards this for a while and they have already made 1 quite significant change to the Neather I.E Neather Quartz.... I think Jebs has finally realized that there aren't many reasons you would want to go to the Neather unless for potions or quartz, so I anticipate that there will be at least 1 new mob for the Neather, at least 1 new ore most likely a Ruby ore (which jebs has stated will be in MC at some point...) , The Red Ridable Dragons that Notch talked about adding when he first talked about the ender dragon, and at least one new structure type, most likely Zombie Pigmen based... And lastly I think the Neather Generator will be MAJORLY changed. It is my honest opinion that the next big update ie 1.6 will be called the Neather Update.
    Dual wielding: So unlikely that I can say that this won't happen.
    Nether changes: Possible. Little things are added to the Nether from time to time
    Ruby ore: Not likely
    Red dragon: It's more likely that I will set foot on the Moon tomorrow than this being added in the next update, or ever.
    Ride-able dragons: It's more likely that I will set foot on the Sun tomorrow than this being added anywhere between now and the end of time.
    Nether generator changes: Maybe. Probably not drastic changes though.
    1.6 being a Nether update: Also possible I guess. No more unlikely than a terrain update.
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    posted a message on Da Chopper!
    It has already been said by the developers that they are never going to add in block breakers or placers.
    They believe that only the player should place or break blocks. Sorry to disappoint you.
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    posted a message on A Second Use for Enchanted Books
    So your idea for a secondary use for enchantment books, is to completely ruin the primary use for enchanting books? And indeed, the entire randomly based enchantment system?
    I could simply level to 30, enchant a book which is pretty much guaranteed to get me a good enchantment that I will want to use. Repeat the process, next time making sure I don't pick the option for the enchantment I already have. Keep doing this until I have all the best enchantments. Never need to use enchantment books again, or anvils at all (unless I want to put unbreaking on my sword or something).
    See the problem here? It's not as well balanced as you claim.

    Here is my suggestion.
    You can read an enchantment book, and doing so will give you a special 'potion' effect that lasts for a minute. While this potion effect is active, anything you enchant has an increased chance to have that enchantment. The power of the enchantment on the book increases the likelihood of acquiring the enchantment on that item, whereas it is how many level you spend on the actual enchantment that determines the power.
    For example, if you read a sharpness IV book, and then use one level enchanting a sword, you are very likely going to get sharpness I. On the other hand, if you read a sharpness I book and then spend 30 levels you are only slightly more likely to get a sharpness enchantment.
    So you can either gamble by reading the book, or you can use the anvil and a few more levels to get it guaranteed. This also makes low level books slightly more useful, as you can use them to get their higher level counterparts by reading them, whilst not making them too powerful.
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    posted a message on possible use for heads: clay golems?
    It's a neat idea. I think it should use brick instead of clay blocks though. All golems have to be made from fabricated blocks. Clay blocks occur naturally which means you could just place a head on top of naturally found clay blocks and make a golem, when you should have to place those blocks yourself.

    Combined with custom names and such though, this could be a useful tool for adventure maps.
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    posted a message on Runestones
    Cool idea... For a mod.
    Thing is, we already have a way of "casting spells" in the game, and it is done in an unconventional and Minecrafty way, unlike your suggestion.
    I am, of course, talking about splash potions. It's what Witches use, and makes sense in the world of Minecraft where the players ability comes from his gear and not from natural abilities.
    So nice idea, but I think it would work better as a mod, and I think there may already be similar mods to this.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.6 update theme spectulation
    Quote from Kholdstare

    1) Though Jeb may not realize it, he's more likely to generate more hate if he leaves the terrain alone.
    2) There's an easy way to not break worlds (which is probably why Jeb is nervous to change it). Just include the current terrain generator, and bury it in the code. Set all the current (non-Superflat) worlds to that generator. Bam, worlds don't break.
    3) Inevitably, if Jeb makes a minor change to the generator, it's going to implode. If he's going to break the world, he might as well add a decent generator alongside it.
    I'm not saying terrain generation changes are impossible for the next update. I'm just using known facts and forecasting from that. Jeb has said he doesn't want to change the terrain, it's probably not going to be changed. And if he does change it there will still be people unhappy with it.

    There's one thread I saw in the suggestions thread that was pretty good (odd, right?). Basically, you had to charge attacks with the sword. You got penalties if you charged it for too little or too long, and you got a bonus if you attacked at just the right time. There was also a better blocking mechanic, in which if you blocked at just the right time you would completely block all the damage. It would have worked out pretty well.
    I think simplicity is best where combat is concerned, and it has to fit with existing mechanics. For example this charging up thing might not work very well when trying to mine. Will the game try to charge up my pick, for example. If it only worked with swords, would it be better for me to use an axe against monsters because it is easier? These are things you have to consider when changing fundamental mechanics, and I don't think it is worth the effort.

    If Jeb won't add a better combat system, adding more weapons that fight differently are the next best thing (or, heck, add both). No, they are not necessary, but only because there is a better alternative.
    We already have weapon enchantments to add variety to weaponry, we don't need different weapons. Whenever I have played mods that added more weapons, they tried to be different by adding stuns or bonus damage etc. Things that would work as enchantments. Hence I reiterate: We don't need more weapons.

    Why would Dinnerbone sit out on the update?
    Because he pretty much said that he will never make any water content.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.6 update theme spectulation
    Why do people think it will be an aesthetic update? We just had one of those. Anyone remember it? It was called the Pretty Scary update? 1.4? Item frames? Pots? Corner stairs? Ringing any bells?
    I don't really think it will be terrain either. Jeb said that the most negative feedback he gets comes from when he changes the terrain, and that he would rather leave it alone. It's possible, but unlikely.
    Its probably not going to be combat either. I think Mojang thinks that combat is fine how it is. How do you really change first-person melee combat anyway? You could make it more like Chivalry I suppose, but its seems more "Minecrafty" the way it is. And more weapons are not needed.
    Ocean content? Unless Dinnerbone is planning to sit out the entire update, unlikely. Nor would I want that, seeing as Dinnerbone makes good content.
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    posted a message on Open-Ended Dimension Idea: "Deeper Nether"
    Neat idea I suppose. I think it would work better as a mod though.
    Also, instead of being unable to place torches, just fill the entire area with Void Fog:

    So you can still place torches, but you just won't be able to see them from a few blocks away.
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    posted a message on A way to lock comparators to save their output strengths?
    It's not a bad idea, but I don't see how this would work. The side inputs already have a function and so does the right-click.
    I'm sure there is some creative redstone way this could be done already anyway.
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    posted a message on Monster Spawners: Craftable?
    There will never be craft-able spawners.
    They aren't even in the creative menu, why would they be added to survival? They even removed collecting mob spawners with silk touch, so it is obvious that they don't want you to be placing mob spawners in survival ever.
    And I'm pretty sure that the devs consider mob grinders to not be part of gameplay, so there is no reason why they would add content that supports it.
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    posted a message on Will Jeb/Dinnerbone ever implement spikes?
    Quote from MastaChief54117

    *Sigh...* It always comes back to the traps for some. Meanwhile, I'll just head on back to my quiet beach and fish...
    Perhaps the seat will only send out analog signals through comparators. The comparator will send out a signal strength of 1 if there is a player sitting on the seat, and the signal strength would increase the more stuff the player had in his inventory.
    Quote from Sceadugengan

    Crushing blocks would be really nice.
    With this I could build a fully automated tree farm :D
    Never going to happen. Devs have stated that they want only the player to place and destroy blocks, effectively ruling out any block breakers or placers for all time.
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    posted a message on Will new lighting engine support handheld lighting?
    Quote from Bumber

    Mostly because it just makes sense. It's something torches do IRL.
    So, there is no real reason to add it other than "because it makes sense."
    Sometimes game play is designed around what makes sense, sometimes not. In this case, making sense IRL is not a good enough reason to add in hand held lighting.
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