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    Name: Vex
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Magic: Wind Magic
    Appearance: Brown hair that goes over eyes a little bit. I also have a white robe that has
    a gold trim all around it.
    Personality: I am calm and collective but also afflicted with a small amount of madness.
    Being a loose cannon, nobody has any idea when I'm going to snap.

    hinata2000100 is the best Roleplayer ever!
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    Name: Vex

    Gender: Male

    Character: Mage

    Appearance: Brown Hair, White robe w/ gold trim

    Magic: Seith Magic
    Backstory: My mentor, Grenu, taught me Seith Magic at the age of 12. I have perfected the magic

    at the age of 23. The souls I use for my magic are the souls of my 4 passed away family members.

    They were killed by a dragon slayer trying to defeat a dark guild. Dragon slayers are now my

    enemies. They shall all fall by my hand.

    This is my story.

    Misc: Your server seems really fun to roleplay in and I am a huge Fairy Tail fan.
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    IGN (Minecraft Name): Black_BearZ
    Age: 16
    Have you played any Technic Pack mods before? yes
    Have you ever been banned before? (Be honest, being banned may not disqualify you, lying will.) no
    What do you want to get out of this server? I want to make a large company with many people to crate some awesome things.
    Anything else? nope, that is my goal
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    Quote from dangirdas

    Denied Application -

    why did you not take my application?
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    IGN: Black_BearZ
    Age: 19
    Where: Minecraft.net
    Why: I want to have a fun minecraft experience with other people.
    Server Rules Read: Yes
    Time Zone: 14:00
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    [b]IGN Name:Black_BearZ
    [/b][b]How did you hear about us?(Forums, Youtube, other websites?):Forums
    [/b][b]Why do you want to join?:I play a lot of Pokemon during my life and I would like to enjoy it more.
    [/b][b]Do you know the pokemon theme song? Do you want to be the very best?!:Yes,Oh yeah
    [/b][b]Do you have TeamSpeak?(This is just softwares that allow you to talk to people. Do not worry if you don't have it. You can download it for free if you wish, but you don't need it):No
    [/b][b]Have you signed up/liked/comment us on our sponsors topic?:(If you do so, for free, we will give you 1000 pokedollars! http://forum.quadfiber.com/index.php/topic/4-pokemon-server/):No
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