About Me

Hai! I'm Black_Shadow_Minecraftian, or BSM for short (or Shadow). I also go by dash (minecraft account name) so any of those are fine. My main interests are CTM maps, though I'm also a fan of a good puzzle / adventure map. I'm not really into modding much, but the Hardcore Questing Mode is kinda neat.

I'm also a novice map-maker, and have released a number of mini-CTM maps, mainly for Strawberry jam events. Find them here:

Outside of minecraft, I also enjoy some RTS games and puzzles in general - games, books, whatever. Ask me a puzzle and there's a fair chance I can tell you the solution - or I'll at least have heard of it before.

I'm also a cat person, as you may be able to tell from the Simon's Cat avatar.



- Puzzles! (I've seen/played way too much Professor Layton...)

- CATS!!!!

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Minecraft dash10138