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    Doomlike Dungeons 1.14.8

    This mod will add dungeons meant to resemble levels from retro "2 1/2d" first-person shooters and was inspired by earlier dungeons mods and by Oblige (especially version 3.57), a random level generator for Doom. The goal is to create interesting, tactically challenging, and highly varied multi-room dungeons that are fun to explore and rewarding to conquer.

    Version 1.14.8 (still for Minecraft 1.12.2) is now out and finally fixes (as far as I can tell) the "cascading world-gen" problem. After almost eight years, this is probably the final version; the mod does more than I ever originally planned it to, including things I would never have thought of at the time. I don't think there are any more features I'd want to add, and as I reach a point of having been tired of Minecraft for several years and look to pursuing other interests, I have "retired" from modding, so I don't think there will any other updates to the mod. Fair well, and thanks for the all the ideas, suggestions, appreciation, support, and kind/flattering words. I'm glad people have enjoyed my little project, it feels good to have made something many have enjoyed.

    This really is almost certainly the final version of this mod -- all attempts to update past 1.12.2 have failed. Its been a long, interesting, and rewarding journey, often fun, sometimes frustrating, and leaving brings a lot of melancholy nostalgia over the whole process. But all things have a beginning and an end, and its time I say "Good Bye" to my player-killing baby and move on.

    Downloads Available from Curse

    Source Code:
    GitHub Repository (latest)

    API for Devs: The old API system was broken. Moders wanting to add support to their mod, whether adding mobs to dungeons or to control how / when they generate (like, in a dimension) can just use the deobf provided on Curse. Really, any deobf jar for the same Minecraft version should work.


    1. First, make sure you have the correct version of MinecraftForge installed.
    2. Download the mod jar and place it in your mods folder, just like a typical Forge mod.

    If you're having trouble with Dungeons spawning in recent version but not older ones consider check the theme files to make sure they start with "version 1.7" and that no field names have colons at the end (if so delete them). I think this will fix that problem.

    Config File

    FrequencyScale: How common the dungeons are, with each increase of one making them half as common (so be careful). The default is now seven. This basically determines the average distance between dungeons, so remember a higher number means fewer dungeons.

    MinChunkXY: No dungeons will spawn within this many chunks of spawn. Note that this applies to where the center of the dungeon is, not to its edge.

    Difficulty: How hard the dungeons should be; this will affect the frequency and difficulty of mobs spawners.

    0: No spawners or chests
    1: Baby level ("I'm too young to die!")
    2: Noob level ("Hey, not too rough!")
    3: Default level ("Hurt me plenty!")
    4: Hard level ("Ultra-Violence!")
    5: Crazy level ("Nightmare!")

    NeverInBiomeTypes: List any biome types you don't want dungeons to ever spawn in; the default list consists only of "END" but any valid biome dictionary type will do. These must be types from the Forge biome dictionary, using the names of actual biomes will not work!

    ExportLists: False by default; if set to true three lists (mobs.txt, items.txt, and blocks.txt) will be exported to config/DLDungeonsThemes/Lists. These are lists for mod-pack makers and others to get lists of usable content for themes with IDs / correct names.

    Dimensions: This list dimension, one per line by dimension ID (not the name, it must be a number) - whether or not they actually can depend on how that dimension handles world gen. The meaning of this is determined by the OnlySpawnInListedDims; if that is true it allows dungeons in the dimensions listed here, if that is false it blocks them from spawning in these dimensions. Put differently this may be either a list of allowed dimensions of a list of banned dimensions.

    ObeyFeatureSpawningRule: If set to true (default) the mod will only generate dungeons if the world is set to spawn structures. If there will be dungeons regardless.

    OnlySpawnInListedDims: If true (default) dungeons will only spawn in dimension listed in the Dimensions tag (above) and not in any other; these are allowed dimensions. If set to false this is reversed so dungeons will spawn in dimensions not listed and never in those that are (should help with Mystcraft compatibility); these are now banned dimension (any others are good).

    SpawnWithWordgen: If set to false no dungeons will be created with world-gen, and will only exist if created using the /dldspawn command.

    AnnounceCommands: If true, confirmation for commands will be sent to chat.

    StingyWithLoot: If you think the chests are too generous, this will make them stingy!

    EasyFind: If true, all dungeons that can normally have an entrance will have at least one and all entrances will have a building or ruin around them.

    InstallThemes: Defaults to true. If set to false the themes folder can remain empty, though I don't know why you'd want that!

    InstallThemesByCommand: Defaults to true. If set to false the /dldInstallThemes and /dldForceInstallThemes commands won't work. Intended as a safety/security feature.

    AutoProfilingOn: May do nothing (usually) or write tons of stuff to the console (laggy), depending on what I have set up to profile. This should be kept turned off (leave it alone).

    BuildPole: Should not be used except for testing; it places a quart pillar from y=5 to y=250 through the technical center of the dungeon and frames it with a flying lapis square marking the boundaries. Usually, I'd call this cheating.

    DisableApiCalls: If set to true other mods cannot alter setting or themes/mob through the API (default is false).

    DontAllowApiOnMobs: If set to true other mods cannot add or remove mobs from themes (defaults to false), even if API calls are allowed. This can be accomplished per-theme by not assigning a theme type.


    Themes allow you and an easy way to mod the mod easily, changing blocks and mobs. You can have as many or as few themes as you like, and control the biome types they appear in. Also, if dungeons won't appear with newer versions, try re-installing themes.


    /dldspawn will force a dungeon to spawn with its technical center (might not be the geometric center) in the chunk of the player who uses it. Dungeons created in this way do not use the world seed (naturally spawning dungeons do). For obvious reasons, this should not usually be used in chunks where players have been building, mining, or otherwise changing the map (especially underground); the dungeon will overwrite anything in its way.(A more advanced command may come later, but a lot of other things would need to be done first for it to work.)

    /dldreload will reload the config file at run-time and from in-game. This effectively reverses any API based config changes.

    /dlddimid will show the player's current dimension. Good if using with Multiverse (etc.) in a Cauldron (MCPC+) server.

    /dldInstallThemes will (re)install and default themes that are missing. It will not be overwriting any themes that exist.

    /dldForceInstalThemes will (re)install the default themes, overwriting any existing themes with the same name.

    Doomlike Dungeons by JaredBGreat (aka, BlackJar72) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

    My Other Mods

    Climatic Biomes

    Support This / Me:

      • Ko-Fi (one-time donation)
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    Climatic Biomes 2

    This is a mod about world maps that make sense. Based on some experimenting I was doing into generating campaign map for RPGs, this mod completely changes the way biomes are laid out in your world. Instead of the random scattering of land, water, and biomes you get with vanilla you will find large continents with biomes laid out according to a climate model; that it completely replaces the vanilla noise maps and biome groups with a system based on a semi-realistic climate model -- realistic enough to feel believable while avoiding being boring or unbalanced in the number of biomes. The goal is to make the worlds more fun and believable, not to be a slave to realism -- its a game mod, not a scientific model after all.

    This mod is not about terrain (it uses the vanilla chunk provider, so vanilla style terrain, which I like). Its also not about new biomes, though it does add a few to fill in some gaps left by the vanilla system. What it does give you are 4096x4096 block map zones with biome laid out in a generally believable way -- that's 256x256 chunks, 2x2 level 5 maps, or 1/2 the size of the Skyrim map, if you're wondering. Version 2 is a complete re-write with huge improvements over version 1 (which was more a proof of concept than anything else). Some things you will find include:

    • Much faster and more efficient world gen than version 1, possibly even faster than vanilla in some situations
    • Large, fully navigable rivers, which can run for hundreds or thousands of block, and may merge into semi-realistic river systems
    • Several new biomes, including subtropical forest, tropical forest, dense scrub, dry scrub, and swampy pine woods, most of which have hilly variants
    • Sizes for continents and biome areas can now be configure
    • One new tree to represent the pines and cedars of warm climates
    • The ability to add biome mods to existing worlds without ugly clifts (though you will need to find a new continent to see them) -- warning, taking biomes out will require configuring and make ugly clifts.
    • Fully supports Biomes O'Plenty and Traverse out of the box
    • A configuration system that can add biomes from any other mod (as long as they have vanilla IDs)
    • The ability to create your own variations of existing biomes with custom terrain
    • Dynamic trees support is available through an add-on

    Download at Curse

    Some Pictures

    These are some old in-game maps (vanilla and map-writer) of a generated continent; these are from 1.0, since I haven't mapped this far in 2.0 yet. With the new system you would have the same land shape but different climates / biomes.

    Some In-Game Map (from version 1.0)

    A bushy scrub brush biome in a chaparral like climate between the plains and desert.

    A Chaparral Scrub Bruch Biome Between Plains and Desert

    Pines in a subtropical forest, along with pine log, pine planks, pine leaves, and pine sapling.


    Copyright (C) Jared Blackburn, 2017, This work is licensed under the MIT License.

    The source code can be found here:


    My Other Mod

    Doomlike Dungeons

    Support This / Me:

      • Ko-Fi (one time donation)
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    Built and centered on the increase challenge and complexity of MineFantasy I, this add detailed and advance magic mods, more adventure content, and various other mods to enhance farming, storage, decoration, etc.This mod pack allow for a challenging survival experience based on the stone age through middle ages, a world adventure in, and a bit of complex and mysterious magic.

    The modpack has now been tested in SSP and SMP and I'm declaring done -- no, not in a bad way, not over, but in a good way, complete. It already has high system requirements (I recommend 2 GB, but 1.5 GB should do.) Please no more suggestions.

    Note that it seems to be much easy on CPUs when run from the Minecraft Launcher than the Technic Launcher, though I don't know why.

    Imagine a world of scattered friendly villages, treacherous wildnesses, and deadly but rewarding dungeons of various kinds. A world of adventure, but also of place of friendly face and peaceful pasture, and a place to build -- a patchwork of safety and excitement. A world where magic and metal meet, where greater reality combines with magical fantasy, where crafts are made over anvils, tailors benches, cutting-board, tannings racks, fire pits, and even the occasional crafting table. A world where different gear has both pros and cons and tactics are as important as possession in a fight. Most of all, a world where ancient and medieval fantasy comes to life.

    There are also some intentional nerfs to balance mods against each other and to keep with the ancient and medieval theme: (1) airships are disabled (because, its not steam-punk), (2) staves from Lycanite's mobs can't be crafted, (3) cardboard can't be crafted, (4) the MCA monarch's crown can't be crafted, (5) many vanilla items can't be crafted because of MineFantasy hardcore crafting and hardcore iron (which effects modded constructions; remember, vanilla tools and weapons are special artifacts and you'll have to get them from mobs or dungeons if you need them!).


    Technic Page

    Non-Technic direct downoads

    Adventures of the Ancients Direct Download

    Server Package

    (Note: Its a good idea to run this modpack with 2Gb (or more) if you have it.)

    Mods Used

    Core Mechanics:

    MineFantasy by AnonymousProductions
    Battlegear2 by Nerd_Boy and Oliv1er
    Minecraft Comes Alive by WildBamaBoy and SheWolfDeadly
    GrowthCraft by Gwafu
    Ancient Warfare by Shadowmage4513
    Dynamic Sword Skills by coolAlias
    Enviromine by TimbuckTato (unofficial version with minor hacks by JaredBGreat)

    Witchery by Emoniph
    Thaumcraft by Azanor

    Setting (Nature):
    Village Tavernby AngleWyrm
    Pams Clay Spawn by MatrexsVigil
    Highlands by sdj64

    Setting (Adventrue):
    Doomlike Dungeons by JaredBGreat (aka, BlackJar72)
    New Dungeons by Slidedrum (GotoLink update)
    The Ruins by AtomicStryker
    Roguelike Dungeons by Greymerk

    Lycanites Mobs by Lycanite
    Dungeon Mobs by GnomeWorks

    Building, Storage, and Decor:
    BiblioCraft and BiblioWood for Highlands by Nuchaz
    CraftHeraldry by Vazkii
    ArchimedesShips by BalkondeurAlpha
    Better Storage by copygirl
    Carpenter's Blocks by Mineshopper
    Custom Flags by Nerd-Boy
    MinePainter by Hypercross
    DecoCraft by RazzleberryFox

    Fun and Useful Toy and Utilies:
    DynamicLights by AtomicStryker
    DamageIndicators by rich1051414
    MapWriter by mapwriter
    Backpacks by Eydamos
    CraftGuide by Uristqwerty
    MineTweaker by StanH
    Treecapitator by DaftPVF
    Bspkrscore by bspkrs

    For Servers and Map-Makers:
    Custom NPCs by Noppes

    Help Getting Started

    The modpack comes with the craft guide mod, so many recipes are available by pressing G; on the keyboard. Unfortunately, forging, alloying, and tailoring recipes from MineFantasy are not shown. For this you can find a guide PDF in the MineFantasy jar. But, this is buried in the Technic folder, but since its buried in the technic folder, so for your convenience I am putting a copy here:

    MineFantasy Manual

    Also, a guide to getting started is here, though a few things are out of date:
    (Also don not use the other video in the series, they are too out of date to be useful.)

    MineFantasy is set to use its hardcore options, so many vanilla recipes (and some mod recipes) are disabled. If needed (and sometimes when not) vanilla items can be found as loot or mob drops.

    The Backpack mod is configured to use its special slot. Press Control-B to place the backpack in it slot or remove it, or just B; to access the backpack (it cannot otherwise be accessed). Only one backpack can be held in the inventory (so to can be carried, one worn and one in inventory). Only small backpacks can be crafted.

    Placing wands or booze into some MineFantasy blocks (which show the item) can crash and break your world -- you've been warned, don't do it.

    Use / Permissions / Legal

    This mod pack must fit the permission, generic or specifically granted, of all the mods it contains. As a result it cannot be mirrored, copied, or hosted anywhere else, or otherwise distributed in any other way. No derivative packs can be made; if you want to make one you must get permission from each mod author yourself. This cannot be linked through any ad.fly or other form of advertising, or in any other way use it to make money -- in no way, including by donations, can you make money for distributing the mod pack or otherwise for granting use of it. Please respect the right of all the modders and permissions that have been granted. For mod specific information see the individual mod pages, I cannot give you rights I was never given and so we all must follow the most restrictive rules (and all rules) that come with any of these mod -- I cannot grant you rights I did not receive! I cannot give rights I was given by special permission, either, as only the authors of the specific mods can do that. Thus, no copying, mirroring, or money-making can be permitted.

    (If you want to use this for a server or map but need to change the configs, a zip of the config directory can be made available as long as none of the actual mods are in it.)

    Dsicord Channel: https://discord.gg/AsTD3TD

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    Dungeon Mobs

    This is an update of the old Dungeon Mobs mod originally created be GnomeWorks. This a mod for those who like challenge. It doesn't add block, item, dimension, or pet -- just monsters that want to kill you. This is mod for those looking for more challenge in Minecraft, bringing some of the most terrifying creature. The mobs get harder the deeper you go, so be prepared for dangers in the deep places of your world.

    Curse Page Here

    There a few things I didn't quite get added: The blade trap is gone for now, the beamos still isn't there, and Lizalfos doesn't spawn its twin, and I was hoping to add more advanced config options. However, having used half my vacation updating this, some of that my have to wait while I take a break. However, I did add four all new mobs, the revenant, the vampire, the fallen angel, and the outer thing. Enjoy.

    (More details later, pics, etc., coming soon -- I hope)

    Older Versions (and more details + pics):

    For 1.6.4 (and good pics)

    For 1.7.10

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    Seeing as these forums are about to be closed I'd like to add one final message. Thank you to everyone who commented, complimented, and critiqued my mod. Thank you for the suggestions and the feedback, and for taking the time to try out and hopefully enjoy my this. Thank you to all the YouTubers who made and posted reviews, the modpack creators who found cool ways to use this, and my fellow modders who I've worked with or taken suggestions from -- the thanks to Minecraft Forums for giving me a place to share my little project with the rest of the world. To those I don't speak to again, farewell -- it was a good time and a good place.

    Goodbye, thanks for the good times!

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    Forget this thread and the proof-of-concept level version 1.x.

    Climatic Biomes 2 is out!

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    Quote from Sunconure11»

    Due to some shenanigans, I have effectively taken over here.

    I'll make you owner of the project on Curse if you like (or not, if you don't) -- all I ask is to see the fixed code, maybe I could learn from it.

    I don't think I can change ownership of this thread, but at this point its mostly just an add for the Curse thread, which is where everyone gets their mods now.

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    I've update this to 1.12.2:

    Dungeon Mobs 5.0.0 for 1.12.2

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    I'm back at it -- I got pull away from this, but couldn't stay away, even if another new mod is supposedly my main modding project right now. I've round fixed problems of biomes and there terrain not always being alighed quite right, and weird anomalies like flat cliffs and squared corners in terrain don't seem any more common than in vanilla. Also, some biome types (especially the scrub / bush / chaparral group) are place with finer precision.

    Plans are to add a full set of wood blocks based on pine, to fix the way structures are placed -- the to decided to keep using the chunky generation (which is more minecrafty) or switch to the full continent roughing out that I originally designed (which is much more efficient and allows generation techniques that don't work well when only generating one chunk at a time).

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    Quote from nofole»

    Sorry guys... I ran into some problems, but now I try to come back.

    You could find my last works here: @googleDrive

    I'll be back. ;)

    The source of all version, should be available at my MediaFireFolder MineFantasySource

    Glad to see you back -- though unfortunately I'm semi-gone right now due to trouble affording home internet.
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