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    IGN: BlackDragon22

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Skype: cruisane

    Skills/Experience in Vanilla Minecraft: I like to explore the technical side of vanilla, involving lots of redstone and controlling mobs. (I have been playing since beta 1.2)

    Skills/Experience in FTB: I've been playing for quite a while and im definitely no stranger to the modpack anymore. I would be able to contribute plenty to the community :).
    Have you been banned before?: Nope! and hopefully never will be!

    Do you watch HermitCraft or Mindcrack?: YES! haha, with hermitcraft i enjoy occasionally watching pungence (assyrianassassin). I mostly watch the mindcrackers because of their amazing content. I watch Etho, Bdubs, genny b and millbee, along with zisteau on a fairly regular basis. on occasion ill also watch guude and others

    Location/Time zone: America, Mountain time zone

    Are you able to donate?: Probably if needed since I will have a job soon here

    Do you record on YouTube or stream on Twitch? (Link please.): No :/ although I would like to sometime in the future.

    How often will you play?: Well lets see... no school, most of my friends left on vacation, im stuck in the house most of the day (with the exception of our swimming pool ^.^)... probably be playing more than i should...

    Picture of best creation (Not needed, but will increase chances of getting on the server.): I've never really bothered with screenshots, but now that you mention it, i really want to start...

    Why do you want to join?: I would love to have a friendly community where I can get on to play and just hang out with some great people :)

    Why should I pick you?/What's special about you?:Nothing special about me at all. Naw, umm, i enjoy hanging out with people and im really easy to get along with. I enjoy talking with others while I build.

    Anything else I should know about you?: Doctor Who FTW!
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    posted a message on *CLOSED THREAD*
    Hiyas! My IGN is: BlackDragon22, and I am 16 years old! (well, almost, just a couple days away...)

    I have always wanted to be part of a close knit community of friends, and just have a good time playing the game together. I have played single player FTB before, and I really want to play with others now :). I already have a fair bit of knowledge about the game, but I look to learn even more. I generally play quite a bit, however, I do have a life outside of minecraft sadly, so I will not be on much more than 4-5 hours a day. I am thinking I might start a youtube series pretty soon, but I am not positive... depends how well my video card (when I buy it) increases my frames. Anyways I am very friendly, but I do enjoy building a seperate base from the community. Don't get me wrong, I will definitely hang out with everyone else too. I have skype, and look forward to using it with you guys :) Hope you accept me, but if not, I understand :)
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    posted a message on TnT Custom Modpack Server! [24/7] [Friendly] [survival]
    In-game name: BlackDragon22

    Your age: 15, almost 16

    Where are you from:

    Have you ever been banned from a server (if so, why): I have not ever been banned, nor do I plan to.

    Do you have a Skype: I do have skype, and I will give you my skype id in the server if you choose to accept me.

    What times will you be available to play?: I can not say exactly, but It will vary from 2-4 hours a day approximately

    I hope you choose to accept me, I offer a great builder and I am very friendly. I enjoy playing with others and I am very mature about things. Although I do have one question... how hardcore pvp is this? Will my machines and what not be
    griefed/damaged? and everytime someone sees me, will they try to murder me and take my stuff? I personally am looking for a more mindcrack like feed the beast server, however, I am fine if it is pvp too, just wondering... Thank you for reading my post
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    posted a message on MISTYCRAFT [1.4.5] [MATURE] [FRIENDLY] [SMALL COMMUNITY]
    IGN: BlackDragon22
    Age: 15 1/2
    Timezone: Mountain Time zone
    Experience & Play Style (screenshots are welcome): I enjoy building, resource gathering, mining, and pretty much anything else that makes minecraft such a great game :)
    Tell us some more about yourself: I LOVE to make friends and have a good time while playing minecraft the way it was meant to be played. Doubt you need to know this but... ;) : My favorite color is green, I love pizza and sushi, I have ten fingers and ten toes ;), I think you get the idea... I look forward to seeing everybody on the server!
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    posted a message on Starting a MindCrack like Server. Need Members! :)
    My IGN (in game name) is : BlackDragon22

    Age: 15 1/2

    I LOVE to watch Etho and BDoubleO, but I also watch some of all the mindcracker's videos occasionally.

    Info about me:

    I absolutely love to play online with the company of friends, I love resource gathering and massive builds. I really look forward to making new friends and working alongside everyone to make a server better than even mindcrack! (lol, actually no, but 2nd to mindcrack!) Thank you for reading my post, I will add lots to the community.
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    posted a message on 1.5 |Pure Survival |Whitelist| |Vanilla| Greif Free| Public Mindcrack
    Name: Collin
    IGN: BlackDragon22
    Age: 15
    How do you like to play Minecraft: I love to build, make new friends, and just enjoy the general vanilla feel of minecraft.
    What interested you in Amazocraft: It is a grief free server that looks like it has some decent players who I would really like to meet and play with.
    What will you bring to the community: I will bring an awesome player
    (me ;), new builds, and a fun atmosphere!
    What rule is most important to you: Do not act immature, have fun, and dont grief.
    What is the most important info about Grief Prevention: Do not steal, destroy creations or things others would not want you to break. Do not kill for the fun of it, only if both understand and participate in a friendly manner.

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    posted a message on [CTM][Collection] Vechs' SUPER HOSTILE Series
    Hey! I love the maps and I just thought I would provide some feedback on them and things that would make me even more interested in them in the future.

    My favorite thing (aside from the gameplay) in your maps were the huge intersections (such as in legendary). I love variety in the intersections, as well as in the dungeon types and assortments.

    These are great maps keep the good work up! (P.S. I'm looking forward to inferno mines very much!)
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    posted a message on [Hardcore] [PvP] [Factions] [McMMO] [Custom Plugins] Realm of a Mad Miner [NO WHITELIST]
    :GPA:No hacks, exploits, or mods that give you an advantage over others.

    IGN: CruiSANe
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    posted a message on [100% Vanilla][Small Community][Minecrack-style Server]
    IGN: CruiSANe

    Age: 15

    Location: Utah, United States

    What interests you in joining this server?: I have always wanted to join a small community server where I can play with other people while not worrying about griefing. (I may eventually record)

    Are you going to accept and follow the rules we've set in place?: Yes, if there were no rules there would be those that would eventually go overboard and the enjoyment would be deceased.

    Have you ever been banned? If yes, why?: No, I have never been banned and I do not plan to either. :)
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    posted a message on The Roman Republic [NEW] [Has Server]
    Application Name - Collin Walker

    IGN (In-game Name) - BlackDragon22

    Age - 13

    Why do you want to be in this clan - I've never been in a clan, i'd like to make new friends and have a good time

    What are your specialties - Farming, Battle, Defense

    How long have you played minecraft -I have played minecraft for about six or seven months

    What rank do you want - civilian or co - president (don't care which)

    What Job do you want - Judge

    What occupation do you want - Sec. of Defense, businessman, or policeman

    What Squad do you want to be in - whichever you want me in

    P.S. I am very excited. Thanks :wink.gif:
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