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    New models and textures

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    P.S. English is not my native language, I apologize for any errors in the text.

    ■ Hi, everybody!) I'm developing the mod about playable dragons in Minecraft (not new mounts/mobs).

    I had my doubts in the beginning, but now there's nowhere to retreat. I will try to invest all my energy and resources in creating this mod, even if it takes a long time. I have thoughts to expand the programmers' staff, but these are just thoughts. Dragons Survival will be quite a big project, the full development of which may take a year depending on the funding and activity of the project participants. The interest to mod, frankly speaking, is much more than I expected at first: on the first day, ~160$ was collected on the patron, and now this figure is over 400$.

    Now there are 2 programmers in the team:
    1) Hohserg
    2) JackRaidenPH

    ■ Idea, all graphic and develop:
    1) Black Aures

    ■ Helps with the graphic part:
    1) Sigirium

    ■ What has been done in these two months:
    1. Most of the content is written in detail.
    2. Made and painted models: dragons (3 types of different ages), altar of transformation, nests, princess, prince, throne, magical predators, 3 types of armor for the dragon and various items.
    3. Collected more than $ 400 to pay for the work of programmers from a dragons community of interested in mod.
    4. What is made in the code can be viewed in detail on the Github (part of the basic dragon mechanics, magical predators, etc.).

    Planned and partially implemented (this is not the detailed text component of the mod), but the general points:

    1. I think it is very important not to turn this mod into a survival for a man with the appearance of a dragon. The main thing is for players to feel like a real dragon. To achieve this effect, for example, it will be possible to examine your body in the first person.
    2) Special spawning and revival system: each dragon will have its own unique nest in which it will be revived. The nest has a limited level of health, which decreases every time you die. All monsters will seek to destroy your nest, so you must hide it. If your nest is destroyed, you will start the game again in a random place with Stage 1.
    3. There will be 3 different dragons to choose from: cave, forest, sea. Each will have its own set of skills and "curses" that will not allow, for example, a sea dragon to stay on land for a long time, and a forest dragon in the dark.
    4. Story. What's the story? It's a secret.)

    4. They won't be typical dragons from myths. I want to make my special world come true, but it won't be too obvious to lovers of everything traditional.
    5. "Where are the wings, Billy?" They will be, don't worry))
    6. The growth stages for the dragon. For the first time 3 - a newborn, young, adult.
    7. It will be possible to steal a princess from the village. What's the fashion for dragons and no princesses? And if the princesses are not enough for you, you can organize your game of thrones with a prince.
    8. This mod will be compatible with other mods, have an open code and support the game with friends. Other players can continue to play for a person. Our modification will not affect their game in any way.

    9. New items. For example, the Mask of Man, which will allow the dragon to talk to the residents without harming their health (peasants and golems will attack the dragon), all sorts of statuettes for experience, books on dragon charms, claw tools and other important little things.
    10. Support for displaying armor from other mods on dragons.
    11. localization: Russian and English languages. There are also those who want to translate mod into German and Italian, but this is not accurate.
    12. The main enemy of the dragon is a magical predator. It will have different colors, sizes and characteristics. We hope it will instill a little chaos in the hearts of players with its teleportation and the ability to take experience (which grows and becomes stronger). Most of his code is already written.
    13. In later versions there will be an encyclopedia with absorbed memories of ancient creatures, which is gradually filled as the dragon grows.

    There are many other items, but I've only written those for which I'm sure. I will gradually publish the news and the process of working on Twitter and Discord.

    ■ Yes, I'm well aware that something may go wrong, but I'm ready for these problems and I won't stop. Thank you so much to everyone who's been supporting me morally this whole time. If it wasn't for your interest, I wouldn't even have started it.

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