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    posted a message on Need 3 Dedicated Miners for a series! *DEDICATED SERVER*
    I Don't feel like typing alot, so I will keep it short.
    I'm Nich, I'm 16, and I have recently purchased a Small 4 slot 24/7 server.
    It is currently purely vanilla until tekkit updates to 1.3 (whenever that is)
    And I need 3 other people who will be dedicated to this series.
    It will likely be a basic series !
    I am capable to record.
    Skype with DECENT mic
    LEgit MC Account
    A badass skin (:
    MC 1.3.1
    Computer that will not lag out........
    at LEAST 2gb ram +

    Add me on skype and message me if you would like to be considered.
    skype: nich.rasmussen
    IGN: BlackAndJello
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    posted a message on help me test my server! (then we can play!)
    im gonna keep this short.
    im nich, im 16 and im tryin to start a vanilla minecraft server.

    not positive if its gonna work for others but please try

    then add me on xbox live and we can chat while we play!
    if it doesnt work still add me and we can party chat so you can help me fix my server please!!!

    XBL: I 1sosZiNc I

    please help!

    btw could be whitelist. idk. post your ign as well please.
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    posted a message on $20 USD To The Best Server!
    Hello !

    Im gonna keep this short,
    I have 20 dollars that i wish to donate to a server through paypal.

    What Im looking for in the server:

    Creative or Survival (or tekkit XD)
    Decent size
    i will donate to the server with the most extra perks/permissions for a 20 dollar donation.
    Looking to join a server that i will play on ALL THE TIME
    Nice ops/owner

    Please reply to this topic with a link to the server website / donation link
    server ip
    and why i should pick your server
    and what perks/permissions i will get!

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