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    I am in urgent need for a good seed... I need any good seed, literally any good seed. This is because I'm a everyday mapmaker and lately I've had lots of ideas for maps but sadly no good worlds to put these wonderful ideas in. My promise is any seed thats worth spending days working on I'll take. I've made a list of seeds I'm desperate to the soul for down below, but really anything works.

    Oh and I've also spent days on trying to figure out this weird phenomenem: taco cat is taco cat spelled backwards!!! Could it mean an apocalypse or just that all tacos are made of cat by-products.

    1. A tropical island. Or islands you could say. Would be better if it a lush green island (perhaps bigger is better). Also, it would be used for a pirate themed map. So more piratey, and arghhhh you kidding me scallywag why not have a big volcano on top!!!

    2. Western... That says it all. A good western will do it (make sure its a mesa).

    3.A dark forest might do well also. Yep thats right a good ol' forest, but with dark and evil spread throughout it!!!
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    So I'm creating a map here and then...and long story short I basically NEED World Edit or Single Player Commands to create them. I understand we have a few World Edit commands in 1.8 now but 5,000 is a short limit to my taste. So I was wondering if they is a World Edit (or Single Player Commands) for minecraft 1.8. I've got Liteloader and Forge... But what do you expect, there both out of date (1.7.10.)
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