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    posted a message on Selector Troubles

    Awesome, thanks guys.

    This'll help with a lot of other things as well.


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    posted a message on Selector Troubles

    So I'm fairly new to command blocks, and I'm doing some stuff on my realm

    Basically just this command I'm having trouble with:

    /scoreboard players operation <TARGET-A> <OBJECTIVE-A> =<TARGET-A> <OBJECTIVE-B>

    But I need it to run for everyone on the server, now I'm having trouble how to get it to cycle between everyone on the server, since "@a" won't work. and it appears I have to to it one person at a time, and that'd be fine if I didn't have to add a command block for every single person on the realm (online/offline)

    It's a very simple command, I just don't want to have to repeat it 10 times to achieve a result that I hope can be done more eloquently.

    This is the command I've got right now:

    /scoreboard players operation Biscot SDR = Biscot Stone

    And I've got it repeated 5 times, 1 for each person on the realm.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I feel like I haven't slept enough and might just be missing something really simple.

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    posted a message on Do you like the new way bonemeal works?
    How hard is it to just make 1 bone = 1 bonemeal?

    Mojang worst balance team US.
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    posted a message on [Discussion] Comparators
    Quote from thekasrak

    You guys have to admit, it was frequently said that the repeater was unnecessary because you could just build it with less resources that it took to craft one. But look how useful those turned out to be. I, for one, am quite excited about comparators. They should make for some ingenious calculators, ALU's, and of course, the constant updating thing is useful (improved Jeb door anyone?).

    Idk if anyone said it was "unnecessary". It was just nothing "new" being added.

    comparing inventories is all I'll be using this for though.
    (not that that's not insanely useful)
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    posted a message on Noticed something wonky with the falling anvil damage
    can you TLDR this?
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    posted a message on What's with the new redstone repeater feature?
    You can lock the output "ON" by placing another repeater on it's WEST/EAST sides.
    The first use that comes to mind is the ability to turn repeater clocks on/off.
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    posted a message on Has anyone actually seen "Minceraft" yet?
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    posted a message on Looking for CameraMan/Woman for a Minecraft Machinima series.
    Hello sir, I would be glad to help you in your endeavor. I have a lot of experience in video recording, and have even recorded my own LP series on youtube.

    the link is in my signature, please reply post haste! as I am currently very bored at the moment.

    Add me on skype Zachbuzzell.
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    posted a message on Looking for moderators. (age 16 and up) for my raid survival server
    IGN: Moxz

    Age: 20

    Skype: zachbuzzell

    Time zone: Mountain Standard Time (GMT -7)

    Skype name: Biscot nV

    What your good at: general logical problem solving, and figuring out how things work (it's kind of my hobby)

    Why you should be a moderator: I've always been good at fixing things / solving problems, whether social or technical. I just love a chaotic atmosphere that I can "fix" and make it run smoothly.

    Pervious experience: I've hosted my own server (80+ people) but had to close it due to financial problems, I've also moderated quite a few. (5+)

    Anything else you would like to share: I'm a programmer by profession, and I have played games at an almost professional level (couldn't because of my job). I love minecraft and will always find ways to make things better.
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    posted a message on help wanted for a server
    have you done mod plugins ect for a server:
    I've hosted my own server, that housed over 80 people, as well as moderated on 5+ simultaneously.

    if so what mods:
    any mod you can think of, and if I don't know the mod, I'm a programmer and very intelligent, so I can figure it out easily.

    minecraft name:

    minecraft best skill (mods technical):
    setting up/managing mods and servers.

    ant sugestions or ideas to make the best server:
    suggest making everything as easy as you can for the players, to keep retention, as well as new players.
    ask them what they like/dislike about current server status.


    e mail:
    not advisable to ask for emails over a public forum.
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    posted a message on Big Time Builder Texture Pack
    why even make this post?

    it serves absolutely no purpose.
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    posted a message on (16x16)1.2.5 Porkchop Craft by Ninja_pig
    yeah I lol'd
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    posted a message on Levels Going Back to Being Exponential (What Should Be Done Instead)
    Quote from Wheffle

    I personally don't think it should be as viable to horde experience, mostly because it makes afk'ing in front of a skelly grinder that much more viable, which is lame gameplay. The "wasted exp" is pretty trivial for most players, and only really affects power-gamers, who are a little out-of-place in Minecraft anyway.

    idk what you mean, you can sit in front of a skelly grinder now and still gain exp at ridiculous levels, the only difference is that you're going to be stopping at 50, because anything else is just pointless.

    wasted XP is trivial when you're in the 20s or something, but it's definitely not at 50, I'm sure nobody goes above 50.

    and you're talking about gameplay... why can't people hoard things? I'm sure everyone has a mob grinder than just constantly kills things and you've got more gunpowder than you know what to do with... that's just gameplay, has nothing to do with balance.

    the ability to exploit game mechanics has always been a big part of minecraft. what they're trying to do with the levels is make it so you don't have to make a mob grinder just to get enchants, because forcing a player into exploiting those game mechanics isn't something they should be doing.

    I never use an XP farm, I've built them, I'm just too lazy to use them, and I would greatly appreciate a better way to gain levels, Because as of now... all my tools have +1 enchants on them. Which is really just awful, because of how much time I've played the game, and how many hours I've been in my world. I don't level up, simply because I don't use an XP grinder.
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    posted a message on Worst thing ever.....
    wear iron armor, you never die with that **** on.

    maybe even diamond if you've got enough, but it's really not necessary.
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    posted a message on The "survival" part of the game is bad on a fundamental level.
    I only read the mob portion, because I was actually talking to some friends earlier about that exact same thing.

    the game is just way too easy, mobs are too generic, and combat is just spamming left click and the S key... doesn't runescape have better combat than that?

    worse combat than runescape? now that's not something you want your game associated with.
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