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    Hey guys, I'm wanting to start a youtube channel in which I announce a topic and a week or so later I collect submissions of worlds and then create a top 10 video based on the submissions, the main problem with a channel such as this is of course getting started. I don't exactly have a crowd of people to hear my announcements that'd be eager to submit.

    Other concerns: Knowing if the map I'm sent was built by whoever sent it to me or downloaded from the internet. I would hate to feature someone's build and find out later that the real creator isn't getting credit for that.

    If you have any advice that could help me out I would greatly appreciate it, BUT as to try and get started, I'm thinking the first video will be something like Houses, so if you have a house that you would potentially like to get featured (would also help me out) DM me.

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    I have a constant score Timer of Pvp. So I did /scoreboard objectives add Timer dummy

    /scoreboard players set Pvp Timer 300

    Now I want a chain command block that basically removes one from that score if it is above 0, however once I get to this part:

    /execute if score Pvp Timer > [This part] [That part]

    Im not sure what to put for "This part" and "That part" to execute it when that score is above 300.

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    In bedrock edition in the models folder, a mobs folder, with mobs.json. In which you can edit the models for mobs as well as the textures and UV maps and all that, I'm wondering how you can do this for Java Edition, as in, how can I make custom models for mobs java edition minecraft, when there is no folder for mob models.

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    Hi! I'm currently making a metroid fusion adventure map and have a few things that I'm wondering if it were possible to do with datapacks or command blocks and if so, how. First up I want to make there be no fall damage, I saw a tutorial on this a while ago that detected when you were 1 block above the ground and shortly gave you jump boost, but this isn't ideal because in my map the player will already have jumpboost. Second on the list is to have things like eggs and snowballs do more damage to mobs, so that I can use them as different weapons. and third on the list, is it possible with datapacks and in adventure mode to allow/unallow certain blocks from being used. Such as, not allow the player to use oak doors until a certain scoreboard "Door_Level"=1, and not allow Acaicia doors to be used until it is equal to 4. Lastly, to replicate space jump, is there some sort of double jump feature in which I could simulate being able to jump an infinite amount of times but not fly?

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