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    posted a message on Why can't notch work to save his life?
    I can't help but get the impression that Notch is a sub-par coder who stumbled upon a great idea, and is in way over his head.

    Seriously, there's still a ton to do if he wants to do a proper release in November. Considering it took him two months to get very little done (in terms of the current version of 1.8), I'm dubious that he'll be able to polish the game enough in three months.

    If he'd stop working on new content and instead polished and fleshed out what we already have, I think things would go quite well.

    Notch/Mojang just need to slow down.
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    posted a message on [16x] PineappleCraft [1.7.x]
    I can see the inspiration, but this texture pack does a great job of being original. Kudos to you.
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    posted a message on Overly restricted forum signatures.
    Quote from Xinhuan

    Quite the opposite, I wish signatures are restricted to 100 or 75 chars and disallow images of ANY kind so I do not have to load 20 annoying signature images per thread wasting my bandwidth.

    Sometimes I use a mobile connection which is not unlimited in data usage.

    Disable signatures, then.
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    posted a message on [16x][1.6.6] SmoothCraft v1.0 | The Lag Reducing Texture Pack
    If you don't like simple packs, ignore them. It's really not that hard (I've found tons of gems with simple packs around). But pointlessly just saying "I don't like this because they all look the same" is rude and actually against the rules (try reading the MUST READ sticky). Guess what? I could go look at tons of other texture packs and say the exact same thing. XSSheep's pack? It's nice, but I don't personally see a lot of originality in it. Same with most of the other "RPG" or "semi-realistic" or "high contrast" (high contrast packs usually aren't that way by design, but still) packs. But you don't see me trashing them, and you know why? Because work was put into them and even if I don't like them, they are still good. Now, if you have anything constructive to say, please go ahead. But in the meantime, stop.

    To be more on topic, I would like to express my like of this texture pack. I especially love the pumpkins, mossy cobblestone, gravel, wheat, and beds. A tip, too: try using a dark brown for the borders of wood-based blocks (like chests and workbenches) instead of black. It looks a lot better. Also, the yellow on your TNT is a very bright, kind of ugly color. Try using a more pastel yellow.
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    posted a message on [16x] [1.7.4] LJ's Pack (Clean/Cartoony/Bright)
    I can definitely see the Frendan inspiration, but the pack really stands on its own. Nice work.

    A piece of advice, though: try to vary the locations of your pictures. All of your pictures are in a forest environment, and don't show off that many textures.
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    posted a message on Minecraft SMP OVERHAUL! [NEW PICTURES] [UPDATE 7] [HOLY COW]
    Quote from Supperseffer

    I will be waiting for this to be added.
    BTW the 116 people who disliked spontaneously combusted today. :cool.gif:

    Untrue. I'm still kickin'.
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    posted a message on [64x]Barebones MixPACK
    And even if Soar had no problem with this, you're still breaking the rules by having no permission for everything else.
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    posted a message on [16x] [1.6.6] Almost Default
    Telling someone to put effort into things is not constructive in the least. Constructive criticism points out specifically what's wrong, and gives advice on how to make it better. "Put more work into it" is much to vague to be constructive. Would you like him to spend two hours finding the exact right color and painting exactly right? It could still look like trash (though I don't think this pack is trash), but he put a lot of work into it, right?

    Your post was insulting, regardless of the quality of this texture pack. There are nice ways to say something sucks, and I suggest you try using them rather than being rude.
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    posted a message on A Guide to the Minecraft Theme
    I don't think Minecraft's theme can be accurately categorized, as it really isn't one thing. Let me go into detail:


    Minecraft certainly is unique, but that's because it brings together tons of different elements. Mimicing some other fantasy setting would be just fine, as long as it's not completely changing the game.


    I really agree with you here, but it's kind of obvious; things should be given priority based on their diversity, as sandbox games need as much to do as possible.


    Nope. Fantasy is insanely widely encompassing; I can create a book set in our world, modern day, but with magic being a large part of it (possibly with magic taking dominance over technology), and it will still be fantasy, even though there are cars and phones and the like. Similarly, what about a world set in medieval times, but when magical contraptions serve functions similar to modern day devices? There could be what's essentially a car that runs on magic, and it would still be a very fantasy setting. Heck, I recently read a bit of a book called Fever Crumb, which included what is essentially a train, but the book was still in a medievalish setting! This point just doesn't work, because fantasy is just too diverse (really, there are more fantasy books that don't take place in medieval times, or have modern-like conveniences in medieval times, then there are fantasy books in generic medieval settings).


    I dunno, but I don't think someone who woke up in a strange place would be able to make minecarts/minecart tracks, or proper working doors, or wool, or anything of that sort. Sure, this works with very advanced things, but your point is too restrictive.


    Totally. But isn't this kind of obvious?
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    posted a message on Suggestions forum suggestion.
    Quote from llama66613

    I wish I was a mod so I could do this. I don't know, are mods allowed to pin their own post?

    To be honest, I wouldn't want an opinion thread stickied. I think the RPG thread being stickied is already too far, even if I mostly agree with it.
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