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    Quote from MushyMinecraft

    ok, so i need a banner turned into bb code with these features with this website. http://files.banners...ue&t=1344614385


    Umm... That links to a blank page. Sorry...
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    Quote from Roufrout

    Thanks a lot for the quick response!

    No problem! I really hope I get some people on here soon...
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    posted a message on Bookshelves Can Hold Your Books?
    This is great! I have made a banner!

    The code for that is:
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    Quote from Roufrout

    I am in need of a banner that links to http://www.lemoncraft.com/
    I would like the banner to have http://i.imgur.com/jAWuo.gif as the background image, and would like the have things like 24/7, No Lag, Economy, PVP, Clans, Survival and Helpful Staff flashing by as like in http://i.imgur.com/WAEKh.gif.
    And I would personally like it if you PM'd me the banner.
    If you need anything else for the banner, Quote my post or PM me.

    Here you go!

    The code for that is:

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    So, the other day I-

    Screw that. You don't need to know how I came up with this idea.
    I was thinking that a bunch of people who make banners (like me) should come together to form a little group. People can post a banner that they want on this thread, and one of us in the group will respond, asking for specifics or just giving them the banner.

    randomguy404: I'm looking for a banner that looks like a bunch of water with fishing rods on the sides and in the middle a title that says: *whatever it says on my banner* and links to http://www.minecraft...g-improvements/. Thank you!:

    bigkaboom12: No problem!

    The code for that is:

    Have a nice day!

    It would be nice to have one of these, since sooner or later, the person requesting WILL get a banner. And, as you will see in the rules later, the banner-maker is guaranteed a +1.

    First, I will tell you how to make a banner, in case you'd rather make banners yourself, or want to join but don't know how.

    Have you ever seen a really awesome Minecraft Forums post? This post is exploding with awesome, and it's getting tons of support because it has a BANNER. Not one of those little "Acheivement Get!" ones without even a link to the thing you are actually promoting, but a full-on BANNER, such as the ones on intense mods. I haven't seen many of these in the Pocket Edition section, so I decided to make this topic in behalf of M.I.N.E.

    Here, I will take requests for any banners you might want. Leave a comment with the desired link that it will go to when clicked, and an image or request for an image that it will look like. Also, specify whether you would like me to PM the banner to you, or just post it on this forum.

    Now, me making a banner for you might sound fun, but what if you actually want to make your own, personal banner?
    Well, if you do, then here, I will explain the basics of BBcode, how to upload the image to a host, and link it to a post.

    BBcode, or Bulletin Board code, is a type of coding used on almost forums. It is a fairly basic code that is very similar to HTML code, but much simpler.
    Everything other then typing on this site uses BB code. Posted images, spoilers, smilies, posted videos and all of that use BB code.
    The essential way that BB works is by using square brackets ([ and]) to create commands. For example, if I type *square bracket* b *square bracket* it will make all the following text in bold. This will continue until I type *square bracket* /b *square bracket . Obviously, the actual commands that I type don't show up, so I had to write in those *square bracket* things so you could see what I was actually typing.
    Now, that basic theme works everywhere. Replace "b" with "spoiler" and you get a spoiler like this one. end a spoiler with *square bracket* /spoiler *square bracket*

    You can also type things that would get turned into BBcode if posted in something called a "code window"
    Just type *square bracket* code *square bracket*
     and you will get a little box. In here, I can type any BB code that I want without it turning into part of the text. The only thing I cannot type is *square bracket* /code *square bracket* , because this will end the code window. 

    Now that you know the basics, we can get started on image posting.

    You can skip that section up there if you already know the basics. Now, we'll start with
    (if you already know how to do this, skip it.)
    To post our images on the minecraft forum, we will first have to upload that image somewhere on the Internet. There are various websites that let you do this, such as Flickr, photobucket or others but for simplicity, today we are going to use the service Imgur.
    You can get to imgur by clicking here (that used BB code!) or downloading the free imgur app on iOS or Android, if you aren't using a computer. Once there, click upload (on the pc click "upload from computer"). Choose the image you want to upload, then wait. On the PC, find the box that says Forums BBCode, and paste that into your post. On the app, click "get embed codes", then copy the BBCodes from there.

    Simply paste that code into your post and you're done! See? BB code is simple!

    Now, uploading a banner. This part involves a combination of uploading images and basic BBcode together. I hope you are ready, young reader.
    So, first you want to draw the image you want to upload. I won't give tips on making that fancy-looking here, you learn that from someone else, or find out yourself. I will say, though to make the banner 720 by 80 pixels. This will leave space for one line of text to be typed under the banner before it gets one of those annoying scroll bars. Once you are finished, save it as either a .png, .jpg or a .jpeg file. .Pngs are the highest quality, but .jpgs and .jpegs work as well. Upload it to a host using the steps above. Make a new tab/window or whatever, and bring up the place you want it to link to.

    Now use this code as a template:

    Looks basic, right? This code is most commonly used for making a link with a seperate name. For example, I could write:
    [url=http://imgur.com]PONY KITTEN FRIEND[/url]

    And it would look like:
    PONY KITTEN FRIEND. It links to imgur.com, but says PONY KITTEN FRIEND.
    To make a banner, we simply replace the name of the link (PONY KITTEN FRIEND) with the image code mentioned earlier.
    For example, I have this nice picture of a kitten (pretend it's your banner). I have uploaded it to imgur. It's code is
    . If I paste that code here on the forums, I will get:

    So, let's take that url= code up there, and make the display name the code for that image.
    . Then, we get:

    YAY! Now you have a picture of a kitten that links to imgur when you click on it. Not sure why you'd want that, but if you replace the link to imgur with a link to a forum post, and the kitten with a 720x80 banner you drew, then posted that code in a code window, people could take that code and put it in their signature, then support your idea/advertise your creation!
    Thank you for reading this text of goodness, and good luck creating banners on your iPod, iPad, Android or computer!
    (I wrote that forever ago, so let me know of any errors...)

    Now that you've learned how to make a banner (or already know) and want to join, by all means post here! But make sure your application holds:
    1. Make sure a the top of your post you write APPLICATION.
    2.Show at least two banners you have made, it doesn't matter what they are for.
    3. Have a reputation of 20+ points.
    4. A few sentences about why you think you could do this.

    Okay, I'd like to try and get in.
    Some banners I have made are:

    I have actually been recommended by other forumers for making suggestion topic banners, but I would be great with mod banners and personal ones too! I make both .gif and .png banners, completely homemade (no watermarks). I have actually browsed threads where every single poster on one page used one of my banners! I think I would be able to help others with their suggestions very well, and that I deserve a place in this bannermaking ...thing...

    (also, I'm going to say before I forget that we need a name...)

    If you want a banner, but don't want to make one, read this!

    Want a banner? Well, simply post here, with REQUEST written at the top of the post.
    When someone gives you a banner, you MUST +1 them. MUST. If you don't, I will find you. And I will report you.
    Give a reason you should make a banner for something. Don't waste our time. The makers have a right to decline you, and if declined twice, you're out.
    Give a pretty good description of what you have in mind. Tell us what you want in your banner. Too vague, and you can be declined.

    Now, that's just about all I have to say. And I can't think of a good ending right now. Bye.
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    posted a message on THE ORIGINAL! ::Desert Temple Guardian:: {{Day1625+}} NEW IMAGES! 11/8/2016
    Wow... This is amazing. Minecraft NEEDS this. Pure Awesome.
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    posted a message on [Fishing] What Fishing really needs... - Now with pictures & mobs! 60+ Supporters
    Quote from linkrock4

    Thank you very much for the banner! We finally have a sexy banner :D And thank you for your support

    Still no +1 though... or even credit in the OP...

    Sorry, I'm just tired of this always happening every time I make a banner.
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    posted a message on AWESOME.
    God, 0.3.3. dissapointed me. Where are the chests, beds, wheat and bread we had confirmed?! It angers me...
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    posted a message on A way to get flint
    I'm surprised there is no flint and steel. It seems obvious they would make it (flint and iron exist, and fire bug is fixed).
    Guess thats another thing put off to 0.4.0...
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    posted a message on Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.3.3

    Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.3.3 is awesome!! Love the spider and skeleton. Cant wait for the next update.
    Hopefully next update contains:
    - Beds
    - Chest (important)
    - bug fix

    These are all the things CONFIRMED for 0.3.3...
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    posted a message on 0.3.3 released
    Where are the chests?
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    posted a message on [Fishing] What Fishing really needs... - Now with pictures & mobs! 60+ Supporters
    This is one of the great, well-thought-out, suggestions that would make sense in minecraft.
    Henceforth, I have made you a banner!

    The code to paste in your signature for that is:

    This deservers insertation!
    (+1's are appreciated...)
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    posted a message on The Emaciater, Steel, and Related Things
    Okay, here it is. I had better hopes for it, but it didn`t work out to well...

    The code that you paste in your signature to use it is:
    I hope it works for you.

    *ahem* +1's are appreciated...*ahem*
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    posted a message on Skeleton Improvement!
    Maybe their sight range should increase through difficulty. This would leave a challenge for more advanced players.
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    posted a message on Paint (with Pictures)
    This is a great siggestion, and well written too (I LOVE PICTURES!).

    This is one of the few suggestions it actually makes sense for mojang to put in the game.
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