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    Great server, awesome factions.

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    I read the format.


    I'm fourteen, turning fifteen in January, though I am more mature then most of the fourteen year olds you'll meet.

    Arizona. We have our own special little timezone, considering we're the only state that doesn't go into daylight savings at this time of the year. But most of the year, MST -7 Hours

    What time are you most often on?-
    I'm mostly on after school from Monday-Friday for around 6 hours, and on weekends I can be on for over 12.

    When did you first play Minecraft, how often do you play? -
    I got my account in early Alpha, stopped using it for a while, came back in early Beta, stopped again, and came back in Beta 1.7.3 and haven't stopped since. I play from an average of eight or so hours a day, excluding little breaks here and there for dinner, food, etc.

    Have you ever been banned or temp banned on another server? -
    I was once temp-banned for admin disrespect after they abused their powers to destroy my base I had been building up for weeks. Other then that, nothing. I've checked mcbans, too and nothing there.

    What is your previous experience in any type of moderation? -
    Well my first and main one I use. Killion Detention Center. I'm sure someone remembers that. Back when it had 275/275 of its players at all times, I was a loved Chat Moderator. I was quick to act, I always helped players out in chat, even with the chat flying past. I have been admin on other small servers, too, such as CaliCraft. Those servers are all shut down/on the verge of shutting down, so I would be willing to resign if I still had the position and the servers weren't either offline or destroyed. And I'm not a moderator/Admin anymore because I simply quit/the server went down. I wasn't ever fired or demoted, I've always gotten on good terms with the owners.

    Do you fully understand the concept to our faction servers and can provide players with basic useful information when required , as well as basic Minecraft information ?
    I understand factions to a large extent. I don't know any of the behind the scenes stuff for it, because I don't code. But I know the commands, how to use them right, etc. I can provide players with any information they need, whether it be simple minecraft mechanics, or something server-side. I am experienced in helping players out, too, considering I was a chat mod on a bustling server that always had new players needed assistance.

    How many hours can you contribute per day? -
    I can put in around 5 or so hours a day, give four or five more on the weekends. I mainly play in the afternoon on weekdays, but on weekends it really varies, but I average around 9-10 hours a day on Minecraft on weekends.

    What advice would you give someone who had to deal with people younger than them? -
    Well, I am a bit young myself, but I have a very high maturity level and a voice of a 20 year old, but when I assumed staff positions, I was always dealing with people who were either a genuine ten year old, or someone who was trying to troll and screw with the staff. If the person is actually young, I help them in any way possible (that is allowed, of course) I try to make sure they have a good time on the server, because I don't like when younger kids get hurt, physically or emotionally. I pretty much go out of my way to help them, and make the server a fun enviornment for them to play in.

    How would you handle a situation that got out of control ?
    I'm used to the state of mind where whenever someone starts getting into an argument, I give them a fair warning that they'll get muted if they keep it up. I know from personal experience arguing can lead from 2 people to 20, and I don't want 20 people spamming the server with useless nonsense that no one needs to see. So if they keep it up after that, I will simply temporarily mute them. They go at it again after the mute is up, a perm mute. Really not that hard to do, but when it comes down to it most people won't do it.

    Do you have Skype? -
    I sure do, and whenever I'm on my computer, skype is open and in another monitor.

    Anything else we should know? -
    I'm a great person to get to know, have a great sense of humor, and am pretty pumped to hopefully be working with you guys!

    Do you know any coding?(Java,HTML,C++)
    No I do not.
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    Quote from kasper227232

    IGN: kasper227232
    Age: 14
    Timezone: GTM +1
    Skype: lucas.lund.jensen
    Desired Position: Moderator/Admin
    Previous Experience (Plugins/Builds/Servers Administrated on): I've had my own server and i've been moderator/admin on many sucessfull servers, i know how to handle both players and serverside errors, i can handle a good amount of pressure so i can multitask at a good speed.
    Why do you Want this Position?: I have a lot of spare time to play minecraft in and i dont have much to do so im looking for a challenge that is worth the "stress level" im on
    How much time do you have to help per day?: 5-7
    Extra Information: I have no job (Extra time) I dont have a busy familiy (Extra Time) im a livestreamer with 58 followers atm im growing from day to day.

    Accepted for moderator, I'll add you on skype
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    IGN:hunto88 Age:14 almost 15 Timezone:Pacific Skype:huntothefarlander Desired Position:Admin or anything available besides coder Previous Experience (Plugins/Builds/Servers Administrated on):I used to be a co-owner on a server called skyworld till it shut down D: Why do you Want this Position?:Because I have experience and you are looking for staff. How much time do you have to help per day?: Every Day if Necessary unless i am going to a friends house or something. Extra Information: I am Responsible and Mature, I can Deal with situations where people rage. If someone does something that won't get them banned ill handle it and they will still want to come back to the server.

    Accepted for Moderator, I will add you on skype and talk to you. Congratulations!

    Quote from Vampiric_H
    Name: Hunter IGN:Vampiric_Hunter Age:16 Timezone:EST Pacific(Canada) Skype:hunter.skype.1 Desired Position:Co-Owner/Admin( the "/" is or) Previous Experience (Plugins/Builds/Servers Administrated on): TerraMC(Dev) Galaxy Realm (Mod) FlexCraft(Admin) ScarCraft(admin) razorcraft(admin) Why do you Want this Position?: To help out and make this server the best it can be,i have played since alpha of minecraft,so I would like to make every server I go on the best it can be. How much time do you have to help per day?: 4-6 Hours( Maybe more) Extra Information: Nothing I really hope you will consider my application,and thanks for reading.

    Accepted for moderator. I will start you off at Moderator, and if you do good enough, you'll get Administrator.

    Quote from KeyCandy
    IGN:KeyCandy Age:15 Timezone:Singapore Skype:karlyne333 Desired Position:head admin/admin Previous Experience (Plugins/Builds/Servers Administrated on):I have been a co owner and admins before in different servers and i have gotten lots of experience from them so i may can help you with your server :D Why do you Want this Position?:I want to make lots of friend in the server and i want to be a good friend with the owner so i may can learn more stuff from him! :) I also want to help the server as best as i can and i can also build good stuffs for the server :) How much time do you have to help per day?: 5-6 hours everyday Extra Information:Well em i am also a good builder that can help you i will promise to advertise the server everyday when it is lauched :)

    Pending, please edit this so we know which servers you have administrated on.

    Quote from GoldenWalker14
    IGN: GoldenWalker14 Age: 13 (turning 14 tomorrow on the 12th) Timezone: Pacific Skype: dustin_letson Desired Position: Admin or Mod (would prefer admin but mod would be ok) Previous Experience (Plugins/Builds/Servers Administrated on): I have some experience with certain plugins but I have never had my own server or had the permission to edit plugins on a server, and I had admin on one dedicated server which shut down a few months ago and I had mod on happy hunger games server but sadly got demoted due to a misunderstanding with the owner, long story, but I would happily talk about it on a later time. Why do you Want this Position?: I have never got to be admin on a server and I would love a spot as admin :) How much time do you have to help per day?: Certain days I have an hour or 2 and on other I have 5 or more hours (depends on how much homework, or sports practices, etc.. Extra Information: If you don't accept me for either of these spots, I would still LOVE to come play on the server (sadly I cant donate because the server I got demoted on I spent 250 dollars and then it got wasted when I got demoted :( and I have experience on people cussing or raging and will take care of it, where they will still come on the server, and not banning them Thanks for reading :) GoldenWalker14

    Congratulations, accepted for Admin!
    Quote from The_Builder_14_

    IGN: The_Builder14

    Age: 14

    Timezone: Mountain Time Zone

    Skype: shadowuknown (I am aware that it is incorrectly spelled)

    Desired Position: Honestly, I just want to play on the server, maybe as sort of a tester and give some feedback on certain things within the jail. If this is not an available thing, I guess I would like to help out with the construction of the jail so I suppose that puts me under the application of Builder.

    Previous Experience (Plugins/Builds/Servers Administrated on): I've helped out with building on other servers. But, problems would always occur. For ex. Owner couldn't afford to pay for server hosting or they just gave up.

    Why do you Want this Position?: As I mentioned earlier, I just want to play, so that's why I mostly just want to be some sort of tester for the map.

    How much time do you have to help per day?: I really don't know, to be quite honest. It varies, but when I do come on, I'm usually going to stay for a good while.

    Extra Information: I'm a guy.

    Accepted for Builder/Tester
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    Thanks everyone for applying!

    I will wait 20 more minutes, then I will go over all the applications, so I'll have positions ready in 30 minutes.

    Keep applying and good luck!
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    ok thank you, Do you have an estimated time for the server to be up?

    Hey there,

    I estimate the server to release in about 3 weeks, depending on how good staff & coders I get, and how much time we're able to inspect into the server.

    Everyone else, I will get to you within an hour.
    Quote from Vampiric_H

    I have a question about the "prices" for the rank,aren't we applying for them?


    Yes, you are applying for them. If you would like, you can feel free to donate!
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    Hello, I am xChet, and I have recently bought a dedicated server, and am making it a prison server. I am developing the sever with my friend and Co-Owner, drocks07.

    The server will have several ranks:







    Co-Owner: drocks07

    Owner: xChet

    Here's the application to help out!

    Desired Position:
    Previous Experience (Plugins/Builds/Servers Administrated on):
    Why do you Want this Position?:
    How much time do you have to help per day?:
    Extra Information:

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask on the forum page!
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    posted a message on [DiamondPrison] Need GFX Designers, Website Manager, And Builders! (More Mods)
    IGN: xChet
    Position: Administrator
    Age: 15
    Skype (Mandatory): bigryano
    Experience: Chat Moderator on Killion Detention Center, Admin/Co-Owner on CaliCraft, and Mod and Admin on plenty more servers that I can't seem to recall.
    Time Zone: UTC-7:00 Arizona
    What can you do? Like I said, I have tons of previous experience, and I think that can come in handy when we need better moderation/administration. I can train helpers/mods/admins, and I can work with anyone I am having to work with. I am really good with plugins (just not coding them), such as Essentials, Towny, Factions, and the works. I would sincerely work with the excellent team of Builders, designers, and staff.
    Any Previous Work (If You Want to be builder): N/A(Not applying for builder)
    How many hours do you play? I play at least 3 every day, so at least 15 hours a week

    Thanks for considering, have a nice day,
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    Quote from Pennyforth

    Oh, those lazy coders! How dare they have day jobs and personal lives and all those other silly things that keep them away from finishing Optifine 1.7.2 just for you!


    You sir, are a legend. Finally someone who understand common sense.
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    xChet's OFFICIAL Quitting Post

    It makes me cry with happy remembrance, chuckle, and smile at all the good times I've had on Killion. I hate to go, but if I get banned for completely horrible and terrible reasons to get banned, I think I have to go.


    Q: Will I be buying an account unlock?
    A: No. I have already wasted enough money in this server to get banned for it.

    Q: Will I be coming in on my alt?
    A: Yes, every 3 weeks at the least. I'll drop in to say hi.

    Got more questions? PM me and I'll put it with the question and answer on the thread.


    A little over 2 years ago, I joined Killion, completely clueless. I remember the exact way I got out of C, when it was 15k to get out. I'd already earned around 7.6k within one night, and a friend of mine, tom6903, donated me that last amount of money, and I was so grateful. Then I got to B Block, and I'd already earned around 17k in the dirt mine the day I became a Guard. I retired at A-Guard, and I still remember Detrinex's "whoopsie doodle" like it was yesterday. Anyway, like I said, I retired at A-Guard, and recieved A Rank. Then, MissDigger donated me 65k to get out of A, and by that time, I was a Donor, and I earned a lot in the log mine, then CakeRaider helped me out of Elite, and I was finally a free man.

    I was in many clans, all of them which I do not wish to state again, and then "Prestige" came out. I wasted 1,265,000 on it, never getting farther than Blaze. (lol) I led a clan of my own, Chet Mawds, for a while, and in my opinion, it was semi-successful, with many great allies at that time, such as MooLa, VTX, SUN, DEPL, and so on and so forth. I eventually shut the clan down, as I did not like the feel of running a clan, I'd rather be in a clan than lead it. Probably the clan I liked being in the most would have to be VTX. I loved their community and all the jazz.


    Jono1325: Man, skype with you every day. Helped me start Chet Mawds by helping me set up a farm, and eventually becoming leader in it. I love talking and hanging out with you. You were one of my 3 favorite players. Talk to you on skype.

    Ptigers13: Helped me out a lot. Let me use your spawners. Overall an awesome guy. You were One of my 3 favorite players

    ctobiasrogers/Ctrogers: You little richie you :P Always looked up to you, have a great time skyping with you, gave me so much money :) . You were One of my 3 favorite players

    astrospeedyj and NeonBurrito_: Love ya both, you guys always got mixed up in my mind, lol. Always confused you two for another. #Shya

    conormcnub: I remember you and me in the original 2 member Chet Mawds, while you were on conormcneill. I will always remember our first time exploring and finding this little abandoned mine.

    Wardens: Had a great time messing around with you guys. Thanks for helping manage my favorite server

    Markillion & Starzy: I had a grea time talking with you and playing on your guys' server. Thanks for running the best server ever.

    Did I forget you? PM me your name if you think I forgot you!

    Love you all,
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    Ummm... okay...? I honestly do not know what I did to get denied.. Could a warden message me why? I'm curious, as all I said was lolwat.
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    Not to mention, I had recently bought 90 day donor. If I am denied, I would like a refund if possible.
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    Never thought I would be making one of these...

    In-game Name: xChet
    Who were you banned by?: Assumably one of the wardens
    When were you banned? (Date and Approx time, use -5GMT) Over last night. I came on to try and play, and it says I'm banned.
    What was the ban reason? Admin Disrespect
    Do you admit fault? No
    What was your current rank (Block)?: Free
    Why should you be unbanned? I do not believe I should have been banned. When cheezylemon said all those random inappropriate things, I said "lolwat". When he started saying horrible things about the wardens, that's when I said nothing. I didn't want to be apart of that. I love the wardens, mods, players, everyone on this server, and I would hate to see all of my 2 years of memories, go to waste.
    Any other information:Thanks for reading and considering.
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    Today is my 2 year killion anniversary! #Shya
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