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    posted a message on YASR (Yet Another Sunperp Rule) # 356: No conversations about the future

    So, just now Sunperp has issued a "warning" against me, inventing yet another rule that doesn't exist. In a thread where someone was claiming his single player game was being hacked and intruded upon by "forge devs," and in which the poster was insulting everyone left and right, it was clear the thread was a trolling thread. AFTER the thread was flagged for insult, *I* received a warning for suggesting it was the thread was an attempt at trolling. I never called the OP a "troll," mind you. Nevertheless, sunperp issued a warning against me, then pointed to the rules, none of which say anything about warning other people about trolling. He invented yet another rule, out of thin air, that suggesting a thread is trolling is thus an insult against the person an an implied namecalling, even if no names were called.

    It's astounding. This is clearly a guy who is now following around people who call out his bad moderation, and abusing his authority.

    As for your explanation of the site's revenue, well it's likely untrue. I suppose I will receive a warning now for implying you are lying, but if this were true you wouldn't have so many ads on the site. Ads exist, therefore ad revenue exists. It also assumes someone can obfuscate the realities behind web revenue.

    If it is true, it only makes it worse, because it explains why you tolerate such abysmal moderation: in short, you don't care if you alienate customers, because they don't mean anything to the revenue. That's worse. I'm not buying it, but it's your case, and you made it... so there it is.

    You have just called me a liar without any proof ("but you have on multiple occasions in this thread insulted others and made statements that are untrue.") I have received only a handful of warnings and none were for insults. I received three from Sunperp for self-censored "profanity" (using asterisks etc to imply a curse word) and then one for insult, which was appealed and overruled. Then the new one today. Nearly all were issued by Sunperp, who apparently follows me. All things considered, three minor infractions for self-censored words in four years isn't bad. And those happened back in 2014, before I knew that typing "%#@%" was a thing. Who knew?

    But NONE were for "lying." You just made that one up.

    Now, by your own rules -- or at least the rules made by Sunperp -- you just insulted me publicly by calling me a "liar" in the same way that suggesting the other poster was trolling constitutes me calling him "a troll." I daresay, you deserve a warning yourself. I don't hold my breath.

    You have publicly displayed -- yet again -- the double standard going on here.

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    posted a message on MineCraft is dying:(
    Quote from habdegamer»

    But the player count is decreasing

    That's the metric to look at - dropoff rate.
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    posted a message on YASR (Yet Another Sunperp Rule) # 356: No conversations about the future

    This thread just became overt evidence of the problem.

    A moderator - in this case Zayne Wolf - invents an interpretation of an imaginary rule that "if you have issues with forum staff, don't be berating them publicly."

    Then, because I did make it public and didn't allow it to be hidden as he preferred -- the Admin (criticquid) steps in and cites an entirely different policy, saying that public discussion of moderators is "a-okay, too."

    Which proves my point. The moderators invent things out of thin air, and then scramble to defend each other, even as they trip over their chaotic and ad hoc interpretations and made-up rules.

    And of course -- of course -- some 9,000+ post lifer chimes in to defend it all, by invoking his own opinion about a thread he wasn't even participating in.

    So you are literally taking a position that discussions about FUTURE versions of the game should be deleted. And you're all totally okay with that, even if you have to crash and fumble over each other to try and find a rationale.

    The moderation on this site is like a clown car, except it's not funny and at least the clowns know how to drive.

    I have confirmed that "Blaze Extinguisher" is a default setting, so I apologize to Sunperp for that part. (See... that's how adults do it.)

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    posted a message on YASR (Yet Another Sunperp Rule) # 356: No conversations about the future

    Now moderator Sunperp has shut down a thread that was about what MIGHT be included in 1.12 -- in which people were discussing what they wanted to see. Apparently there's a rule that says we can't discuss the future.

    Yet again, Sunperp invents rules that don't exist, and shuts off valid and friendly communication. I'm not sure why this is tolerated -- it's a DISCUSSION FORUM. That's it's only job. And you have a moderator that repeatedly cuts off discussion, for no reason.

    Go ahead... invoke some rules NOW that say I can't discuss moderator misbehavior. It's just exhausting to try and participate here. The place is already hemorrhaging involved readers, and at some point the owner will recognize his "moderators first" policy it the root cause of it.

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    posted a message on MineCraft is dying:(
    Quote from Chameleonred5»

    I'd prefer to believe in statistics involving how many people are actually playing it. Couldn't find that though.

    Yes, lacking that statistic, we have to use the stats we have.

    Another stat would be user drop-off rate. How many people buy the game, play for a while, and then abandon it. See: No Man's Sky.
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    posted a message on YASR (Yet Another Sunperp Rule) # 356: No conversations about the future

    Please do not quote me the rules. These rules are always trotted out when the mods need to defend themselves, but meanwhile they trample on them routinely, or (as I am indicating here) make them up as they go along. Alerting the admins does nothing, because it is the admin culture that is the problem here; they are simply not going to police themselves. They will make an excuse or, worse, threaten to ban the complainant.

    It's important to discuss moderator misbehavior in the public forums, because doing so is more likely to get admin and owner attention than hiding the problems behind PMs or rules about "keep it private." That is obfuscation and lack of transparency. It's also typical behavior when a site doesn't want the bad behavior of its mods publicized. It's childish and only worsens the reputation of the site.

    The point here is not specifically about Sunperp. He's just a data point, and a near-stereotype. (They literally make sitcom characters about the antisocial, dour IT guy who thinks he's superior to everyone.) It's about the ongoing refusal by the ownership to rein in moderators who are acting against the customers here, and by embracing a culture that treats its guests like irritants.

    Through our visits, you get eyeballs. Eyeballs equals ad revenue. Guests = money. This isn't even four-function math, it's ONE-function math. It's that ridiculously simple.

    You can choose to be personally insulted, quote arcane rules, and continue to suck eyeballs away from the WoW ads, or you can have a mature and thoughtful discussion, revisit how you assign moderators then ensure they don't arbitrarily cut off discussions because of their own personal quirks.

    As I've said before, I have managed forums. My guests run in the 150,000 or less range, so not as high as this site. But the moderators have one job: filter the spam and delete the hate. As a second function, they organize threads, moving them into appropriate sub-fora and alerting the posters they did so, always politely, and never with an attitude. Eventually the environment forms a culture, and moderation requirements actually lessen.

    A discussion forum only has one job: discussion to drive ad revenue. Not ensuring the delicate emotional well-being if 2 or 3 moderators. If the mods can't live up to the single thing they are tasked to do, kick them to the curb. They can go moderate a Star Trek board or something where they will be surrounded with other spectrum folks and they can write fan fiction all day. Whatever.

    The volume of posts and conversations on its site is visibly declining. Maybe Curse is making up the lost ad revenue somewhere else, I don't know. But putting the GUESTS FIRST ahead of individuals like Sunperp is just a simple business decision.

    Unless you think everyone likes salt in their Starbucks. If so, then I can't help you.

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    posted a message on Woodland Mansion on fire? / Half-formed & Malformed structures
    Quote from TheRealReeper»

    Lava can spawn in the woodland mansion

    Which is not a good thing. Technically, should be a bug.
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    posted a message on YASR (Yet Another Sunperp Rule) # 356: No conversations about the future

    The thread was only a handful of posts in, so there would be no way for you to know which way the conversation was going, or not going. In fact, it had been developing. If the post was misplaced, as you suggest, then you could have moved it, not deleted it.

    You're too trigger happy with the delete and block button. There'll be no convincing you or the admins of this, of course, since apparently you remain in their favor, and they have no problem whatsoever continuing to support a moderator who works against their best interests by frustrating the customers here. You're the equivalent of a Starbucks barista who puts salt in everyone's coffee, but who has compromising photos of the boss, so never gets fired.

    It's very, very frustrating. And ultimately it serves absolutely NO ONE well, except for yourself, presumably so you can feel empowered.

    Yet again I have to remind the board admin that this is a business, that you have customers, and treating customers like garbage is always bad for business.

    Jeesh even your avatar tagline is condescending to the guests here.

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    posted a message on Deeper caves: caves going more than 2 kilometers underground! Less lag! [400+ Supporters]

    Tall worlds / cubic chunks are just never going to happen unless Mojang recodes and puts them in Vanilla. It's a huge task and everyone who attempts it quits because it's volunteer work. Sad, though.

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    posted a message on Tall Worlds Mod - Raising the world height cap without causing lag
    Quote from QlyoPhil»

    Not to be rude to modders or the community about 1.7.10 but ditch that crappy version. PLEASE!!! start working on future MC versions.

    Whenever someone says "but" it means they are going to do the exact thing they said they wouldn't.
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