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    Let me explain something. I love minecraft, the new and upcoming features and how smoothly the game is coming along. However, I am starting to find myself playing minecraft less and less. Why? Because whenever there's an update every single multiplayer server that I go on has to get a new map and import some of the structures over, and its basically like starting from scratch because there are very few plug-ins at first. Multiplayer is the main reason that I play minecraft, but what's the point when hours of hard work keep getting deleted every time Notch decides to do a permanent (aka official, non-prerelease) update? It is really starting to tick me off. And please don't say that the official release is coming soon, so I don't have to worry. Notch has even said that they will still be updating the game after that, so basically nothing that I ever do on a server will actually count/be saved.
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