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    If the OP wants to host 50 people on a personal server, I would agree with a better internet connection. The chip upgrade would be good once the multithreading fix comes out in 1.8 but I would agree it's not needed depending on what is being done on the server.

    @OP: With 50 people, unless they are near you, you are going to have people experience connection lag on your current connection. It could be minimal to the point that people do not care or it could be devastating depending on their location and the stuff you are trying to accomplish. Obviously, the more plugins you put on a server, the higher power CPU you are going to need to offset the fact that vanilla MC is single core heavy and likes to be a RAM hog.

    Honestly, if you wanted 50 players with a small amount of plugins/mods, you could get away running that on a minimal amount of RAM but there is no ideal spec. The servers you are using, specifically the chips, are ancient. The small core amount, coupled with the lack of cache space, makes for a slight lack of power. However, I still dont think youre gonna have an issue if you tune it all in well.

    As for control system, use linux; ubuntu specifically. Then just use a basic SSH and script setup. No need to get multicraft and use the extra resources. Also, don't use windows systems if you don't need to. Way to much of a resource hog.

    Best of luck,

    Thanks everyone for the replies! Sorry it's taken so long for me to get back.

    By the sounds of it, it's not really worth my time and effort with this equipment. I'll try to find some other project for them, and look at getting more recent stuff.

    What kind of internet speeds are optimal for hosting? I currently have the basic tier of fi-optic in my area. About a month ago I was lucky to get .5 (yes, that's a point in front of the 5) up, so when I got to 9 up recently, I thought I was hot stuff!

    Thanks again for all yall's help!
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    I recently received 2 old IBM 8837-41U xSeries servers. Would it be worth investing some money into them to host Minecraft servers? The servers would most likely just be for me and some friends and possibly opening it up to others. All the previous servers I've hosted were on my desktop and only had like 3 people on at once, and did ok not great, but bearable.

    If it'd be worth throwing some money into, what is an ideal setup? Is there some golden ratio of specs/player to go by? Let's just say I wanted to host a 50 player server, with a couple of mods/plugins, nothing too extravagant, how much ram and disk space would be needed?

    Also, what all kind of software would be needed? Should I install Windows, Windows Server, Linux, Macintosh?

    My current internet speeds are 28Mbps/down and 9.5Mbps/up

    Thanks for any and all help!
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    Does anyone know what mod sets a red line and prompts "Past the red line is PVP"?
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    Quote from Aaranos

    Death and I are in EST so you are 5 hours behind us. That works nicely considering Death isn't available until midnight on most nights and that would be 7pm for you. Also, the skype isn't for if you are accepted it's so I can contact you and the three of us would have a skype call running while we try out the group. I have made a miniature adventure map to tryout the new recruits.

    Ok. Well, I guess I should have just used normal time zones, instead of that fancy one, cause I'm not really sure. I'm also in EST, or EDT... or whatever it's called. Ohio to be more specific. Hopefully that clears things up a bit. As for the playing at midnight, that shouldn't be too big of an issue for me, seeing as how I only have early morning class on Mondays. As for the skype thing, the name is BigButterJebus on there.
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    I would like to apply.

    I have been playing since 2010. Mainly running vanilla servers with my friends, as well as using bukkit for a little bit. I did help mod a server in 2011. It was a faction based server. I also helped mod/admin their small forum. The server lasted several months before it finally ended. The owner invited to help with a new server that we was going to start, but I don' think it ever went anywhere.

    I am 23, almost 24, years old. Currently in school for my bachelor degree. I have a mic, and am able to use TeamSpeak. I"m pretty good at understanding the concepts and mechanics of minecraft. After taking an electrical engineering class and other computer science courses, red stone devices and mechanics are very easy for me (and by easy I mean after spending several hours of trial and error, then some Google, then youtube tutorials, I can open a door pretty damn well!)

    I do speak English. I know some American sign-language (hello, beer, and sex) so hopefully you're good looking and/or have beer. I also know slightly more French than ASL, but not much, and not as useful words.

    6 hours a day week should be no problem at all for me.

    If you have any questions, ask away, and thanks for considering me!
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    Name (IGN): Jimbo (BigButterJesus)

    Skype name: (send this in PM so random people don't creep on you, or I'll send mine so you can add me)Will send if I'm accepted.

    Time Zone: utc-4

    What hours and days are you free: Any day except monday. Tuesday I have class from 8pm-9pm. Wed. Fri I have class 12:20pm-115pm. I also play volleyball wed nights for the next couple of weeks, that runs 720-9ish

    Do you have a microphone?:Yes

    Brief description of yourself: I'm not a very 'serious' kind of person. I love to joke around and have a good time. I'm in my final year of college. Games take up a lot of my spare time. That and beer. I'm pretty easy to get along with as well.
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    IGN: BigButterJesus

    Age: 23

    How long have you been with the server?*: Just found out about it.

    What timezone do you live in?*: UTC -4

    How many hours can you put in?*: A couple a day. Anywhere from 1-5. Maybe more.

    Tell us a little about yourself:
    I'm in my last year of college. I started playing Minecraft in mid 2010. I was a server mod in 2011 in a faction based server that lasted several months. I also host my own personal server with my friends. I got an associate degree dealing with webpage management, and my current major deals with corporate administration, so I am good with working with others.

    To test your knowledge in situations, fill these in

    A spammer joins the game and spams an IP. What should you do?:Tell them to stop. If they keep it up, give them a temp ban, inform admins/owner.

    A grey-listed player is frustrated, he's giving off about not having any commands. What should you do?*: Inform him of why he/she is grey listed, and inform him what he needs to do to obtain commands and other abilities.

    A new player joins the server. What should you do?*: Welcome them. Let them know how things are run and answer any questions they may have.

    Someone is insulting another person due to their race. What should you do?: Give them a warning and make them apologize. They keep it up, ban them.

    Why should you be on staff?: I should be on staff because I enjoy the game, and I enjoy playing and working with others. I also enjoy the idea of different factions. On the faction server I moderated before, I chose to not join a faction and fend for myself, making friends with many of the other players. I would be a great asset to your staff because I am easy to get along with, can quickly solve any problems that may arise, and I have too much time on my hands.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thanks for considering me.
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    Minecraft In Game Name (case sensitive): BigButterJesus
    Where are you from?:Cincinnati
    Your age? (if your under 13 do your parents agree to you playing here?): 23
    Have you read and agreed to the rules in the post below? Yes
    Did you vote for us? Yes
    Extra notes?:
    How did you hear of Super-Earth?: Browsing minecraftforum.net looking for a server to join.
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    Says I'm not whitelisted
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    Where you from?:Cincinnati
    who is better? Chuck or anna?:Coin flip says Chuck.
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    1. Minecraft Username: BigButterJesus

    2. Agree to the server rules: Yes.

    3. Banned from any other server: No.
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    Quote from Zlakolla »
    can someone plese host a pvp server that is new

    please post or pm me about your server

    Thanks my ing name is josinjosin


    Here's a pvp that is also faction based.... Its getting quite a lot of members and its supposed to launch sometime today hopefully.

    not sure if this is what your looking for..
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