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    How about telling us the seed and Release used.

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    There is more unusual things about this seed.
    1. Spawn is on a ONE tree island. This has been a very rare occurrence for quite some time.

    2. The one tree is a short oak that yields 4 logs and, for me, 4 saplings.

    3. There are no flowers on the island BUT there is a BEE NEST sitting on the ground beside the tree trunk.

    The bees disappeared almost immediately.

    4. Because the Amidst map showed spawn on a small island I created the world in Creative with a bonus chest.
    I suggest you do the same. Otherwise you have a really difficult survival island.

    The attached image shows the hive and one of the two bees I saw.
    Not having a Silk Touch tool I left the Bees Nest alone.

    I created this world twice with bonus chests and the contents of the chest was different each time.
    The second image shows the contents of the second try.

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    "-2397601474324577736" Fantastic!!!! THANK YOU for getting back to us.

    I was correct. Almost all randomly created seeds are 19 digits long.

    Here's the Amidst map for "-2397601474324577736" with the mine in question located.

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    posted a message on Some random seed i found

    I certainly hope not. A fossil in a mine is, in my opinion, quite rare and something I want to see.

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    posted a message on Some random seed i found

    Once again, that seed "-239760147324577736" does NOT produce a world with a mine at -121 39 519.
    Neither does "239760147324577736"

    Please give us a screen capture with \seed displayed.

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    posted a message on Character Movement too fast/swishy

    I agree. The first thing I do in a new release it turn off "Auto-Jump". It's truly annoying.

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    posted a message on Does anyone know of a seed program like this? And is it available?

    I suggest that you download Amidst v4.6, run it, select a VANILLA profile for the PCMC version you prefer,
    and start hitting Ctrl-R. (the link is in my signature)
    That will cause Amidst to display the biome maps of random seeds.
    Ctrl-H in Amidst gives you the seed input dialog.

    Amidst 4.6 works with MC Java releases 1.0 up to and including 1.16.5.

    Hint: Place Amidst in it's own folder and create an empty file in that folder named "history.txt".
    When Amidst starts up it will detect that file and from then on will log of every seed that it displays to the end of that file.
    That way, if you hit Ctrl-R too quickly you can find out what the seed was of the previous map and redisplay it.

    I use Notepad++ as my default text editor as it will update itself if Amidst adds a line to history.txt while it is open in a Notepad++ tab.

    Performance note: If you are looking for a specific biome at spawn for a 1.13.2 and above world, I suggest that you run Amidst with a VANILLA 1.12.2 profile to search (the world maps will be displayed about 3 times faster than with later releases). Once you find a world that seems to fit your needs hit Ctrl-C to copy the seed to your clipboard and switch profiles to a VANILLA copy of your desired release and use Ctrl-N Ctrl-V to enter that seed back into Amidst and display the desired map.

    BTW: It is possible to have multiple instances of Amidst running at the same time. I currently have one for 1.12.2 and another for 1.13.2, 1.14.4, or 1.15.2 running.
    That way I can search random seeds quickly with 1.12.2 and if I see an interesting one copy and paste the seed into the much slower 1.13.2 / 1.14.4/ 1.15.2 instance.


    You can click on the icon in the lower right corner of an Amidst window and then select which biomes you wish to highlight, then click the inactive to change to active. Then start hitting Ctrl-R until Amidst shows spawn in the desired biome.

    The seed "5722261026359646418" spawns you less than 200 blocks from a Flower Forest.

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    posted a message on Emeralds on the side of cliffs?! Snapshot 21w11a

    I just did a search of a 21w13a world around the spawn chunks from y=0 to y=255 and got 125 hits on minecraft:emerald_ore.
    The lowest is at y=33 and the highest seems to be at about y=110.
    However this is in just part of a mountains biome.

    Edit: I just expanded my world chunks and searched again.
    All 196 hits are at y=33 and above, all in Minecraft:mountains biome.

    Highest seems to be y=109.

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    posted a message on Seed Request Thread

    If you enter a number outside the range of a 64 bit signed integer Minecraft will send it to hashcode() and turn it into a much smaller number.
    for example:
    "-4411947967858395174" is a perfectly good seed.
    add another digit to it
    "-44119479678583951745" and hashcode() turns it into "-1662391674"

    I've proven this with Amidst and also with my Hashcode() emulation spreadsheet.

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    posted a message on 3 village island seed for 1.10.2 through 1.16.5

    This is an amazing seed.

    In over nine years of playing Minecraft and monitoring this forum I have never seen or played a world that spawns you on or even has an island with three villages so close together that you can stand in one spot and see all three.

    Seed: "-4060839488929676108"

    Here are the Minutor views of the island n both 1.15.2 and 1.16.5.

    I've checked that the island exists as far back as java 1.10.2.

    Notice that the 1.16.5 version has a shipwreck on the sand bar north west of the main island.

    Both versions have caves that go nearly to bedrock.
    Both versions have most all types of domestic animals.

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