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    posted a message on Seed with 22 villages and 5 desert temples
    Quote from FirstMan»
    Very good find. And how do you make such a map?

    The map is made with a program called Amidst.
    It displays an accurate biome map and displays MOST villages and other structures defined by the world seed except for Mansions currently.
    See my signature for the download link.
    You can use it's random seed function to quickly search for a world that has the biomes/structures you like close to spawn.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.12.2 Seed by Vcythe Games

    Publish the seed here, in text, so others can easily copy and paste it into Minecraft.

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    posted a message on My skelleton spawner only spawns one at a time

    I know this is silly to bring up, but you are within 16 blocks of the spawner to activate it, right?

    This is EXACTLY what I was going to say. You state that the elevator and drop is 20 blocks from the spawner. If where you stand is more than 16 blocks from the spawner it will not be triggered and no skeletons will spawn.
    I have a world somewhere that has two dungeons so close together (and nearly the same level) that I was able to position the drop halfway between them and am able to stand withing 16 blocks of both spawners. (keeps be busy :) )
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    posted a message on *Request* Any fairly large island seeds?

    I suggest that you download Amidst v4.3beta2, run it, select a VANILLA profile for the PCMC version you prefer, and start hitting Ctrl-R. (the link is in my signature)
    That will cause Amidst to display the biome map of random seeds.
    Hint: Place Amidst in it's own folder and create an empty file in that folder named history.txt.
    When Amidst starts up it will detect that file and from then on will create a log of every seed that it displays.
    That way, if you hit Ctrl-R too quickly you can find out what the seed was of the previous map and redisplay it.
    Ctrl-H gives you the seed input dialog.

    I use Notepad++ as my default text editor.

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    posted a message on Nice little island between Mesa and Jungle.

    Here's the Amidst map of "392594820450008" some villages and Mansions may not be shown.

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    posted a message on Are There Any Good Creative Map Seeds?

    The seed "-4539571976646637598" will spawn you between two villages which makes the spawn location a perfect place to build an iron farm that continuously produces iron ingots as long as you are in the game.

    If you would like a really nice skeleton experience farm create this world in MCJE using MCJEv1.8.9 in creative and go west from spawn to insure that the western village chunks are created. This will give you a vertical cave with a skeleton dungeon at the bottom just low enough to be able to build an elevator and drop shaft below ground. In 1.9 or later this dungeon doesn't exist.

    Once you have done this you can re-open the world in MC1.12.2 or whatever newer version you wish to use.

    In this 1.8.9 world the western village is long and relatively narrow so I moved some of the huts so as to make it closer to square and easier to fence in. A couple of fields were left outside of the fence.

    Here is a biome map of "-4539571976646637598" using an Amidst clone that does show villages correctly for later MCJE version even though it uses different icons for some structures.

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    posted a message on [1.12.2] Double mesa village and a witch hut

    Here's the biome map for "962876822870721". (Not Amidst - icons slightly different)

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.12 Seed - Village Between Mountain + Jungle, Near Spawn

    Here's the map of "-5887850923472889459" with the village shown.

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    posted a message on Largest cave system in Minecraft 1.7+

    The base seed is "4138077197488". That's the base 10 integer equal to the 48 bit number:
    0000 0011 1100 0011 0111 1000 1001 1111 0001 0100 1011 0000 (spaces added to show that it's 12 groups of 4 bits).
    Any 64 bit seed with the above pattern in the lower 48 bits will have the huge cave complex at 0,0.

    Valid base 10 Minecraft seed input values are 64 bit signed integers. Therefore, as TheMasterCaver, stated there are 65,536 worlds with this underground characteristics.
    That is, with the upper 16 bit of the 64 in the range of 0000 0000 0000 0000 thru 1111 1111 1111 1111 (0000 to FFFF hex).

    So, if you want to use Amidst to search for a biome map that you like with this cave pattern start with "4138077197488" (map shown below) and start adding "281474976710656".

    The next one in the series is "285613053908144", also shown below.

    EDIT: To calculate the negative seeds start with "-9223367898777578320" and again start adding "281474976710656".

    The negative seed closest to zero is "-277336899513168".

    I use MicroSofts Calculator.exe in "Programmer" mode to toggle the upper bits off and on as desired so that I don't have to remember "281474976710656". See third image.

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    posted a message on Villages, Flower Forest, Taiga M, Jungle M, Temple

    Below is the Amidst biome map for "981946865732619".
    Because Amidst hasn't been updated for all village locations and Mansions I created the world and did /locate Mansion and /locate Village.
    No Mansions close to spawn but there IS a village closer to spawn than the one mapped.
    It's at -376, 376.
    I flew up to about y=100 and /tp'd to -376 ~ 376. The location shown by the Steve icon.

    The village is on the border of a forest and a taiga

    There may be other villages not mapped.

    Another program that I use shows 4 more villages that should be on the map.
    -856, 1368

    312, -408

    1112, 8 and

    1240, -152

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    posted a message on Preset 8000 dungeon Challenge (Extremely hard)

    Here's the preset:


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    posted a message on Can't open a chest with slab on top

    I running Vanilla MCJE v1.12.2

    Here is a single chest under a cobblestone stair.
    It opens quite easily.

    My standard procedure for making a enchanting "Lair" when my base is a village with two libraries is to place an iron door on one of them to keep villagers out. Then I "harvest" all the bookshelves from both libraries with silk tough axe to make the enchanting nook in my Lair.
    To get more storage room I will remove unneeded material in the ceiling of the library under the roof stair blocks and place chests between top of the walls and the roof stair blocks. The image below shows a single chest, trapped chest, and a double chest. All open easily.

    Also I've found that I can stack double chests in a three block wide column as long as one side of the chest has an open block over it.

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    posted a message on How do I change the file name (in the .minecraft folder) of a world?

    Fire up the launcher, click on the world name and select Edit. For renaming the folder, you just do that in your OS like normal.

    If you're running an older version of Minecraft then Edit will be Rename.

    Since when does Edit in the Launcher edit Worlds and World names?
    The launcher Edits Minecraft VERSION profiles, which you can rename/edit.

    Start your Minecraft profile from the launcher.
    Select the world you want to rename and click "Edit". (don't click on the arrow to the left of the world name, that will start the game in that world.)
    Edit the World Name.
    If you wish to also change the folder name click on "Open Folder" and then highlight the world folder, right click, and click rename.
    Close the File Explorer window.
    Click "Save World" in Minecraft.
    That's it.

    Thanks for the question. I had a world with a non-descriptive name and it's now got a name I like.
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    posted a message on Why the big hype on the words "Java Edition"

    Another reason for distinguishing the original Minecraft as Minecraft JE is because, in their "infinite wisdom" MicroSoft named the cross platform Minecraft Edition "Windows 10 Minecraft". Now I play Minecraft JE on a computer that is running under the 64 bit Windows 10 operating system. Do you see the confusion factor?

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    posted a message on Where did you hear about Minecraft?

    My youngest daughter, who was in college at the time, got me hooked on MCJE back in 2011.

    I started with Beta 1.8.

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