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    posted a message on Massive groups of slime chunks
    Quote from AntiChronic»

    Sorry for necroposting, but can you please find me the closest 3x3 slime chunks to 7100 -8200 on the seed -6076949917341789626? Thanks!

    What version of MC? 1.15, 1.16, or earlier?

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    posted a message on Small Forest Island Surrounded by Ice Spikes Biome

    Here's the 1.15.2 Amidst map of "-7309760163527018045"

    The shipwreck on the sand bar north if the treed island only shows the top of the mast.
    There is a pig on the island. Oak and birch trees.

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    posted a message on Help me

    That video is seven years old.
    What makes you think that server is still running?

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    posted a message on Fun seed for 1.16

    The ruined nether portal is at 28, 81, 132,

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    posted a message on Mooshroom biome seed where you spawn on the island!

    Here's the Amidst map of "3849146039399739925" for MC 1.15.2.

    It is unusual to spawn on a Mushroom Island.

    Spawning on an island that is 100% Mushroom Island biome causes serious survival problems.
    This one is no exception.

    I created this world and ended up on an island with NO trees and no trees visible anywhere.
    Since I always create worlds in Creative mode (then switch to Survival if I decide to actually play the world) I could have given myself some wood and/or tools to give myself the ability to continue playing.

    I then created the world a second time but with a bonus chest..
    I spawned on the Mushroom Island but the bonus chest was floating out in the ocean.
    Getting the contents of the chest was an interesting problem.
    YMMV - but my chest contained:
    1 wood pickaxe
    1 wood axe
    1 apple
    1 loaf of bread
    1 Raw Salmon

    4 Jungle Logs
    5 Oak Planks
    That gave me a total of 21 wood planks.
    4 were used to make a Crafting table

    5 Jungle wood planks were used to make a boat.

    Below is my inventory after making the boat.

    I found a cave, got some cobblestone, made a stone pickaxe, and mined some coal.
    Then made 8 torches and mined 11 iron ore and more coal.

    The third image is what I had when I left the island.

    I decided to go north from the north end of the island to try to get to the village on the mainland.

    I made it to the mainland without any problems and found the village.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Cuased BSOD

    For some reason you are running Minecraft in 32 bit Java.

    The crash log shows that you are running the embedded Java and not the Java you installed.
    (The embedded version is 1.8.0_51)

    Your Java executable In all your launcher profiles should read: C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_251\bin\javaw.exe assuming you have the latest version of Java installed in the default location.

    Notice it says "Program Files" NOT "Program Files (x86)".

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    posted a message on Iron golems

    Sounds like you've got a good start at building an iron farm.

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    posted a message on Looking for an account owner..

    I don't know if a regular member (non-staff) can access this page but a Jeeper is listed here. No posts and they haven't been online for 7 years and 7 months.


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    posted a message on Get session id and boot MC JAR

    Why are you making a launcher?

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    posted a message on Help with building massive circular hallway.

    Try this: https://donatstudios.com/PixelCircleGenerator

    Unfortunately it only produces single pixel width circles.
    I entered height and width of 278 and adjusted the zoom to get a plot of a quarter circle. (Your circle needs to be 278 blocks in diameter)
    That shows what the baseline circle should be. just add 2 pixels on each side of that.

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    posted a message on Why do people creat iron golem farms?

    On the only server I play on I built an iron farm in the spawn chunks (I've also done it in several single player worlds).
    The iron farm regularly produces iron ingots as long as there is, at least, one player ANYWHERE in the overworld.
    That means that iron for tools and armor is abundant.
    IMHO that makes the game that much easier.

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    posted a message on Have all possible random seeds been already generated?

    If you want a world that is extremely UNLIKELY to have been seen by another player there is an easy way to get one (actually a HUGH number of them).

    Entering a text seed into Minecraft causes the program to call the hashcode() function which "hashes" the text string into a signed 32 bit number.
    That a seed in the range of -2,147,483,648 thru 2,147,483,647. Basically a 10 digit number although over 70% of 10 digit numbers aren't in that range.

    If you don't enter a seed, or enter zero, Java will create a 64 bit signed integer to be used as the world seed.
    That's a range of -9,223,372,036,854,775,808 thru 9,223,372,036,854,775,807..

    Note that these numbers are over 90% of all 19 digit long numbers.

    Now, since the pseudo random number generator is ASSUMED to give each number in that range an equal chance of being generated there is something we can say with certainty. The chances of a generated number having LESS than 16 digits is nearly 10,000 to 1 AGAINST.

    Each decrease in seed length increases that probability by a factor of 10.
    So the probability of the PRNG of generating a 13 digit seed is 10 MILLION to 1 AGAINST. ie not very likely.

    So, If you want to create a world that, in all probability, has NEVER been seen by another Minecraft player, just use any positive or negative number with 11 through 15 digits. I'll bet anything your world will be unique.

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    posted a message on Do you guys think Vanilla MC is boring?

    I only play Vanilla Minecraft and am quite happy with it.

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    posted a message on Has anyone found a full end portal yet?

    I'm sure that TheMasterCaver can explain it better than I can but I just verified that Seeds that have portals at the exact same locations have the exact same lower 48 bits.
    That is, expressed as a 64 bit binary number, only the top 16 bits are different.

    For example:

    10 0101 0001 0011 0011 0001 1110 1001 1010 0010 0000 1001 0000 1110 0001 is 166970867717279969

    110 1111 1110 0011 0011 0001 1110 1001 1010 0010 0000 1001 0000 1110 0001 is 503896414839935201

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    posted a message on Possibly the best Survival Island seed for 1.7.2 - 1.15.2



    It has approx. 130 monuments, 50 jungle and desert temples

    What MC release?
    What island?
    How big an area are they in?

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