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About my Minecraft name: My first name is Alan, my last name starts with an M, and at the time I joined the forums I weighed in excess of 310 lb. (141 kg.). I've subsequently lost 100 lb (45.5 kg) so I'm not nearly as big. However I'm still 6'2" tall (188 cm) so "Big" may still be appropriate.

I live near the east coast of the USA (not on the coast but within a 2 hour drive) and am a retired Electrical Control Systems Engineer. (My last of several hats I've worn.) This implies that I'm at the high end of the age spectrum of forum members.

As you can see I am a MineCraft forum moderator and have been since 1 November, 2013. Usually I spend my time lurking and posting in the MC Java Seeds forum (
As a matter of fact about 80% of my posts and threads are in that forum.

You can also find me on the Discord Minecraft Forums Chat site nearly every day.

Location Virginia, USA

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