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    posted a message on META INF. Folder
    I used to have this problem. I've found that restarting my computer fixes this every time. Of course, that's also my second step to fixing any issue on my computer.
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    posted a message on [Phoenix Science] Fire (v1.0)
    I haven't had time to play recently, but I do remember a thread back in Alpha with a detailed fire study. Aparently fire that has not spread within a time loses the ability to spread. I did some testing on it and I also reached that conclusion. Now, fire has had a bit of a remake, but perhaps this still holds true.

    As for the thread title, I was clicking as I read "[Phoenix Science]". Love your threads.
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    posted a message on Vertical Item Transportation?
    As said earlier, there is a way to move items uphill on vanilla minecraft. The exact method goes right over my head, but basically you're using the entity-entity interaction to bounce sand or gravel rapidly on top of a boat. The sand/gravel will then bounce the items upward to another block. I'm looking for the thread now, it can't be too hard to find.
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    posted a message on Notch decides not to add a mod API
    Instead of an API, which is limited, wouldn't a mojang-run MCP work just as well? As long as mojang releases the update and an updated MCP at the same time there would be a much smaller wait between mod updates.
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    posted a message on Why is there always a _01 update the next day?
    Quote from Sordid_Dreams »
    Exactly. Don't be ridiculous, he can't find every single one himself and since Minecraft only made him some $30 million it's not like he can afford betatesters.

    I truely hope you are being sarcastic.
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    posted a message on SMP Mods Help
    You can not use SSP mods in SMP unless the mod maker has released a server specific version of his/her mod, the server .jar is set up in a different way.

    Also, I hate to be "that guy", but wrong section, it should be in "Modding Discussion"
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    posted a message on Beta Modding GUI (My Thoughts)
    As I recall, we have been waiting for a Modding API, not GUI. A GUI would make it easier for entry-level modders to make their mods, or to install mods, while an API would stop them from breaking. Granted, a Mojang Modding GUI would most likely come an API, but as a stand alone it would be something along the lines of makemyitem/block.

    EDIT: spelling
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    posted a message on World getting too big?
    However, at about .5 times the earths surface chunks start overriding other chunks. Don't worry about it really though, I personally have a 5GB map, and I to the best of my knowladge, no chunks have been deleted or reset.

    EDIT: ninja'd
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    posted a message on Farming Quick Question
    You misunderstand. In his diagram (and design) the water is level with the tiled dirt. Water at a seperate elevation does not hydrate the soil.

    Bear in mind;

    :Water: [] [] [] :||||:

    Is not the same as;

    [] [] [] :||||:

    In the second instance, the water is level with an unlabled tiled dirt block.
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    posted a message on Quick Trick I Found!
    I've just retested to confirm, and the y value is the layer your feet are taking up.

    :Notch: (layer 18)
    :Pig: (value y will show)
    :DORE: (layer 16)
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    posted a message on [V1.2] King's Mods - Neutral Creepers, Nether Tools![V8.10]
    Quote from Coupon22 »
    Anyone wanting this to be updated will have to wait at least a week. Maybe more.

    This is the stages mod updates go through:
    *First day, few mods get updated. Many not
    *Next day, modloader, audio mod, and spawnlist update. Few more update
    *Day 4, Tool utils/settings manager/other required mods update. Few more update. Hot fix realeased. Breaks modloader.
    *Day 5, modloader fixed, other mods that used it fixed. Still waiting for some mods to update.
    *Week after, all required mods updated. Most of the minor mods or popular mods updated.
    *Week after, hot fix 2 realsed. Modloader broken then fixed. Mods broken then fixed. Majority of mods updated by then.
    *2 weeks after. Almost every mod updated (If there are no updates sience then), MCP updated.
    *2 weeks after, this mod updated.

    So it will take a maxium of 2 weeks. 1 week minium.

    Well, currently your list is off by anywhere from 1 day to 50%, so with the margins of error we while need to wait anywhere from 3.5 days to 3 weeks. (Well, beig day two, 2.5 days-20 days)
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    posted a message on Ultra-Compact 5-clock
    (Anyone want to point me towards the redstone thread? I can not find it)

    So I've been messing around with the new repeater in SMP, and I threw together a few compact designs (though they could get smaller).

    The first is a 4/5-clock (well, 2/3/4/5, but 2/3 has burnout problems):

    The second is a 3/4/5/6/7/8/9-clock (the extra torches are for the 3-clock to avoid burnout while keeping a steady output, with a 4+ setting you only need one):

    Again, if some kind soul could link me to the redstone thread, I'll repost there and let this die. I also doubt I'm the first to find this, but I have yet the see a thread, so here's my shot.
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] SDK's Mods [v1] *Aug 18th ModLoaderMP Updated*
    Quote from noodleinjar »

    "Beta 1.2_02 v2" Minecraft is currently at 1.3.
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    posted a message on MrMMods (BetterLight|Grass, SimpleMap) 1.8.1
    Quote from StarScythe7 »
    Quote from Bibet »

    SDK's mods are not compadible with this mod. Sorry :sad.gif:

    Thanks for the reply, that sucks for me I guess, hope this is compatible with SDK's mods some day.

    Not very likely. They both rely on the same render class, and the only solution would be a merged file.
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    posted a message on Practical monster trap for SMP-PvP
    Ah, good to know. This does raise some interesting possibilites though...
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