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    posted a message on Here we go again - new features
    Notch needs to heir a producer.
    He needs someone who will force him to finish stuff before going to the next thing. I'm studying to become a programmer and I know how it is when you get an inspiration, but I also know that if you keep jumping from 1 part of the project to another and back, the project will soon become a unrecognizable mess.

    Notch already had to wast a lot of his time to recode the biome section since it was a a huge pile of crap. Why can't he realize that if he keeps adding new stuff without finishing the old one, he will just add many new bugs that will be really hard to track down and even harder to fix.

    A producer would force him to do his job, to finish what he began and to stop adding stuff if there is no time because the release date is knocking on the door and Minecraft still requires a stronger PC than Crysis 1 requires. 0.o
    He won't like it, but late he will be thankful to the producer.

    That's why a programmer, artist or designer are never the leader of the project. They will always want to "add" a new "epic and unseen feature" before release and will never release.

    Also, Notch needs to fix those damn NPC's. They walk to randomly and if you let them out of their houses before finishing a wall around the village, they will be lost forever.

    And where is the Sky realm? it was promised A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago and I think that he didn't even start coding it. D:
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    posted a message on Around 180+ hours of work, destroyed
    And you didn't have a backup of what you make?
    I do a daily backup of my world which is a single player map. You have a server and don't have any update tools? You deserve this for being ignorant and thinking that no one would do that.
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    posted a message on My 1.8 boycott
    Because of idiots like you who use the word boycott for everything they don't like, the word, or better to say the whole process lost it's meaning and power.

    Some time ago people could achieve something by boycotting, but now that every kid older than 3 boycotts everything, no one takes it serious.

    Really? Boycott an update? You know why boycotts can be effective? Because other "guy" looses something because you boycott. If 500k users don't buy the next CoD because they boycott Activions latest actions, Acitivion's potential profit will be much lower. Acitivison will rethink the future strategy.

    Now lets see what you did here. You bought the game. By doing that you said "Notch, keep up the good work, take my money for future development.".
    Now, 1.8 comes you, an update that's completely free for you and everyone else who bought the game. You boycott it. Will Notch lose ANYTHING thanks to your boycott? I doubt so.

    So your ignorance and the ignorance of people similar to you makes a powerful action lose it's power. Good job. Keep up that good work. Ruin the only action that the average Joe can do to fight for his right.

    And yes, this is a rant about some random kid on the internet boycotting a game. But I'm just annoyed by people boycotting every dam **** they don't like, no matter how small it is.
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    posted a message on RIP Leather Armor
    Well, that's what makes the game interesting. Resource management.

    Yes, until 1.9 it's a bad idea to have a limited number of animals and prevent them from spawning. But I like the general idea. Limited resources which forces you to chose what to get. Armor or food. Well, that is until you get enough cows to have both and still have 20 cows left.
    But that goes for every resource in the game. At some point you have to much of everything and restart a new world.
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    posted a message on Is Diamond Even worth it?
    Well, if we ignore the fact that Diamond tools are stronger, faster, take 6 times less inventory space... yeah, diamonds aren't worth it.
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    posted a message on Obsidian Tools
    Quote from Sir Pandalot

    No, you can play Minecraft however you like. You could use SinglePlayerCommands and use instantmine, or you could just hack in TNT and make it 100% drop, then throw it everywhere. The point is, Minecraft is played however the person playing it feels like. I personally thing obsidian tools wouldn't really change the game that much at all. Its not like I ever run out of diamond tools after I get my first pickaxe anyway.

    Even though you can play as you like, that doesn't mean items can't be overpowered.
    Obsidian tools would be overpowered if they were as strong or even stronger then diamond tools. Why?
    Because as soon as you get your first 3 diamonds, you will have endless obsidian tools. Obsidian is to easy to get.

    Only solution would be making Obsidian tools be as strong as stone, but just a bit faster and have the durability of diamond tools.

    Diamonds are 8 per chunk (afaik, or was it 4), obsidian has no limit like that. If you, for some unknown reason use all lava you can find, go to the nether and get unlimited lava. There you have unlimited obsidian.

    If diamonds were as commune as coal, wouldn't that make them overpowered?
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    posted a message on How we can Help Fix Minecraft
    Are you serious?
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    posted a message on Give us back our old forum!
    I like the new forum and I never was interested in my post count.
    I don't want the old one back. ^^

    lol, my post count wasn't reseted. :biggrin.gif:

    I just want a quick and easy to find link to see all threads where I posted. I can't find one. :S
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    posted a message on *POLL* Finite Torches, Good or Bad?
    This would be a bad change.

    It won't increase the fun of the game, it won't increase the difficulty, it won't be a different aspect of the game, won't add any depth to it.... it will simply be annoying.

    Running all day long around your buildings just to light that place up, and the go again from the start. Some of us like a creative survival game, not hardcore survival. We like to build, explore, fight mobs. Making this change would building be impossible. At least anything bigger will be impossible.

    To get glowstone, you need to go to the nether. To go there you need obsidian for which you need diamonds. To get diamonds, you will.... well, you will simply quit the game if you have to run always around because the cave you're in is just to big and the torches always turn off. You won't be able to mine normally, to explore normally, to build normally. What is left? Hysterically jump around every time you hear something since you're not sure if all torches are burning?

    No, just no. It won't bring anything good to the gameplay, just annoyance.
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