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    posted a message on Digital Diamond: Minecraft Parkour
    The FOV ruined this video.
    Looks awful.
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    posted a message on Why is everyone dissapointed with 1.8?
    People underestimate the size of this update.
    This update is HUGE. There were so many changes in the code, which can't be seen while playing, but took much time to do.

    At that guy talking about aether mode and comparing them to minecraft.
    First of all, Minecraft is coded by 2 guys, Aether by 3 (afaik).
    Second, making a simple terrain generator like the Aether from zero is much, MUCH easier than changing the existing to add ravines, villages, abandoned mine-shafts, strongholds, rivers, changing the whole code how biomes work, changing the height of the map by changing one number....

    If people followed Notch, they would have known that Notch said how poorly the generator code was. He had to rewrite a insanely huge part of it, to allow later easy modifications. He was also working on a different way how chunks should work (16x16x16 instead of 16x16x128) which would make maps higher than 128 work even on older systems. But there is the problem of fast free fall from high places where the computer would have to generate chunks on the run (or fall in this case), which could lead to some weir **** happening. So he didn't include that in 1.8, but he's still working on it. That took time.

    He also added potions, or better to say effects for potions or similar stuff. If you noticed, the small cave spider can poison you. That is one of those effects. For more info about them, go on the minecraft wiki.

    But not only adding stuff take time away. Testing and balancing do that too.
    You think that balancing is easy? Lets take the hunger bar. If it's depletes to fast, it will be annoying and wouldn't add anything to the game, if it depletes to slow, it won't make any challenge.
    There is also balancing of the exp. gained, of the drops from mobs since they don't spawn anymore. As far as I've noticed, there is also a big change in the ore distribution, which also required balancing.

    Don't forget the work on the moding API.

    This update had much more than the changelog says. There was so much work behind the curtain, most of you would surprised how much work there was. But thanks to that work, all updates that will come should come much faster and easier.
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    posted a message on RIP Leather Armor
    Quote from Nordicascendant

    So does is this the same for sheep? Once they are sheared, they stay sheared until they die? This doesn't seem like a good way to "generated" animals in this case. If they haven't already, they should make sheep regrow wool.

    They will make animals reproduce and wool regrow. It's just that the adventure update was to big to be in 1 update, so Notch split it into 2 updates. Looks like they didn't think trough it and made animals persistent before adding the ability to reproduce.

    In 1.9 all problems will be fixed. Maybe even in 1.8.2 if Notch feels like it. Adding just wool regrowth would be easy for him and Jeb.
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    posted a message on My 1.8 boycott
    Because of idiots like you who use the word boycott for everything they don't like, the word, or better to say the whole process lost it's meaning and power.

    Some time ago people could achieve something by boycotting, but now that every kid older than 3 boycotts everything, no one takes it serious.

    Really? Boycott an update? You know why boycotts can be effective? Because other "guy" looses something because you boycott. If 500k users don't buy the next CoD because they boycott Activions latest actions, Acitivion's potential profit will be much lower. Acitivison will rethink the future strategy.

    Now lets see what you did here. You bought the game. By doing that you said "Notch, keep up the good work, take my money for future development.".
    Now, 1.8 comes you, an update that's completely free for you and everyone else who bought the game. You boycott it. Will Notch lose ANYTHING thanks to your boycott? I doubt so.

    So your ignorance and the ignorance of people similar to you makes a powerful action lose it's power. Good job. Keep up that good work. Ruin the only action that the average Joe can do to fight for his right.

    And yes, this is a rant about some random kid on the internet boycotting a game. But I'm just annoyed by people boycotting every dam **** they don't like, no matter how small it is.
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    posted a message on RIP Leather Armor
    Well, that's what makes the game interesting. Resource management.

    Yes, until 1.9 it's a bad idea to have a limited number of animals and prevent them from spawning. But I like the general idea. Limited resources which forces you to chose what to get. Armor or food. Well, that is until you get enough cows to have both and still have 20 cows left.
    But that goes for every resource in the game. At some point you have to much of everything and restart a new world.
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    posted a message on Sheepageddon
    Well, you're lucky.

    Since 1.8 animals don't respawn so keep those sheep safe.

    I made a new world with the seed "this world will be empty" and guess what.
    It almost is.
    You spawn on a small island, near is an even smaller one with just 1 tree and some grass. If you're lucky, you get some seeds, else, restart the world. There are NO animals on those islands. You need to travel south or north for around 1 day to find some land and animals. South is an big swamp biome with MANY sheep (even on trees), north found some chicken, found ~15 eggs in 1 day and got back to make a farm. I didn't go back south to see if the wool grown back. Anyways, I have to travel 1 day every time I need wool.

    As you can see, it all depends how lucky you are. I'm not, so I got no animals at my spawn. Was eating rotten meat to survive first night until my wheat was ready.
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    posted a message on Well anyone of you ENDERMEN fearing people out there, I have a nice and easy tactic for you!
    Yes, just look at him and ignore the terrain, creeper, skeleton, zombie or spider coming at you.
    They will always be on flat ground.

    AND lets ignore the most obvious fact. It's a ****ing mob that you will kill in 2-3 hits with a diamond sword. It CAN'T be more dangerous than a silent creeper blowing up next to you or a skeleton shooting at you from behind while you're next to a lava pool.
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    posted a message on Wait, Wut? Layer 512?
    Quote from GorgeousTaylor

    Wait... So...

    Notch CAN raise the height limit, and in fact, is going to allow MODS to raise the height limit...
    But he's not actually implementing it into the vanilla game? That makes even less sense than USUAL.

    You forget few BIG thing.
    Doubling the height limit will double the memory needed, double the time chunk updates are done, double the bandwidth of servers.... there are to many things to increase the map height without changing the way chunks are stored.

    Currently, doubling the map height will double the chunk size. Quadrupling the map height (i.e. 512) would quadruple the chunk size, which would kill most PC's. Don't forget that currently the slowest part of most PC's is the hard drive. A hard drive writing and reading so many information at once would lag as hell.
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    posted a message on Tables confirmed for MC version 1.8!
    Quote from Kris Eike

    No, sorry =/

    The reason jeb did this, is because it was so easy to do, just allowing pressute plates on top of fences, and voilà, a proper table. You can of course place an item over the table, but it will hover over it :S

    Still, a table is better than no table, eh? =P

    Tl:dr, the table is just for decorations, yes XD

    Currently you can place a Piston, put a torch below it and you have a table AND you can place stuff on it. Adding useless stuff and pretend you solved the problem is worse than leaving the problem be.
    Is it that hard to add a new block type? They already have the second part of the piston as a block. Now just change it a bit and you have a table, a useful one.
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    posted a message on Walls and celling design
    You can use pistons, work benches and furnaces as decoration.

    Some examples
    Here are some really nice patterns with pistons.
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    posted a message on In a perfect Minecraft world...
    70. The survival aspect of the game would be actually challenging.
    71. The game would be bug free.
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    posted a message on charcoal > coal?
    I go half an hour exploring and come back with 3+ stacks of coal.

    Why should I use my wood one something like charcoal if I can use it for other thins like building stuff.

    Coal is to common to be replaced by something like charcoal. Getting a stack of wood isn't that easy unless you go and cut down a whole forest (which I don't want to do).
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    posted a message on More About the "Ender Man"

    This would be epic.
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    posted a message on [CHALLENGE] The Dungeon Builder
    The "dungeon keeper" thingy reminds me a lot of Amnesia: The Dark Descent.
    Can't wait to see what will people do. :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Why do people think that you need shears to make a bed?
    Because people.... are stupid. Sorry, no other way to say it.

    *added beds* "OMG Y U NOTCH ADD BED, GAME IZ 2 EAZY"
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