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    posted a message on Notch just trolled me...
    Quote from SWEETNESS_IB »
    Nice Nether Portal. It happens. Sometimes.

    I think he's not talking about the portal, but about the middle-finger looking dirt/sand.
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    posted a message on Oh God Mobs are Smarter!
    Just had a weird scene with a creeper (a really evil one).
    I'm 3 block higher then he is. I was working something, I turn around and the creeper tries jumping to me. I hit him once, he goes a bit back and just stands there and looks at me (a really creepy look, that's probably how he got the name).
    I wait some time, probably over 10 seconds, didn't count, and he only stands and watches at me.

    I turn around to start working, and just for my safety i turn to check on the creeper. And there he is again trying to jump to me. I hit him again and he again just stands and looks at me. He just wont come to me while I look at him.

    This repeated until he died. Every time I turn him my back, he tries to come. I look at him, he just stands. :SSSS:
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    posted a message on Sandstone Steps?
    I would like both of them and smooth stone stairs.

    @Bhattel Bhruthar
    Maybe you. But I usually use almost all of my sand to make glass (yeah, i'm addicted to glass :SSSS: ). Not much sand left.
    Also, 1 sandstone = 4 sand, 4 stair = 6 stones => 4 stair = 24 sand.
    That's to much especially if you spawn at a place with little sand (can happen).
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    posted a message on FALL IN LAVA. LOSE EVERYTHING.
    I was walking 2 block near lava.
    I looked before that around and there was nothing. No creeper, no zombie, not skeleton, not spider.... no anything that could bring me in danger.
    I make 3 steps at most and... guess what. I get hit by and arrow and land in Lava. Since I had 4 hearts, there was no way to save my self.
    Lost 9 diamonds, 1 diamond pickax, 1 diamond sword, over 3 stacks of coal, around 1 stack of iron...

    Yup, I'm just lucky that I made a backup 2 minutes before that happened.
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    posted a message on [Surv] ★★★ Survival Island ★★★ 1.2M+ DL's ★★★ Goodbye and thanks!!
    I had to restart the map 3 times in a row since the tree didn't give man any saplings. That's called lucky, right?
    Didn't have any creeps spawn on surface even though I didn't put torches. At least some love from the game. :Pig:
    Found the skele spawner. :Skeleton:
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    posted a message on taking away minecart boosters?
    I think he will fix the glitch, but will implement a booster system.
    Powered Minecarts are just to slow and unreliable.

    Hopefully the "new" booster system will be just a simple block (recipe would require 1-2 gold ignites) next to the track that will boost every minecart that passes by.
    Removing the glitch without adding a replacement will make minecarts useless since the Powered Minecarts are useless and simply bad.
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    posted a message on MrMMods (BetterLight|Grass, SimpleMap) 1.8.1
    I've installed it but don't see any difference. :Notch:
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    posted a message on my world
    Quote from Kris18 »
    People never get the images linking right on imageshack, I have no idea why.

    In the future though, I'd recommend imgur.com, which, IMO, isn't crap like imageshack. (like I'm saying, all IMO)

    I have no idea why anyone even uses imageshack. It's total crap. And slow as hell.
    btw. do you play dota? ^^
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    posted a message on POLL is gold useless to you?
    Some people talk about apples... what are those things?
    I know about golden apples, they can be found in dungeons... but apples... never seen one.

    Now seriously, it's easier to find golden apples then normal apples. TBH, I've never found a normal apple, and I play minecraft fore few months. Golden apples... maybe 6 at max.

    Gold is useless in every aspect of the game. Watches... who needs them. You're either underground and don't need to know the time, or you're above ground and can see the sky. If you go from underground to top and want to know if it's safe, simply press F few times fast and you will see either the sun or the moon.

    I have an idea about making gold useful (once). I read somewhere on the forum that minecarts boosting each other will be removed from the game, so we will need another way to boost them. There should be blocks to boost minecarts that pass by. Maybe a recipe of 3x wood, 3x gold, 3x wood (horizontally).
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    posted a message on Hitler and Minecraft, LOTS OF LAUGHS
    Quote from Break »
    1. I am German
    2. I understand what they really say so the joke of the subtitles are gone.

    therefore not funny

    I'm not German, but I understand the language as good as my native language. Same problem here. Not really funny. :sad.gif:
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    posted a message on U like???
    The "random stream of lava" (1:50) is annoying? What are you smoking dude? It's awesome.
    My worlds never have something unusual. They are always boring with nothing to see.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Account upgrade SCAM...
    I have an [email protected][hostname].com e-mail which I use to sing in on random sites so I'm not worried if I get such e-mails. To be more precise, I don't even know if i get them (most likely yes ^^).

    Sites of which I'm 99% sure are safe, I use my second account. If I'm signed with the first one, I change it with the seconds one. And there is a third e-mail which is only for my personal use (job, family and similar things that are 100% safe).

    I also have a random safe password generator (which I wrote on my own) and change my passwords on the 2nd and 3rd e-mail on regular bases (once a month or two).

    Could say it's safe.

    Everything saying to sing in on other then the official site or asking for username/password is scam. Everything related to WoW is scam. :laugh.gif:
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    posted a message on Spawning Nether Portals
    Quote from serban25 »
    Quote from iKaleb »
    When you die in the Nether, it creates a portal that marks the equivalent spot of where you died.

    I still dont get why 1 portal sends me in a diffrent place then it were its originaly

    It's because of the chickens.
    They are evil.
    It's a chicken conspiracy.... RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!

    Srsly, it has to be a bug. There is no other logical explanation.
    If you came trough that portal, it should bring you back to where you came from.
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    posted a message on Spawning Nether Portals
    I have a similar problem (nor really problem, I get free and fast obsidian, lol)

    Every time I die in Nether and go after that trough the portal on earth, I won't come on the same protal in nether, but somewhere nearby. Was on a suicide run, created ~5-6 portals.

    The best part is, even if I make a 10 obsidian protal on Earth, the one in nether is with 14 blocks. 4 blocks gratis.

    Don't know about the second part, but the first one is a bug for sure.
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    posted a message on Saplings not growing
    I have this problem ever since beta came out. (sounds like it's looooooong ago xD)
    No matter where and how I plant saplings, they just won't grow. Even after ~20 game days, they are still saplings.
    I have to walk more 5 minutes to find new trees because of this. All that was close is cut down.

    Anyone having the same problem or is it just me?
    Any solution? :SSSS:
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