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    Well I was enjoyable but if I may give some constructive criticism

    firstly you need to give more direction for the player, at the end I wandered around aimlessly for several minutes in the final town (wolfton I think) before deciding to check out the fenced area only to find that's where the ending was (I was still looking for the boss)

    secondly learn how to use command blocks as they will greatly enhance the quaulity of your map, one useful command would be the test for command as you wouldn't need to use tripwires

    and finally thirdly the boss fight was just a spider what you should have gone for is something with command blocks to summon maybe creatures stacked on top of each other

    now some things you did well

    i liked the ice warriors as they were a very nice touch with the ice blocks on their heads, I also enjoyed the villagers with specified trades as for some reason I really like that kind of thing and my favourite part was the hidden stuff like the chest full of coal

    All in all a good map with some minor issues that could be improved with some simple command blocks, very enjoyable

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    I can see where you are coming from but, no they should not be banned as some people thoroughly enjoy them but it's certainly annoying to have so many of the same thing

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    Today I decided I wanted to play some minecraft however when I tried to login it requested that I migrate my account, the problem is I can't. My parents got minecraft for me back in 2011 when I was like 9 so I am clueless to the email that was used to register my account aswell as the payment method and because I don't know the payment method or email I can't get the transaction ID or migrate it at all.

    I have looked at all methods to migrate and they all involve the registration email, I've sifted through hundreds of emails but I can't find the right one. This really sucks as I'm probably going to have to buy minecraft again and I honestly believe that this is a major oversight by mojang or they just don't care. If anyone can provide their insight I would be extremely grateful. Thank you

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    Hey hey can you add me? My psn name is Baxt5r21 I have a mic

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