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    I was wondering if you had a donate button anywhere? I looked all over your website and can't seem to find one.

    I found this mod through FTB and this weekend I put this mod on my FTB Server. We are using the Direwolf20 Mod Pack along with Logi Pipes and it has been a massive hit on the server. EVERYONE absolutely loves it. It is well worth a few dollars we would like to donate to the mod.

    So far the only big concern about it is that it may be a bit overpowered. As for how well the mod is done and how well it has been working it has been fantastic and everyone loves it so far.

    Oh, one other small thing we noticed is it acting a bit weird with inventory tweaks. We also updated to 1.5 inventory tweaks at the same time we put AE on the server this weekend. And well... inventory tweaks is always a bit weird. lol.
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