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    posted a message on ChaosCraft SMP new Mindcrack like server (Snapshot)
    1: IGN (In Game Name)?: BettaMan11

    2: Age?: 14

    3: What country do you live in?: USA

    4: Why do you want to join? I want to join because i plan on recording for my youtube channel. Me and my friend are both looking to get on the server so we can do a smp series. (my channel is BettaPlays and my friends channel is AustinDoesMC)

    5: Do you have a Team speak server that the server can use?: No i do not... and i prefer skype so i wouldnt use team speak

    6: Anything else? I am a good builder, but not as good as my friend :P. I am willing to help people when they need help and i am hoping to join :D and have a fun time and make a new series on my channel :D! Thank you for reading this! :D -Betta
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