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    posted a message on The Community Chest Semi-Vanilla SMP | Friendly, active community looking for new players! | NOW OPEN

    Your IGN: OrnithTB

    Your Nickname (what you'd like to be called): Tanner

    Your Discord Username: Tann11er

    Your Time Zone: Central

    What interests you in The Community Chest SMP: It sounds like a very fun server. I just started playing again and was looking for a server where I could meet some new people and just build cool stuff. :D

    What you can contribute to the community: I will admit that I am not the greatest builder, but I still enjoy building. My favorite thing to do is explore and build farms and what not. I like the idea of selling stuff and getting an economy going.

    What your strongest Minecraft skill is: It has been a while since I played seriously.. back in the good ole days my favorite thing was setting up farms, Redstone, and PVP.

    What kind of features you look for in a Minecraft SMP: Just a smaller community where I can build stuff and not have to worry about it getting destroyed. I also enjoy meeting new people and making new friends.

    Tell us something about yourself: My name is Tanner, I'm 17, and I am from Wisconsin.

    Anything else you'd like us to know: I hope that I can be apart of this server :) Thank You for taking the time to read this application. -Tanner

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    posted a message on •~CrispyCraft~• Series 2 | Whitelist ♣ Hardcore ♣ Community ♣ SMP ♣ Vanilla Server. ♣ 1.11.2 ♣ Discord ♣ Skype ♣ Recruiting!

    IGN (In-Game Name): OrnithTB
    Age: 17
    Timezone & Country: USA - Central
    Have you played on other SMP’s before?: Yes, a couple different ones.
    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Since the 1.4.2 update.. whenever that was.
    How often will you be able to play? (weekly basis): Every night.
    What is your favorite thing to do in the game?: Build
    Do you have a YouTube channel and are you actively uploading? (optional): No
    Why should our community choose you?: I'm a fun guy. I won't grief all your stuff. I dont steal. Im trust worthy. My builds won't look that bad I promise.
    How do you feel about the phrase "Go Big or Go Home"?: Does size matter? lol

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    posted a message on CoarSlime Vanilla SMP Server Application

    1) Why do you want to join CoarSlime?
    Answer: I want to enjoy minecraft and be able to share my builds and and everything with some other people.
    2) Have you been invited by another member?
    Answer: No I have not.
    3) What is your age?
    Answer: I am 16 (17 on March 7th)
    4) What part of vanilla Minecraft do you most enjoy?
    Answer: My favorite thing is just experimenting and trying to figure things out without having to google it.
    5) What are your strengths as a Minecrafter?
    Answer: I would have to say that my strengths are building. I am definitely not a great builder but tits what i enjoy doing most so, it makes it one of my strengths.
    6) Tell us more about you.
    Answer: Slimey. My name is Tanner and I live in the US. I started playing minecraft back right before the 1.4 update and played a ton, then just kind of quit playing. I really want to start playing again with all of the new stuff added, but dont want to do it in a single player world. It is much more enjoyable to play in a SMP server.
    7) What is your Minecraft Username?
    Answer: OrnithTB

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    posted a message on [Whitelist] -- Ore and Sons SMP. -- [Mature 15+ members] -- Community Oriented!~ [new!]

    IGN: TChickenB

    Age: I am 16 years old.

    Skype: I will tell when needed.

    TimeZone: Central

    Why would you like to join: I would like to join your server because I love playing Minecraft and building things and its always more fun to build things on a server where you can show people and see other peoples builds too. I have been a part of a few other SMP servers, but they just never worked out because there was always that one person to ruin it all by griefing or something stupid like that. I am also thinking about starting a YouTube channel and this would be a great place to start.

    Why do you think you'd make a good addition to the server: I think that I am a pretty good builder and I am always willing to help people when needed. I am friendly and don't bite. :)

    Greatest strength: My greatest strength is probably my building. I am not the greatest, but I can come up with some really cool ideas and just like being a community player in general. I like making shops and coming up with things for the whole community to do.

    Greatest Weakness: My greatest weakness is probably redstone. I can usually figure something out if I need to by googling it, but I can't just come up with some big redstone contraption without help.

    Screenshots of builds/Youtube channel if you have one: I am working on making a YouTube channel now.. and I don't have any screenshots of my builds. Sorry...

    Thank You for taking the time to read this and I hope that I am accepted. -Tanner
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    posted a message on Magnetcraft 3 - A friendly whitelisted teenager server (Currently accepting applications)

    1) What age are you? I am 15 years old. I will be 16 in 3 months.

    2) What country do you come from? I am from the United States.

    3) Do you have a mic and will you be able to join our teamspeak server? Yes I have a mic and yes I can join the teamspeak.

    4) What gender are you? I am Male.

    5) What youtubers do you like? VintageBeef, RomanatwoodVlogs are pretty much my main ones.. then whatever else I randomly watch.

    6) How actively do you play? I should be on at least one hour a day.. if not much much more. I wont usually be on till later though because I am in sports and don't get home till around 6:00 Central.

    7) What other games do you play? I play CSGO BO3 GTA 5 and pretty much any random game..

    8) We have group events at 7:00pm GMT every Saturday, will you try to turn up? Yes I should be every time. Unless I have family stuff.

    9) Other hobbies? Well I really enjoy reading. I also have chickens, geese, ducks, a cockatiel, horses.. those keep me pretty entertained.

    10) If you get onto the server, what will be the first project you'll build? This I do not know because I would have to look around first. See what other builds are already built etc.

    11) Describe yourself: I would say that I am quiet, creative, always willing to help.

    12) Minecraft Username: TChickenB

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    posted a message on Skin Maker for Hire! Get your Free Skin Today!
    - What you are looking for: just a plain boy skin

    - Skins you might like combined: I really like this skin.. so something like this, but green...:

    - Type of skin (HD, 16 Bit, etc.): simular to the video.. i put in..

    - 1.8 Format: Yes or No:no thanks

    - 3 or 4 Pixel hands? (Steve or Alex Model): whatever you think looks better...

    I just want a plain boy skin.. add me on skype if any questions: tann11er
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    posted a message on Betta's Thumbnail Shop
    Hello everyone! Welcome to the thumbnail shop! :D I will usually have the thumbnails wanted done within a week or less and you will have the option of getting the photoshop file so you can change the number of the episode your self, but i can do that for you if you want! So here is the thing to fill out and leave in the comments :P

    What is the thumbnail for?

    Minecraft name:

    Extra details(Colors,stuffs,ect.):

    Any other comments:

    If you need to contact me My skype is: Tann11er
    Also right now the thumbnails are free.. but if you think i did a good job i would accept some money :D
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    posted a message on Looking for someone to make me professional YouTube thumbnails for free
    Hello my name is Tanner and i have a YouTube channel called BettaPlays. I am capable of making thumbnails, but i dont have time and i would like some that look better than mine. If you are wondering what the thumbails would be for: Minez, SMP, hungergames, and maby some other games other than minecraft too. So ya if you are up for the job just add me on skype its Tann11er. Thanks a ton!

    i also want to mention you will get a shout out and be in all my descriptions and all if that stuff!
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    posted a message on CLOSED
    - IGN: BettaMan11
    - Skype: Tann11er
    - Age: 14
    - Where you live in the world (for lag reasons): USA, Wisconsin
    - Why you want to join our server: I am looking for a server to record on.. I have a youtube channel (BettaPlays). I have finally found time to be able to record often and i would like to be on an smp server. The one that i used to be on is going to be taken down because the owner isnt going to pay for it anymore. So ya i really want a server with a nice tight group of people who are active and are possiblly willing to talk and even maby record together :D
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    posted a message on (Closed Temporarily) ArchosmanF's Graphics And Design Zone (The Final Rebirth) Free Logo's,Desktop's,Renders
    Request type: MineZ Youtube thumbnail.. make it without the video number.. i will put it in my self. or if you could send the the photoshop save.. if you use photoshop.. idk.. if you need to talk to me msg me on skype its Tann11er

    Time Frame: Well It would be nice to have it as soon as possible, but take your time and dont feel like you need to rush.

    Minecraft skin: Minecraft IGN: BettaMan11

    Thanks a ton! -Tanner
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    posted a message on Woodpunch's Graphics - TOP NOTCH DESIGNS [#1 Source of Animated Banners]
    TYPE: Avatar

    DESCRIPTION: www.minecraft.net/skin/BettaMan11.png just make my face in a pic :D do what ever you want :D. My favorite color is green.
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    posted a message on Youtube Shop - Professional - Cheapest - Outros, Channel Art, Thumbnails, ETC!
    Method of contact: Skype: Tann11er
    Type of graphic: i want an avatar/icon and an outro
    Description of graphic: just do what ever you want :P for my outro i have twitter and thats it so :P ya. just go nuts i trust that you will make it look good :D if you need to know anything else just contact me via skype!
    Examples (optional):
    Colors (light red, or hex codes): i prefer blue.. for my stuff but you do what ever you want.
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    posted a message on PureHD GFX - Shop - Animated Banners - Renders - Profile Pics - Art Trades (Temp-Closed)
    Type of Request - Youtube Banner

    Ign - BettaMan11

    Details - my youtube channel is BettaPlays so thats what i want it to say.. other than that.. just have fun with it!

    Time you'd like it done -as soon as you can get it done :D
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    posted a message on Looking for someone to draw me some stuff :P
    Hey, Betta here. I have a youtube channel, and i need some banner art work and stuff i made one my self.. but i would much rather have one that is drawn :D . If you are up for the job just msg me! and i will shout you out in one of my vids! (if you want my skin just go to www.minecraft.net/skin/BettaMan11.png

    Thanks!!! - Betta
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    posted a message on DarkCraftSMP - 14w32d Snapshot Server Looking For More Players! Mindcrack/HermitCraft/Cube Type server!
    In-Game-Name: BettaMan11

    Age: 14

    How long have you played minecraft: I have played since 1.4

    What can you offer to the server: I am a good builder and i also record and have a youtube channel. I will help people when they need help and i am social and talkative

    What skills do you have in minecraft: I am very well rounded in about everything.

    How long do you plan to stay: I plan to stay as long as i can. I will be recording so i hope to make a good series out of it. My friend austin6565 will also be recording. From what i know you already accepted him. we always record together :D

    Skype: (Required + Working mic)Tann11er PICKLES
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