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    Auto planting saplings. when a sapling item hits dirt or grass it should plant its self
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    they need no drop but maby they can pickup stray items and plop them down?
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    Villagers do absolutely nothing other than trade so maby an AI change is in order with new buildings and villager professions.

    Guard Villager: will patrol the village and attack hostile mobs, is as strong as a zombie and will trade with blacksmiths for better gear and the priest for enchantments

    Archer villager: will stay in an archer tower and shoot enemies. can be seen trading with butchers for better armor and getting enchantments from priests. has the strength of a skeleton.

    Miner villager: will dig and mine out small 3x3 caves for stone and ore that are similar to abandoned mine shafts but with no monster spawners/cobwebs, mine tracks stretch the entire cave, and it is well lit by torches. can upgrade/enchant pickaxe. will give ore to blacksmiths

    Lumberjack villager: will chop down trees for wood. will upgrade and enchant axe.

    Carpenter villager: will build buildings, farms, tree farms, and repair roads.

    Farmer villager: will harvest and plant wheat in farms and will plant saplings in tree farms. Carries an unbreakable hoe.

    Blacksmith villager: will keep furnaces burning and make gear with the things the miners obtain to give to Guard villagers.

    Bucher villager: will stay in ranches and breed all animals, collect eggs from chickens, milk cows, and kill all animals for their drops. will give food to all villagers and leather armor to archers

    Liberian villager: will generate xp from bookshelves.

    Preist villager: enchants other villagers gear.

    Archer tower: a 10 meter high tower with a ladder in the center. has fence posts stacked at the corners of a 3x3 and around the 5x5 top surrounded by a fence to stop them from falling off.

    General store: a shopkeeper will be in these they have all trade options of other villagers(except enchantments) and hold at least 5 offers at once with no offer cap.
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