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    posted a message on [1.7.9] Savage Raid [Factions] [Classes] [Bosses] [RPG]
    IGN: ninjaghost123

    age: 16

    I played on savagepvp a long time ago and i was a PVP champ on that didnt know if i kept my rank

    I'd like to join
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    posted a message on -={PrestigedPvP}=- Needs Staff!
    IGN: ninjaghost123
    Time Zone:Pacific Time Zone (UTC 8:00)
    Do you understand the basic faction rules?: Yes i have played on many faction servers
    What times will you be available to be online?: Pretty much all the time starting on June 12
    Can you be online during weekends? (Friday- Sunday):Yes
    Are you staff on any other server?: I was a mod on the popular server Savage PVP
    Why should we pick you?:I have a lot of experience on servers, i am a good builder, and i think i could bring good help.
    How would you handle ban reports?:
    First i would have to see something going on the has me suspicious then i would check to see what they did then i would ask what needs to be done to stop it.
    How would you handle user(s) advertising?: I would give them 2 warnings to stop then the third time i would temp ban them and if they get back on after there ban is done and they keep doing it i would perm ban them
    What would you do if you saw someone hacking?: I would follow them around and see if they continue to do so, secondly i would inform and the server and see who was affected by them, finally i would take the actions necessary.
    How can you contribute to the community?:I am a good builder, i am alright with plugins and i can help those who need help
    What Plugins are you familiar with?: I am familiar with most of the main plugins that servers use but i am willing to devote my self to learning the ones i do not know
    Have you been staff of any other server before?: Yes i am an Admin on multiple Prison servers , and i was a mod on Savage PVP for about 6 months.
    How many hours can you provide?
    -WeedDays: As many as i can
    -WeekEnds: After i get off work and eat i can be on
    On a scale of 1-20, how mature do you consider yourself to be?:15 atleast
    How would you handle staff abusing their powers, and what do you think the punishment should be? I would contact a server official and tell them what he/she has done, i feel their power should be taken away for a little bit until they have learned there lesson.

    Any additional information or questions you have that you think would help your application:

    Thank you for your consideration, if you need to contact me you can reach me through skype scottoliver129

    Thank you again ---- Scott :GPA:
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