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    Important message:
    This server is not active at the moment. For the time being, this thread works as its official channel of communication. The server is closed for good, but not dead. More information is going to be posted in the future. For further questions, contact me.

    We have reached the End of the Road
    from our site at rtof.enjin.com on the 20th of October 2014:

    As I'm sure you've noticed, Road to Fortune hasn't seen any innovative activity at all from the staff's side since last summer. As a consequence, the server itself has been seeing less and less player activity and many have thought: 'Is the end here?' I myself started university this autumn, which seems to be consuming all my time making it impossible to invest the time and energy it would require to keep players thriving. Fex, too, has been busy. Without an active staff, there is no active server. And a server does not run for free. So this time, ladies and gentlemen, I fear it is really a farewell.

    It has been some wonderful 2.5 years, I will not forget. And on behalf of the rest of the staff as well, I wish you all the best luck online and in life (if you insist there's a difference ;) ). Road to Fortune's time has been full of passion and creativity, while tens of thousands of players have dropped by to take a look, thousands have stayed to play a little longer and many very, very amazing people have joined the community and contributed in numerable ways in shaping the server. It will be a pain to let go, but that doesn't necessarily mean the end of or aquaintance. Below I have listed a few ways to contact me, I'll be happy to chat with old Road to Fortuners in the future as well. And who knows, maybe we'll start a new project one day...

    When exactly?
    If the server has not already closed by the time you are reading this, it will be up for at most a few days.

    So is there no alternative?
    It appears there's not. Having the server running just 'for fun' is not an option, since this would be just as expensive and this would not bring in donations that would pay for the upkeep.
    Then how about giving over the administration of the server to someone else? No, we are not willing to hand over the server's future to someone in particular. Since it's not full of eager players right now anyway, we found the best option to simply close. No server lives forever ;)
    So what now?
    We're not so cruel that we'd just throw every building, every project away just like that. We will (most probably; we still have to sort out the details) offer a complete download of the RtoF map, the entire 10,000x10,000 paradise so that no project is completely forgotten. There is so much beauty and innovation here, we can't let it get spoiled :) We will inform about this further here (these forums may still work as our means of communication for some time) or on Minecraftforums.

    If you have any questions regarding the closing of the server, don't hesitate to contact me on any of the channels below. You may also feel free to keep the information or add me as a friend if you want to keep in touch in the future.
    minecraftforum.net username: Berthur
    YouTube: SirBerthur

    (find some more on our website at rtof.enjin.com)

    I'm not going to add contact information for the other staff members, but I'm sure you can find them too if you wish. Fex and WhyNotBanano, in case you've forgotten. ;)


    :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar:
    In Road to Fortune, the player is a free individual who has the possibility to use his/her skills and who strives for might and fortune. As a player you have a broad choice of opportunities in order to achieve a successful and rewarding position. Mine, farm or work for others to make your first money - after that you can start your own business.You can build a block of flats in the Capital and put the flats out for rent - or you can make your very own shop, or a clubhouse. If you are an engineer to your Minecraft blood, you may gain your livelihood with mob spawners or perhaps establish a redstone machine building company installing genius machines at other players' properties. Besides, if you are a fabulous aesthetical builder, this server is definitely for you. The best builders on the server might win privileges!If you are more of a fighter than anything else, then know we haven't forgotten you either! Half of the server map is dedicated to PvP, griefing - and faction wars. Also, you have the possibility to be a professional Gladiator, dominating the Colosseum events that hopefully will be arranged.
    You can find our website at http://rtof.net/.
    The server was released 26.5.2012.

    A part of the new Spawn CityThe Old SpawnSome more pictures:

    Berthur's PalaceRoad to FortuneTubeminer's harbour town with Shine's castle in the background.HMS Victory, by BerthurThe Cookie Odyssey, by BerthurAppleton at nightLagartin's mansionThe Serenity Faction HouseThe Road to Fortune Rollercoaster

    Old pictures:

    The new Spawn (before buildings)The old CapitalThe ParliamentRoad to FortuneThe ColosseumPort Parry and the VictoryHMS VictoryLagartin's mansion (player made)Serenity Faction Home (player made)The Server JailThe Admin ShopEntrance to the ParliamentLagartin's Chicken Shop (player made)The old City a long time ago!The Admin HQ ParkThe Faculty of EngineeringThe University at nightAnd finally... admin Fex thinking nobody can see him.

    :DPA: Are you a nice and mature player? That is all we require from you. Welcome! :DPA:Server rules:

    1. Don't be an idiot.2. Don't advertise other servers.3. Report bugs and don't abuse them.4. Don't use unfair advantages (for example hacks, xray, alts)5. Don't grief others in the Countryside.
    Server staff:
    Berthur (owner/admin)
    Fex (owner/admin)
    WhyNotBanano (moderator)
    Thank you for taking a look at the thread! If you are interested, or simply wish to take a look at the server, we welcome you!
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    posted a message on [1.7.9] [Not active] Road to Fortune [24/7] ~ Economy, Towns, Shops, PvP, McMMO
    This server has made history!!
    Well, we can't be sure we're the first ones to do it, but it's definitely something we can be proud for forever.
    You guys made it in time and baked ONE MILLION COOKIES before my birthday! I never thought you would be this able. Thank to many hours invested in the mass production of these delicious things, a number of players (most of all ShineSoBright, Tubeminer and WhyNotBanano) made this goal together.
    Thank you and congratulations to all who participated!! I will enjoy this dinner you prepared for me.
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    posted a message on [1.7.9] [Not active] Road to Fortune [24/7] ~ Economy, Towns, Shops, PvP, McMMO
    Ever wondered what the RtoF admins do in their spare time?
    Here's a paparazzi pic of admin Fexlom:

    Solid proof...
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    posted a message on [1.7.9] [Not active] Road to Fortune [24/7] ~ Economy, Towns, Shops, PvP, McMMO
    I am proud to announce that the server is now (at last) running 1.6.4.
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    posted a message on [Adv] THE PYRAMID OF DEATH - HARD!
    [size=xx-large]The Pyramid of Death[/size]
    [size=small]by Berthur[/size]

    :sand: :sand: :sand: :sand: :sand: :sand: :sand: :sand: :sand: :sand: :sand: :sand:

    You spawn in a desert. You look up and realise there's a huge pyramid of sandstone before you. You're watching straight into it's only entrance; a dark, narrow passage. Will you dare to enter? You take some steps forward and into the dark - and suddenly the entrance is shut... you're trapped in darkness.

    Try out my new adventure map; a huge sandstone pyramid filled with traps, puzzles, obstacles and other surprises. Do you think you can make it? I can tell you it's pretty impossible. But try it out, and let me know if you've made it! ;)

    Newest version 1.2:
    [Download not avaliable atm]
    [size=xx-small](If the download link doesn't work because of an alien attack on the server, or something like that, try this one:
    [Download not available atm])

    Changes in 1.2:
    -Improved surroundings
    -Added some cactuses to the surroundings
    -Added clue (no more "guess wrong and die")
    -Changed starting position (but not spawn) a bit farther away
    -And some other small changes...

    Older versions:

    Version 1.1 (download not available atm)
    Changes in 1.1:
    -Improved surroundings (it is now in a desert) (still needs to be improved, though)
    -Made an optional checkpoint system in one place
    -Improved decoration and room shape in some places
    -Improvements and changes in the lava jumping room
    -Fixed a trap bug
    Version 1.0 (download not available atm)

    :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf:
    There are various modes to play this adventure map, but the one I personally recommend has the following rules:
    - You are NOT allowed to remove blocks.
    - You are NOT allowed to place blocks (exception: minecarts on rails if you are replaying the pyramid, or if you by mistake have sent the existing minecart away without a rider). This also means: NO TORCHES!!
    -You play on peaceful.
    :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf: :bookshelf:

    These rules may, of course, be modified however you want but these are the rules I recommend. If you manage to get into the core of the pyramid with these rules, then you're good ;)
    The main reason why I recommend you to play on peaceful are the creepers that may damage the redstone mechanisms, and that could obviously cause problems... But believe me - it's hard enough without monsters ;)

    First, you have to go through a somewhat special maze. Then the interesting part begins... ;)

    If you have problems with the maze, or just think it's too boring, there is an opportunity to skip it. Below I've posted a guide to it, so that you can go through it immediately. NOTE however that you are not granted the full honour of completing this hard adventure map if you use it. But it might come in very handy for some:

    (Maze guide not available at the moment!)

    Credits to Fexlom, who designed three of the traps and has provided me with some general support.


    [size=medium]More pictures:[/size]


    So, good luck, I hope you enjoy! :) I will probably be giving out new versions with improvements, fixes and perhaps new things. If you have suggestions or if you have found a problem please do suggest/report.
    :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar:
    Thank you!
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    Quote from agenx0

    coolt hoppas det är bättre än ett annat skit jag hittade igår :/

    Vi har försökt göra den så noggrann som möjligt, men ändå undvika grammatiska fel - som tyvärr, på många håll, är alltför vanliga i många översättningar till svenska :/
    Men den kan ännu utvecklas, så vi tar emot förslag om ändringar :smile.gif:
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