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    I was thinking the same thing! When I first got some I tried to place it, but no luck. That would be great for neon signs, arrows to point the way out of a cave, or tunnel, or mine, or cool graffiti on the side of a house.

    I love it, and if Mojang doesn't like it then that's another one of their big mistakes. *COUGH* void fog *COUGH* Keep telling people about this, try to get it well-known and maybe it will reach Jebs ear.

    You deserve a +1
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    posted a message on If You Were A Mob, What Would It Be And Why?
    Quote from TheCheeseKnees

    I was going to say skeleton, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

    OMG!!! Stop using that overused stupid joke!!!

    +1 if you agree!!!!
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    Hello, fellow Minecrafters!

    Sometimes I hate killing mobs like zombies, who have a ton of health. So I got an idea. How about each mob has a weakness. A spot that does more damage than usual. I'm wondering what you think. I've listed out some of my ideas.

    Zombie: Head, because a real zombies only weakness is it's head.
    Spider: A limb, because it will cause it to jump with pain.
    Skeleton: In between the ribcage, and the hip as it is the only bone there.
    Enderman: Head, hard to reach, and if it can open its mouth that wide its head must be weak.

    I'd like to hear what you have to say!
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    Quote from Sirblueshue

    This idea is for survival and multiplayer modes. The idea is to improve the survival aspect of the game.

    Adding the necessity for water increases the difficult of surviving. With food, there are bowls to hold certain foods. As with water there would be cups. A cup of water would fix 2 of the water necessity. The only way to pour a cup of water is to put a bucket of water, and a cup into the craft menu, and you get a cup of water. The necessity for water would decrease about 4 out of 10 per day. The way to craft cups & the way to fill them will be posted shortly.

    If you have any suggestions, additions, modifications, or just flat out think this idea stinks, just comment on this thread and I will read it and reply as soon as possible.

    Thanks :cool.gif:

    I don't like how we have hunger, but now thirst? I think we should worry about something bigger like improving The End etc.
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    posted a message on You know you've been playing too much minecraft when...
    Quote from buildcrew

    1. You know you've been playing too much minecraft when... you are afraid to get up at night in fear of a creeper creeping

    2. You click here to see my minecraft youtube :biggrin.gif:

    It doesn't belong on survival, but I'll state a few...

    You know you play too much Minecraft when...

    You are confused with a circle.
    You see a dark corner and have an urge to place a torch there.
    You see the sun and moon as a block.
    You goose-step everywhere to walk
    You are scared to spill a small cup of water that will flood the house.
    You are happy when you get coal in your Christmas stocking.
    You try to make an all-around-the-world voyage with a bucket as your vessel.
    You go to bed for 3 seconds, get up and wonder why it's still dark outside.
    You sleep with the lights on to prevent attacks.
    During Math class you use the calculator to see how much cobblestone you'll need to make a castle.

    You can get a lot more online....
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    posted a message on What Would You Do To Make Minecraft More Scarier?
    I would have a new mob called a Sneak. It wouldn't burn or disappear at the daytime. It would hide in a passive mob costume like a sheep or something and as soon as it sees you it screeches, and all the hostile mobs in a 200 block radius would be attracted and attack you.

    Imagine, you herding sheep then one of them stands up screeches, and attempts to kill you! It would be black with glowing white eyes. (Fangs included!!!)
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    posted a message on Spiders make me rage.
    Think about it how many poor, defenseless, hairy, giant, poisonous spiders YOU'VE killed? He was probably just taking revenge on you. I can imagine it. "This is 4 Billy!!!!"

    Translation: "Sqrr!!!"
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    posted a message on If you were asked by Notch to create a mob, what would it be?
    My mob would be a DAYTIME and nighttime hostile mob.

    It would be 1 blocks tall with the power to open doors and gates. It would be more of a nuisance than a threat so it would steal things from chests, but the items may be found a little ways away. It would make holes in walls and be able to hop fences. It would also attract other mobs so after it destroyed your wall, the rest of the enemies would rush in to kill you. It can know you're there from very far away and of course, it would be a rare mob.
    It would be a furry animal of black and gray, but can only be seen like this when the player is nearby. The rest of the time it would look like a passive mob only to reveal itself for what it is. It would be hunched over like a spider until it spots you (which it can from VERY far away) then it gets on its two hind legs to move faster.
    It would drop black or gray wool, and maybe a "Sneaks Fang" A "Sneaks Fang" is like knife that you can use for potion or something.
    It's called a Sneak for being tricky to locate because of its disguises and how it instead of killing you decides to weaken you.
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    posted a message on Digging Straight Down!!!
    Hello, fellow Minecrafters!!!

    First off I'd like to apologize to a user named A Blind Moron. I'm sorry for being an unfair jerk.

    Anyway, I've discovered something: Digging down is actually pretty safe!! I conducted an experiment where I randomly chose 10 places all over the map to dig from the surface to bedrock. I used Creative Mode to test this so that it would be quicker. I dug all 64 blocks down and only 3 times did I land in lava or fall in a ravine to my death. The other 7 times I was completely fine! This makes a 70% chance that digging down is safe!

    I want your opinion on this. Please post replies for me!
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    posted a message on How to Prepare Yourself for the Nether?
    I would bring the following:

    A bow for ghasts and blazes(unless you can't shoot straight)
    Multiple iron swords. (If you die you'll lose the diamond.)
    A completely new set of armor
    Buckets (for getting lava)
    Multiple shovels and pickaxes (don't get your best since you might be slain)
    Cooked food
    Cobble stone if you're going to make a base. (I would suggest this if there aren't many Hostile mobs near you at the moment. Be sure to make it near the portal.)
    Flint and Steel (Not to make a portal, but instead maybe a line of beacons to guide yourself back to the portal.)

    What NOT to bring:
    10 obsidian (Don't make a portal while inside the Nether. I did it once and I teleported 1000 km away. No Joke! It took me days to get back! And I consider myself lucky!)
    Diamond of any kind (unless your stupid you probably wouldn't want to lose your diamond collection.)
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