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    Recently, I took up FTB (feed the beast) mod pack, and it is really fun making quarries and airships and boats etc.
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    Hello, fellow Minecrafters!!!

    Okay so I have a Minecarft world but I've ran out of things to do! I make 3 towns, all with street signs. And I dicovered the End and everything! So I need your help for ideas! This post goes like this: One person says 1: (suggestion) the next person to say something says: 2 (suggestion) etc.

    I'll go first

    1: A mega awesome mushroom city!!!

    Your turn ;)
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    Hello, fellow Minecrafters!!!

    Okay so I was thinking of a new passive mob. This mob is the Deer. Deer would be fast, and to get close to it you would need to sneak up close enough to shoot it with your trusty bow. When a deer is attacked a buck, or male (the one with horns) would attack you by attempting to ram it's horns into the player. If a deer is killed it drops:
    -Deer hide, an equivalent to Leather (1-2)
    -Vension, equivilent to meat (1-2)
    -Horns, used for crafting and decoration (1)

    Deer would spawn in all forest biomes and run away from bears (hold on I'll get to the bears) and untamed wolves. So it's similiar to how wolves hunt sheep only that it's wolves and bears that hunt deer, but the bucks can defend themselves. Deer also breed automaticly by themsleves.

    Bears would be slightly larger than other 4-legged mobs and they hunt deer and players (if provoked) Bears with cubs will follow the cub anywhere it goes, unless a Player comes too close to a cub the mother or father bear will attack. When bears are killed they drop the following:
    -Bear hide, equivilent to leather and can be used as a floor decoration (1-2)
    -Bear claws. used for potions (1-3)

    Bears, like deer, will breed automaticly by themselves and if a deer is near (it ryhmes!) a bear will stalk and hunt it, and if a ocelot and bear are near one another they flee from eachother. Bears unlike ocelots and wolves Bears cannot be tamed.

    Thank you for reading! I hope that you post your opinions and click that little green button for me ;) I want to hear what you think so post away!
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    Hello, fellow Minecrafters!!!

    Many people like easy picking from mob grinders. These give Minecrafters an infinite supply of gunpowder, arrows, iron (although rare) rotten flesh, bows, etc. But which is most popular? What do you think?

    I haven't made any actual grinders, but I make trapdoors with pressure plates to reduce the amount of creepers in my back yard.
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    Greifer trapper, but I can double to rebuild homes.
    I want to protect people from greifers because greifers are just plain mean. It's horrible when you make something, and some guy comes along and destroys it. It's happened to me and I don't want it seen ever again. It's not right to obliberate people's creations. That's my reason.
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    Hello, fellow Minecrafters!!!

    Today I'll make a list of items new people need to bring with them into the Nether.

    The Nether. A hostile enviorment that is brutal to life. One must be extra careful when going there. Here are the must haves, and why.

    Sword +backup
    Bow & Arrow
    Fishing Pole (Optional)

    When entering the Nether it is easy to get lost, so torches and markers are great for pointing people the right way. Swords are for killing pigmen if you happen to provoke them always have an extra should it break. A bow & arrow is a must need to defend oneself from ghasts and Blazes. Pickaxes are used for tunneling and mining for makeshift shelters. Iron and wood is great if your tools break. (tee-hee I almost made a rhyme...) Food is for eating. (No duh,) and a fishing pole if for grabbing ghasts and bringing them close enough to kill with the sword.

    Don't panic. A ghast has no want to follow you so runing away is easy.
    If you are low on health, and are being approached by a group of zombiepigmen it is very easy to run away because they are slow. If you are surrounded kill one and make a wild dash to your portal, or simply run away.

    Okay, so be watching for my next post: Unexplored Caves
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    Hello, fellow Minecrafters!

    Now we all know how Jeb is trying to make Npc villagers more intelligent, right? And we all know gold is nearly useless, right? So I have an idea: NPC shops! In NPC villages there would be a shop and in that shop would be a stationary villager. You would have to right-click the villager and a "menu" would open up and you could by thing like the following:

    Iron Pickaxes
    Iron Axes
    Iron Shovels
    Iron Swords
    All Iron armor :IPANTS:
    Meat :Bacon: :Bacon:

    Etc. Now, how will Steve "buy" the items? Easy, golden nuggets :GoldBar: . Since gold is near useless it would be a great idea to give it a purpose! Gold is also a good idea because gold is a renewbale resource.

    So, what's your opinion on this? Do you like it? Do you want some modification to my idea? Do you hate it? I would please like your feedback!
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    posted a message on Make note blocks louder.
    I know how you feel, because it's kind of annoying how the door noise, and even the pressure plate can drown out the note block noises. It's really annoying!!!
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    Quote from TehEPICD00D

    Unless it stacks. In that case I'LL GlaDly support it.

    It'll stack, but you can't wear two.
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    Hello, fellow Minecrafters!!!

    Okay, I think we should have a backpack, and it will give another row of items you can carry. But, there is a catch. While using it your sprinting will be slowed, and your hunger bar will empty a little faster. Worth it for an extra 9 slots in your inventory, right? I think it would be good for mining quarries where you have too much cobblestone, and building castles, where you have to have some slots open for more construction blocks, etc. The way you'll where it is where you put your armor, there will be an extra slot that the backpack and be placed into. Here's some of my ideas for the crafting. It'll be made of leather.


    Your opinions?
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