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    posted a message on Custom Music Discs v1.10.1
    Is there any way you can make it so you can make a "default.txt" to apply to all music that has no .txt file attached to it? say you want all songs to have no crafting recipe and have a 1% chance of dropping. any song without it's own .txt will instead use "default.txt"

    Also, will you have the option to let these spawn in chests? like how you have the monster drop like, there could be one like "chestall:1"
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    posted a message on CraftGuide v1.7.1.1
    is there a way (or another mod) that instead of showing you every recipe in the game it instead lets you see what you can make with an item you have? example. you find diamond ore and you can then check everything that diamond ore can make.
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    posted a message on The Twilight Forest (v2.3.5: Wrecking Block)
    Quote from Bernkastell»
    I keep getting a biome id conflict. Is there a log anywhere that says what ID its in conflict with? doesn't even need to say the mod that it's conflicted with, just the id that's being conflicted

    Found out you can easily find the id conflicts by looking in the latest FML log and searching it for "conflict"
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    posted a message on search thread not working?
    every time I try to search a thread for anything it either gives 0 results of 1 result. For instance, I search the Twilight forest thread for "conflict" so I can try to find out what 's causing a conflict with the mod before I make my own post about the issue. Searching for "conflict" only gave 1 result and I know I've seen the word at least 6 times in 1 page
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    posted a message on How Creative and Cheats ruined the game
    Quote from trollsack»
    Before you comment that I am a nostalgic fool, I just want to say that I did not even start playing until 1.2.5 release. This is a matter of my opinion, even though I did not start playing back then.

    Creative has destroyed Minecraft. Literally. I understand that creative has helped make advances to the game in terms of redstone machines, seed showcases, experiments and such, but overall it made Minecraft lose its wandering feel. I know that you guys are going to say that I am not forced to play Creative, but it is very discouraging that it even exists TBH. Every time I want to build something in regular survival or explore, I always have the thought to myself like "Who cares? I can already do all of this in creative mode." And I know that you're probably thinking that it feels more of an accomplishment in survival, but it really isn't the same as what you could feel back then. And I do know there was stuff like Singleplayer Commands, but again those were mods and weren't as "overpowered" or "creativity killing" as these things. It felt so much better to explore in Beta, cause you know that it couldn't be duplicated and everything that you did felt so interesting. And no, I'm not gonna downgrade my version.

    I actually liked the old feel of how the community approached Minecraft. Back then, you would see Seed Showcases and builds made from scratch in survival, and it was really interesting. I love watching Antvenom's old videos such as getting the diamonds in around 2 minutes or something, or the monster challenge. Those were things in the natural landscape, not some battlefield built in a mode where you have way too much power. Nowadays, whenever people want to do something "difficult" they always resort to Creative mode and use a bunch of cheats. Maybe for other games this creative mode would be fine, but for the sandbox game Minecraft it just harmed it.

    It's too late to delete Creative now. It has already done its damage to the game and also mostly the community and players will rage if it's just taken away. I'm just trying to say that it was a huge mistake for it to be implemented.

    Seems like this feeling of "who cares, it can be done better in creative" come more from you playing for other people instead of you playing for yourself.
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    posted a message on Microsoft/Mojang Deal Confirmed.
    Quote from Gladtobemom»
    Honestly, I just can't see myself GIVING Microsoft the fruits of my labor.

    I'm staring at these textures, ready for Carpenter Blocks, I'm staring at this file with probably 300 hours of work in it . . . just the cobblestone texture took about 8 hours to get really good. And the pumpkins and the flowers . . . sigh.

    Do I just feed them to the giant.

    It doesn't feel like contributing anymore, I feel kind of used.

    I do NOT want to "hurt Minecraft." I do want to know what Microsoft is going to do for the Modders, Artists, Players, Server Operators, and community. So . . . Microsoft owns the shares, what are they going to do that's going to convince me to keep contributing?

    How many other modders or artists are waiting to see if they should update or contribute more.

    I'm waiting . . . is it going to be butter side up or butter side down?

    you were doing it for Mojang before? That's odd. Most modders I know did what they did for the community which is still the same community. The community that's scared right now that people like you will freak out and kill modding because a different company owns Mojang now. Microsoft has done nothing wrong so far and people are already jumping to conclusions.
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    posted a message on Microsoft/Mojang Deal Confirmed.
    Quote from Gladtobemom»
    What has made Minecraft great . . . in my humble opinion:

    It's independent
    buy it once
    open to modding community
    open to simple retexturing and artistic expression
    a sense of community where we get to try out stuff and put stuff out there to be tried
    the ability to set up a server and invite people to play
    ability to play the game so many different ways on servers (build, hack and slash, pvp, survival island, special contests . . . etc)
    playing easily with our friends on lan
    being able to contribute to an indie game that's just so much fun in so many different ways

    So, how many modders and artists are going to want to contribute their creative juices, time and effort to Microsoft's greedy maw. Notice Microsoft isn't saying ANYTHING about what will and will not be okay, encouraged, or allowed. Modders need to make big changes for their mods to work on 1.8, we were all waiting for forge, and McPatcher, and Optifine . . . etc. So, will there ever be a vibrant modding community anymore?

    Truth, I've been working on my own resource pack for almost 6 months. It's based on old fashioned japanese dark cobblestones and seaside looking woods. Only my friends have tried it, many of my textures are modifications of my Animal Crossing New Leaf tesselations that grew into so much more. I'm really not willing to post it for the benefit of Microsoft. Though I would have gifted it with gusto to the Minecraft community and to Mojang for free use by everyone. A lot of that feeling comes from being a part of something fun that's NOT a cashout.

    Sorry Notch, I'm sorry the millions you made weren't enough. You could have just let the company go public, sold most of your shares, and let us all buy a little piece of Minecraft. Minecraft would still have been Indie. I'd have bought some shares, now THAT would be fun.

    I haven't seen Microsoft do anything bad yet, but I have seen a large portion of the minecraft community today trying to harm minecraft more then microsoft has yet with all the fear mongering that's been taking place. You all are your worst enemy right now.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 14w19a Ready for Testing
    Quote from mxrider619

    I'm getting a bit tired of waiting here... I know plenty of mods/mod coders that add features waaay faster to their things, and they don't even get paid. And some of them work alone. In their spare time..
    damn it, how do I remove upvotes? upvoted this clown on accident...
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    posted a message on Minecraft on PS4. Is it a good idea?

    Honestly keep it how it is... If it gets added to PS4 and then what next the 3DS? Which I hope it doesn't get to that point........ Because my god Minecraft would look epicly retarded then... Leave out PS4....
    It just baffles me that there are legitimately people out there that think like this.
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    posted a message on More Player Models 2 (Adds a character creation screen, animations and more)
    Quote from Noppes

    Lara crofts were more like pyramids.

    Second try:

    Honestly, I have been cringing at all the discussion of wanting bigger pointier breasts, but after seeing this, it actually looks way better then the rectangle things that the females had before, along with the females in the NPC mod. honestly though, I'll still stick with the default "male" model for my skins, even if they are female, but this is better then before.
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