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    posted a message on Tainted Magic

    Is there a way to turn off the particle effect? The particle effect is causing my players to crash out of the server, and then subsequently, it's crashing the server as well.

    We tried to roll back to the last updated file on out 1.7.10 server, but it won't load because of it. Were you able to test the particle effect to make sure it was compatible with other mods first?

    The particle effect for the Time Foci particle effect has caused two crashes so far. Nothing else from the mod has, but the Time Foci seems to be the problem.

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    posted a message on Pixelmon seeds?


    Used this seed for my game for 1.8.9 version, and it spawns you next to a village that has a Pokemon center, a shop, and a healer's hut (the red domed houses, that's that I call them). About 100 meters away is another village with another shop and healer hut. Within 500-700 meters of spawn is an ocean, a desert biome, savannah, and jungle.


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