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    posted a message on What's up with everyone hating 13 year olds?
    if you're as mature as you claim, then it would be easy enough just to lie about your age. as long as you can act 16, you can be 16

    Quote from weely

    true dat im 14 but everyone seems to say no one like you or stuff im a pro at minecraft finished the game in 45 mins and i had no mods

    ^^ this is why nobody will let you on their server based on age. I don't understand a word of what he just said, but I think this is the general tone:

    "i'm 14 but nobody will let me on their server. i'm a pro at minecraft because i finished the game in 45 minutes; therefore, i deserve to be let on any server"

    I wouldn't want that ^ on my server, and unfortunately that kind of attitude is what comes to mind when I think of the average 13 year old
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    posted a message on Is Amazon.com Safe?
    Amazon is safe, but be aware of third party sellers. That's not entirely unsafe either, you just may not get exactly what was described (it may be a bit damaged.)

    But I don't want to put bad thoughts in your head, I've been using amazon for years and I only got 1 order that was slightly damaged, which were used PS2 controllers.

    tl;dr yes it's safe
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    posted a message on I can bet your PC isn't THIS bad
    Quote from BC_Programming

    As somebody else mentioned, it's running a ****ing emulator. Anybody who knows the first thing about emulators knows that they are going to be ****ing slow, and require hardware maybe 2-3 times, if not more, as powerful as the original machine being emulated.


    but really though, i have a 3 or 4 year old computer that cost me $275, and i can run an xbox emulator pretty smoothly. It undoubtedly has an effect, but not *that* much of an effect. why so much ****?
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    posted a message on Simple request (I think)
    I run an 8 slot server using CubedHost, it only costs $6 a month. There's no mumble server with it, but skype works well :D

    It's rather self explanitory, the hardest part for me was finding the options.txt to exit it. You can install Bukkitt to add plugins.

    Edit: Looking at the adverts below me, I forgot to mention the specs!
    1 GB Ram, 8 slots,
    For some reason a 16 core processor is coming to mind, but that *may* have been my last server. Regardless, there's enough processing power.
    No lag whatsoever
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    posted a message on Do you listen to music while playing Minecraft?
    Half of the time i'm listening to Let's Plays on youtube, half the time i just throw my itunes library on shuffle, close my eyes and hit play :]
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    posted a message on What was your closest call to an important death?
    I had no coal left, so I went mining specifically for it. It was a strip mine, but I hit a cave that was teeming with coal. Long story short, I had 6 stacks of black diamonds and a skeleton decided it would be funny to shoot me into a lava pool. I got out with 5 hearts left and I was still burning, but luckily i could build a cobble box in time to let my health regen =]
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    posted a message on what fps does your computer run minecraft at?
    I have mine limited to 35 (or was it 40...?) because the human eye can't distinguish between fps over 35 if that makes sense. When it's not limited, I think i get about 50-75
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    posted a message on How many diamonds do you have saved up?
    about a stack ATM, but I've only been on the server for a couple weeks. In my last main server, I had about 2 and a half stacks of legit diamonds.
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    posted a message on Almost no mobs spawning
    I had the same issue, and I have no idea what fixed it. I can tell you what I did though.

    I changed my view distance. I changed it from 6 to 10, and now I could almost argue that there's too MANY mobs. I don't know if that's a legitimate solution, but it worked for me so i guess you may as well try it.
    I'm on cubedhost.
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    posted a message on How Many Hours have You played?
    it says 15 days, but I've only had this account for like 2 months. I've played consistently for about 20 months so that means about 150 days, which is ... 3700 some hours? I regret nothing.
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    posted a message on Too much XP, still nothing worth spending it on.
    Quote from ShiftSix

    Except, there will always be diamonds at y = 13, there may very well never be silk touch.

    Diamonds and enchantments both run on a random number generator.

    I believe there is a 1/10 chance of getting silk touch on a single enchantment(level 45+.)
    There is about a 1/6 chance of finding diamonds if you dig a single 1x2 hallway at level 13 in a chunk. (you can see 3 blocks out of the 16 blocks in a chunk)

    There is plenty of evidence here to tell you that a bad enchantment is better than no enchantment at all. You seem to be arguing small points and pointing out small flaws just to cling on to your original point.

    Back to the original post,
    I think it would be cool to spend XP on skills, but if you die it gets reset. Adds some ... incentive to survive, rather than "oh if i die nothing happens but i go back to my bed".
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    posted a message on Sprint jumping over fences?
    I think it would be a great idea to be able to sprint jump over fences. Only fences, though, I don't think you should be able to sprint jump onto a block with a half slab on it.

    This way, mobs couldn't get in/out because they can't sprint, but you can get in/out with great ease!
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    posted a message on What Biome Do You Hate?
    Jungles jungles jungles jungles jungles jungles. I cannot stand jungles. I can't navigate through them well, mobs always get stuck in the leaves, no matter where I'm going i end up climbing a vine to somewhere, and the damn thing won't even burn! It just fizzles out!
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    posted a message on My survival building project!
    This is really the first time I've gone out of my way to create a legit survival home, rather than the standard 3x3 dirt house to wait out the night. I'm working on it with 3 other people on a server, and I just thought it would be fun to share my first build with you guys.
    Comments are appreciated, your opinion is valuable to an amateur builder xP

    Sorry if i do these spoilers wrong, this is my first time using them!

    Overhead picture
    Picture of the entrance

    The room inside the entrance

    I increased the FOV so you can see more of it on this one
    Last one, a picture of the courtyard in the dome

    It's about half way done right now, we still need to lay out the second story and give a purpose to some rooms on the first floor. I know the walls/floors are a bit bland ATM, but we will be adding some designs and color variations to them once we have more of the house planned / laid out.
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    posted a message on Looking for Vanilla SMP server.
    Kinda in the same boat as JJ above me. My friend and I run a very small 8 slot server, fully survival fully vanilla (normal difficulty). There's 6 players atm. PvP is "enabled", but nobody kills each other, its just to add to the full vanilla feel. We're all very friendly.

    Today is Saturday(I think), and the server was created on tuesday or thursday. So not a lot has been built, maybe a survival shelter or two. None of us are griefers, (or at least I hope, I've got a big build going on!) so you're safe in that aspect

    Now for the dealbreaker: We're all 16-18. We're all very mature, but I don't know how you feel about minors.

    If you're interested, you can message me on skype: benry_1. I'm aware my avatar is a unicorn =] sort of an inside joke. I'll probably ask you a question or two then give you the IP.

    Look forward to getting to know you!I'm sorry, I thought you said you had a skype! If you don't, feel free to contact me on the minecraft forums, youtube (dummshapeshifter) inbox message, or email ([email protected]).
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