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    [Discord]: https://discord.gg/GF7t8s5NJV[/header]


    Looking for a unique and fun minecraft server? Come join TownThrive!
    TownThrive is a self-hosted server at home and is a passion project of
    mine. We are welcoming anybody into the TownThrive Community!

    TownThrive is always at the latest version of minecraft and is
    easily accessible. SMPs change overtime and we are willing to try new
    things. The current SMP is an Earth SMP with plugins like Towny, Dynmap,
    and Movecraft!

    TownThrive has very light rules. We are not lawless and toxic, but
    we do allow PVP and War to create an intresting environment. We are a
    server focused on geopolitics and diplomacy, things can be complicated
    so we have a thing called the Council. The Council is TownThrive's staff
    team that helps solve disputes between other countries fairly aswell as
    to enforce the rules. The server has an active playerbase with a low of
    15 with a high of 40. In addition to this the server is 24/7 with 20.0
    TPS at all times and good ping.

    If you are interested in joining this fun experience, hop on the discord to get whitelisted!

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    🌍 Welcome to TownThrive: The Ultimate Geopolitical Minecraft Experience! 🌍

    Are you ready to conquer the world, one block at a time? TownThrive is the Minecraft server where strategy meets creativity in a thrilling Earth-based adventure! We have almost 400 players in the discord, an average of 20-30 players, and a friendly and welcoming experience. Despeite the many plugins, it is a vanilla experience at its core, and most of the core gameplay isn't affected heavily.

    🏙️ Build and Manage Your Own Nation:

    • Create and customize your town with Towny.
    • Form alliances, establish trade routes, and govern your people.
    • Design stunning cities or fortified strongholds – the power is in your hands!

    🛠️ Innovate and Dominate with Movecraft:

    • Construct powerful warships, aircraft, and land vehicles.
    • Navigate the skies, seas, and terrains to expand your territory.
    • Engage in epic battles with fully functional, custom-designed machines!

    🌐 A Realistic Earth Map:

    • Explore and claim real-world locations on our 1:1000 scale Earth map.
    • From the bustling streets of New York to the serene landscapes of Kyoto, the world is your playground.

    ⚔️ Geopolitical Warfare:

    • Plan strategic conquests and defend your nation against rivals.
    • Forge alliances or declare wars in a dynamic, player-driven world.
    • Utilize diplomacy, espionage, and military might to become the dominant superpower!

    🎉 Join a Thriving Community:

    • Engage with passionate players from around the globe.
    • Participate in community events, contests, and challenges.
    • Share your achievements and learn from the best in our active forums and Discord.

    🌟 Why TownThrive?

    • Unique blend of creativity and strategy.
    • Constantly updated with new features and events.
    • Supportive and active staff dedicated to providing the best experience.

    🌍 Are You Ready to Thrive? 🌍

    Join TownThrive today and start your journey to global domination. Your empire awaits – all you need is the vision and the courage to build it!

    📢 Join Our Discord:

    Check out our planet minecraft page: https://www.planetminecraft.com/server/townthrive-smp/

    TownThrive: Where Nations Rise and Legends Are Made.

    Java and bedrock 1.20+

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    This server ruined all other servers for me.

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