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    posted a message on Lamest Nether Death
    Quote from DaveTheWave

    Yea, once my cousin was building a bridge in the nether with cobble stone.. Minecraft chrashed and the chunks didn't save... 'What bridge?' Asked the PC. He fell in lava :P

    That's a little odd. The chunks didn't save, but your cousin's position over the lava saved?
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    posted a message on Jumping over 5-block gaps in vanilla Minecraft
    As most Minecraft veterans like me would probably know, it is possible to jump across a 4-block gap horizontally when sprinting.

    This begs the question, with certain potion effects, is it possible to increase how far you can jump horizontally? As such, I experimented on this by jumping off of ice while having the Speed II potion effect on. Both ice and Speed II slightly increase the horizontal distance of each jump, however I still found that I wasn't able to make the 5-block gap.

    Here's my question that goes out to the community:
    Is it possible to jump across a 5-block gap using any of the potion effects / features available in vanilla Minecraft? I doubt so, but I don't have a firm answer yet. (By potion effects, it encompasses anything like Speed II, Jump Boost II from max level beacons, or anything that has an effect on movement.)

    And here's the second question:
    What potion effects at what levels are required to successfully jump across a 5-block gap? (And this can include levels that aren't available in vanilla Minecraft, such as Speed III or IV or Jump Boost III or IV.)
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    posted a message on three_two's VINYL FANTASY Series
    Hello, three_two! As of right now, I have finished VF II and I'm taking on VF I as an additional challenge (I'm a sucker for Rom-Hack material) and now that I finally have an account on the forum, I should probably present my concluding thoughts on the map.

    The Overworld

    Area 1

    The Blackest Bog was a great starter resourcing area, and I thoroughly enjoyed bridging through the bog to get to the several raised islands that had loot chests on them. The central tower had some pretty good loot in it I believe, though I was actually expecting a record in there. When I found no record, I ended up bridging up onto the bedrock cloud to see if there was anything up there. As expected, there was nothing.

    The Valley Of Rolsa was pretty straightforward, and the biggest threat there was the ghasts. I can imagine that it would be a really hard sub-area to fight through if the bedrock cloud actually covered the valley as well (resulting in mobs spawning regardless of time of day).

    The Passion Of The Argus was by far my favorite dungeon throughout the entire map. It stayed true to the mossy cobble dungeons you always see in CTM maps, yet it provided a scale of a challenge that I simply don't see in other CTM maps, even those of Vechs. I enjoyed it a lot, and I appreciate the fact that you left gold blocks in the birdcage room so I could craft gold armor indefinitely.

    Area 2

    I know from watching your post-mortem chat with lorgon111 about the map that there are multiple ways to get into the Ancient Visitors birdcage room. The way I took to get in there was: I dug straight up to the obelisk on top of the spaceship to gear up with Fire Resistance potions, then used one and swam up the lava that was right at the bottom of the spaceship above the water column. The creepers and blazes were tough and I got knocked down to half a heart as I exited the room with the record.

    Area 3

    I found the railway to the JBM from aimlessly mining cobblestone in the magma cube room in Area 2. As such, I attacked area 3 from the bottom and actually didn't know that it had a top area until I saw an LP of the map.

    The Nether

    Depth Charge was my favourite area of the Nether, owing to its aesthetic mastery and interesting combination mobs. Each room had a different colour scheme and a different mob, so it was very fun to fight through. I had to craft fences to ensure I didn't drown in the underwater birdcage room with skellies.

    Wave Of Mutilation was a clever area for the gravel that revealed the Pentagram Star. With a Fire Resistance Potion, though, I was able to get the record safely out of the center of the room without taking much damage.

    Last Resort was an area that I chose a rather safety-first approach to tackle. I built a bridge against the sides of the walls of the area and repeated until I got to the birdcage. This ensured I was safe from skellies and blazes shooting me into the void, although I did consume a fire potion towards the birdcage area to prevent burning to death from blazes.

    Zombaville actually was the only area that killed me in the Nether because of the proximity detector that blew up while I was looting a house. After that experience, I ran straight to the end of the street, got into the house and ferried the record out. The mobs in this area were really easy to deal with, though the traps were clever and innovative.

    The End

    FIL was a nasty area, and while I had no problems making my way up to the birdcage room, the cave spiders made navigation through the bedrock near impossible, and after dying at least ten times or so, I decided I would have to build a gradual tunnel towards the birdcage in order to fend off the cave spiders. The location of the birdcage was not obvious and the obsidian made it hard to access, so this was definitely a good challenge.

    Enemy Mine had me getting impatient from trying to navigate around 200-block tall lava mountains, and so after I got the diamond sword at the top of the highest mountain (which took me at least half an hour to get to) I began tackling the innards of the mine. I made full diamond armor, enchanted it, and tackled the birdcage area. I used up another fire resistance potion in the final room, and by the time I was able to get the record and escape, I had been knocked down to three hearts even with a regen potion on.

    Transparency wasn't much of a challenge, and I found myself using the ghast fireballs to detonate the TNT so I could attack the birdcage more safely. Once the TNT was gone, I bridged over the birdcage and dumped water on it, and swam down to get the record. Getting out of the center was tough, and the ghasts made it impossible to swim back up the waterfall I'd made over the birdcage, so I had to use an ender pearl out of the center of the satellite. I did die once in this area from sloppily falling into the void while trying to navigate to the center.

    Finally, Hello Great Architect Of The Universe saw me bridging through the multicoloured wool cloud to get to the central island. It took me forever to find the lava sea at the bottom, and with a Fire Resistance Potion I managed to swim down there and get the record. The cave spiders were both fun and evil, and they knocked me down to a heart and a half at lowest, so it was definitely risky in that place.

    I'd like to attribute most of my deaths in this map to the birdcage area in FIL.
    It's been an awesome map to play through and I'm working on VF 1 now, and I'm also waiting for VF 3.

    I might want to post progress reports of VF 1 if I feel like it.
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    posted a message on three_two's Tuff Terrain Series
    Wow. The Tuff Terrain series is starting to look like a super-enhanced version of Vechs' Super Docile survival series. Masterful aesthetics on your part, especially the second map. To me, it looks like a pyramid by day and a volcano by dusk. Great job! By any chance, do you have any external experience of visual & aesthetic art? This is breathtaking.
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    posted a message on What's your most favorite Minecraft song of all time?

    Screw the Nether wasn't made during beta, but for some reason they still reference pigman dropping porkchops.

    By 'bacon' they meant rotten flesh.
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    posted a message on Massive over hangs near spawn!
    Quote from Mariiskaaa

    Thanks for sharing this seed :D I liked it.
    I made a video, and in the video's description there's an url to this topic.
    Also I placed 21 coords to temples in the video's description.
    21 temples:

    #1 : X 1840 , Z -4592
    #2 : X 1104 , Z -4080
    #3 : X -992 , Z -3744
    #4 : X -1200 , Z -3344
    #5 : X -1520 , Z -2832
    #6 : X -1280 , Z -2208
    #7 : X -960 , Z -1776
    #8 : X 144 , Z -512
    #9 : X -1392 , Z 560
    #10 : X -272 , Z 272
    #11 : X 16 , Z 672
    #12 : X -2048 , Z 176
    #13 : X 1552 , Z -2208
    #14 : X 544 , Z -5344
    #15 : X 80 , Z -5840
    #16 : X -224 , Z -6880
    #17 : X 16 , Z -6992
    #18 : X -672 , Z -7408
    #19 : X 2928 , Z -6912
    #20 : X 2368 , Z -5600
    #21 : X 4960 , Z -6080

    21 temples within a 6000 block radius? That's pretty dense. Do you mean jungle temples, desert temples, or both?
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    posted a message on The best seed that I ever played in
    The vast cave system in the Extreme Hills biome is pretty typical, so I wouldn't think of this seed to be particularly special. However, I will concede that the mountains look beautiful compared to a majority of others I've seen.

    I'd rate this seed 5/10.
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    posted a message on What I do with a hoe.
    I make diamond hoes to make myself look extravagant, and use stone hoes for my Grim Reaper costume on Halloween. (Obsidian hoes would look better on the reaper costume, though, sadly, they might never be implemented.)
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    posted a message on lagg or just me?
    Sounds like a problem with your PC specs. If water and entities can be this laggy, you should have very low FPS.
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    posted a message on So I found this shack.
    Get a good sword and a good bow before attempting to dispatch the witch. They're good for dropping potion ingredients early in-game, and honestly, aren't that difficult to defeat if you get lucky. The harming potions are the biggest threat they pose, though.
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    posted a message on Lamest Nether Death
    Quote from CupcakeRobber

    I went to the top of a fortress and a blaze fireballed me, knocked me off into gravel, he threw a fireball at the gravel, and inches away from netherrack, I fall in lava.

    I wonder if you would have survived the fall onto netherrack. Even if you didn't, at least you would be able to pick up your stuff after you respawn.
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    posted a message on Dumb Skeleton
    That's just the price you've got to pay for losing a battle to a creeper and an endermen with enchanted diamond armor on. Oh, and an enchanted sword too.

    And contrary to your belief, that skeleton is a lot smarter than you think, considering that it actually managed to wander at just the right spot to pick up ALL of your diamond gear.

    Maybe the skeleton isn't the dumb one after all... No offence ^:P^
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    posted a message on How do YOU find your diamonds?
    I think iJevin's branch mining tutorial on finding diamonds should prove effective:

    Or, if you want to get freaky about finding your diamonds, try a more manly approach:
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    posted a message on First Thing you do in Minecraft
    What's the first thing you can do when you start a world? Punch wood. What can you do with wood? Everything else in-game, eventually. What can you do without wood? Nothing, except mine some dirt or gravel maybe. What can you do with those? Not much. So sensible people would go after wood without even having to spare a thought.
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    posted a message on How to make it nighttime forever? ADVENTURE MAP
    Maybe the cheapest method is to hook up a fast-clock or rapid pulsar to a command block with /time set 16000 on it, and of course set commandBlockOutput to false. Endless night, and the moon barely even moves.
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