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    posted a message on No More Snapshots
    Well, as members of the Minecraft community we all want Minecraft to be a good game. That's indisputable. That being said, snapshots are the way the developers allow the community to express feedback about upcoming updates, and snapshots also allow players to report any bugs with upcoming features, allowing these bugs to be stomped out early. In my opinion, snapshots have more use than just allowing Minecrafters to see what features will be implemented in the near future - making them more useful than not.
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    posted a message on AntVenom's New Music Video! (An Open Question To The Minecraft Community)
    Hey Minecrafters, BenongAlive here. For those of you who watch AntVenom's videos on a regular basis, you would know that AntVenom is releasing a Minecraft-themed music video parody sometime in February 2013, but he hasn't really explicitly stated which song he's going to be parodying. The purpose of this post is to ask the community about their opinions on which song they think AntVenom is going to be making a parody of.

    I'm considerably excited about the music video that AntVenom's releasing, and in fact, AntVenom has recently claimed that he believes the video will be 'one of the best Minecraft musical parodies ever made'. If he wants to make a good parody, he needs to choose the right song to parody. If anyone has any speculations about which song he is parodying, (I'm curious to know what the community thinks) Then feel free to leave a comment on this post.
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    posted a message on Need help getting back to spawn point
    The invention of the compass was not heard of by someone here...
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    posted a message on three_two's VINYL FANTASY Series
    Three_two, feedback on the VFI remake has been sizeably dull for a while. How are things going on in your realm, and when can the remake be expected? No pressure here, just keen to hear an update.
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    posted a message on Seeds I've Found (Pics included)
    I have to agree with Spindlethumb. Don't create the thread until you have at least ONE seed you wanna show us, then you can keep adding seeds later on. But you need that one seed to start off with to give the post purpose.
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    posted a message on Why are people so obsessed with reliable resources?
    One does not simply craft wooden pickaxes with thousands of diamonds sitting unceremoniously in thy closet.
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    posted a message on What specifically is wrong with the current minecraft?
    What's wrong with Minecraft? Not much. The problem lies in how acceptant the Minecraft community is of every update. If you keep failing to see what's legitimately good about the game and its updates, and as a result think of Minecraft as a bad game, then the problem lies in you, not in Minecraft. :)
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    posted a message on Is the nether star pointless in Survival?
    Quote from coxodoina

    I somehow still haven't gotten a single Wither Skeleton Skull after about 6x 30-minute long hunts killing tons of Wither Skeletons

    You have to get lucky to get Wither Skeleton Skulls. The odds of getting the skulls are 2.5% for every witherskelly you kill. You shouldn't be very surprised you're not getting any skulls.
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    posted a message on what mob did i see?
    I'm not going to write off this sighting as a phony. Glitched skeletons, sheep and multiple silverfish are good candidates for what you saw, though seeing sheep that deep underground is as unlikely as finding diamonds above layer 40.
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    posted a message on Chunk Error In Minecraft Refuses To Go Away, Ruins Yet Another World
    Recently, I started a new Survival world for Minecraft 1.4.5. I was progressing decently through the game, but it all started to get freaky when I was going mining. I went into the caves, intending to mine some coal to smelt several stacks of clay, however I easily got distracted, and ended up mining iron, gold, even some emeralds as I went deeper.

    As I was sprinting down a cave, I noticed something that worried me disturbingly. By the time I got to what worried me, I was alarmed, and tried quitting Minecraft and reloading my world in an attempt to make it go away. But it didn't go away, it just stayed there. It was a chunk error. But it wasn't a chunk error that went away after a while. The chunk error stayed there no matter what I did. Quitting and rejoining the game didn't work. The chunk error was still there.

    I'm really demoralised about playing that world because of that chunk error that's STILL there. It's in an Extreme Hills Biome and I have no idea why it won't go away. A 16x16 hole, extending down into the void, not going away. If anyone knows how to make this giant disaster disappear, or if anyone can provide a logical explanation for a permanent chunk error, please reply.

    An image of the chunk error in question is here:
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    posted a message on minecraft 2.0.0 ?
    Quote from skyace66

    well they probobly will make a 3 for source 2(which has been confirmed real by gabe). which is the whole point of why they made TF2, to update it to source engine.

    and for minecraft i would like to see a minecraft 2 running c++ or c# engine with a lot of performance improvments, maybe smoother and more dynamic lighting?

    Dynamic lighting? Not just that. They should also fix the bug in Extreme Hills biomes where certain dark areas appear black.
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    posted a message on Custom Statues of Your Skins for Free!
    Quote from raptorked

    I wish more people wanted some!

    Great job you did. :D Out of curiosity, are these statues hand-built in Creative mode, or did you use a level editor?
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    posted a message on Stronghold vanished
    There are some world generation bugs in 1.4.5, that I have to concede. Always back up your world after every play session, you never know when things just could go wrong. You'll have to find another stronghold and hope the others are still there.

    Best of luck!
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    posted a message on How to find diamonds easily!
    Quote from Wolflover32

    Yeah, I agree with that being a much easier way. But I never knew you could find diamonds in PE! That's really good and I think that it's a much more experienced way because the video isn't in PE is it?

    The video isn't in PE, though the method works for PE as well (there are no caves in PE, so all your diamonds would come from branch mining).
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    posted a message on Obsidian Doors
    Quote from Kitteh6660

    What we need is a blast-proof door that can only be opened by redstone mechanism like iron doors.

    Obsidian doors are crafted in the same way you craft wooden and iron door but you use obsidian blocks.

    Obsidian doors have a blast resistance of 3,000 so it's immune to TNT and creepers.
    Obsidian doors requires a diamond pickaxe to be mined. If you don't have the diamond pickaxe, you have to destroy the block the door is on or destroy the top part of door to harvest the door. It would take 2 minutes to break by hand.

    Perfect for grief-resistant houses. It will deter griefers since it can't be mined without diamond pickaxe.

    Support or no support?

    The idea of obsidian doors itself is basic, to-the-point, and it will proof your door from griefers without diamond picks. However, you claim that this will make for 'grief-resistant houses'.

    There's a problem with that statement. Even if your door is made of obsidian, griefers without diamond picks :DPA: could just bust in through the walls of your house with ease. (Unless those are made of obsidian as well). So obsidian doors don't protect your house much more than iron doors do, and even if a griefer DIDN'T have a diamond pick, and your house had obsidian walls, he could just enter the obsidian door with, say, a lever, if the door isn't well-hidden.

    As such, obsidian doors won't help in the anti-griefing cause as much as people would think. If their only other use is a blast-proof door, they might not be so worth implementing after all.
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