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    posted a message on [1.8.1]Tale Of Kingdoms Ver 1.0.5
    This mod is epic. I dropped back from 1.9p4 for this. Well worth the loss of potions and enchanting I'd say!

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the 1.9 features actually. The enchantments and potions, combined with an epic battle between two armies, should be incredibly awesome.

    How difficult would it be to allow members of your army to use enchantments? Cuz that would be an awesome sight.
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    posted a message on Swords & Creepers

    1.Hit with Sword

    2.Go backwards quickly

    3.Go forwards (kind of like a saw pattern)


    I do this, with one addition. I jump as Im attacking. I crit if my timing is good, and if I dont crit i still have plenty of time to back up again.
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    posted a message on Notch's blog entry on "free to play"
    I despise F2P. as OP pointed out "Free to Play, Pay to Win." Its very VERY true.

    Its the reason I avoid WoW. I dont have the money I need to be good at that game.

    And while I did buy TF2 before it went F2P, Ive avoided spending money to open Mann Co. crates. I usually just trade em, or let em rot in my inventory. I hate the F2P system.
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    posted a message on Most hated minecraft mob?
    It used to be cows, until they became persistent and gave food. Now I love them. I can tolerate their obnoxious moo-ing because I know that soon I will be feasting on their sweet, tender flesh.

    I now hate sheep. They don't regrow wool, they ugly as hell when sheared, and they don't feed me. I get a bed from one sheep, and then I ignore them. They need some more features. Like lamb-chops.
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    posted a message on Someone PLEASE explain to me.....
    Quote from origin_100
    We want actual game play elements like Quests, a journey the char goes on and villagers that actually work!

    No, YOU want that. I want my creativity toy with a few survival aspects. I dont want useless sidequests clogging up my castle building time.

    Quote from origin_100

    ....the mods for minecraft are better than the real game

    Again, your opinion. I honestly hate most mods. Don't speak for everyone, becuase not everyone thinks like you.

    Quote from origin_100
    Instead he makes a Snow Gollum. Nice.
    I like the Snow Golem, its actually really useful for alarms and traps.

    Quote from origin_100

    These guys making mods are making the game a whole lot better and more importantly making the game the way it should be and making Mojang look like a joke.

    The game that Minecraft should be in your opinion is not the game that Minecraft should be in my opinion. Don't speak for me, I hate when people do that.

    Nothing is wrong with using the mods you like, but DONT go out and speak for everyone else, and DONT go shoving your opinion down everyone else's throats. Its poor etiquette, and it makes you sound like a moron.
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    posted a message on Wow Notch...just wow
    Wanna know how I feel about the moon thing?

    Seriously...not that hard.
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    posted a message on I miss the days...
    I miss the void. As strange as it seems, void holes were rather rare.

    I once made it my goal t find a void hole and kick a chicken into it. It took me so damn long to do, but in the end I threw the poor chicken down into the blue.

    Nowdays, you cant do that. Notch patched void holes ages ago. Made me sad, as they were very rare, but very awesome.

    Also, they let daylight in, so a void hole covered by glass burned monsters when they got to close.
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    posted a message on how brutal are you?
    Im assuming this is in Minecraft? :tongue.gif:

    Well, I just recently erased a village from the map. Tore it down, brick by brick. Filled the well with gravel, tore down every house, even dug up the gravel roads.

    Then I left the NPCs to rot in the desert sun. Was most fun.

    I also kite with creepers alot in SMP, does that count for anything?
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    posted a message on Possible Bug in 1.8.1
    Quote from wolfy910

    *Edit* 300th post ^^

    Welcome to Sparta.

    OT: Creative mode gives you one hell of an attack range. Its not a bug.
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    posted a message on I need a name!(:
    Aitfarcenim ?
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    posted a message on Beautiful minecraft
    I used to be on a server, and the owner was a ****. I decided to leave the server in a dramatic way.

    We had a huge castle at spawn, it took him ages to set up. Him and I were standing on the outer wall right at dawn, watching things burn.

    I saw a creeper, pulled out a fishing rod, and yanked that ******* up right into the owners face. Boy did he rage :rolleyes:

    then he banned me :dry.gif:
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    posted a message on What's the coolest Way you've died in Minecraft?
    My coolest death happened a long time ago, pre Beta days.

    I dont feel like typing it all out, so heres the short version:

    Fought 3 creepers, killed 2. Last one blew me off a VERY tall cliff.

    I survived. Landed in a zombie mob. Killed them all.

    Ran back home, ducking 3 skeletons.

    Got back home and found a creeper had walked into my open door.

    I charged in, with 1.5 hearts left. He exploded me.

    I was so mad, yet also so pumped I survived that much.
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    posted a message on Coal is annoying.
    I love coal, it makes me feel good when I see my double chest filled entirely with coal. Ill never lack torches again.

    Redstone though...screw that crap.
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    posted a message on Baby Animals
    Holy head size! the birth mustve been extremely painful!

    So I guess I had better spam the broken farm system while it lasts :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on What was your first death caused by?
    My first death was quite bad.

    I was playing peaceful in order to learn the controls, and was working on a mountaintop base. I noticed a steep cliff on one side, and decided to look over and see the drop.

    Now, this was in the days before sneaking was enabled. I was having trouble seeing over the edge fully, so I moved closer to the drop.

    then closer
    closer still


    fun times.
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