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    Been playing in an SSP world for awhile, was originally just a nomad;

    but I found this beautiful little spot and decided I had to settle down.

    (Also, it was becoming unmanageable how many pack animals I needed to move my stuff around...)

    So I started working on a settlement in a little glen near the coast; so far I've just got a simple lookout built,

    but I'm planning on adding farms and farmhouses for the Villagers workers I'll be abducting hiring,

    as well as stables for my horses and a barn and pens for my livestock. After that, I'll have to see.

    This is the lookout post at the top of the cliff looking from the west with the glen beneath it.

    There's a hidden redstone door at the base of the cliff leading to the top.

    This is the view from the east on the other side of the cliff; you can just see the ocean on the right of the pic.

    Close up view.

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    Quote from il_Vassilon»

    - Torches: resin could be used like substitute of coal and charcoal (that are the same, in my opinion) for torches.

    Block: decorative and enchanting.

    - Block of resin would have a semitransparent texture with effects similars to ice (like invisibility of the block itself look at underwater), plus be immune to fire. So, it can be used for special decorative utilities on underwater structures.

    So resin can be used to make torches, but a block of it is immune to fire?
    In my view, a whole block of resin should be highly flammable...

    Depending on how it's crafted, you could use 9 resin to make a regular resin block,
    and it would still be flammable; but in order to make a non-flammable block, I think you would need
    to smelt the resin to make a Hardened Resin block, that you can then chisel, etc.

    I also think this would need to be more of a decorative block and leave out the enchanting part.

    Using it as a substitute for slimes would only be good, in my opinion, if resin was a pretty rare drop;

    I mean, come on, how hard is it to find 2-3 slimes in a swamp at night? So unless you have no swamp within

    about 2000 blocks, then you could chop down some spruce in order to get some resin.

    Other than that, interesting idea. Partial Support.

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    Nice-looking build. It doesn't look terribly complicated, but it is big. Something like that just takes a lot of time.

    I'm usually too impatient for stuff like that, so I just whip out super-detailed small builds. xD

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    No, I didn't use summon; it was like that as soon as I went through the portal. This was only a couple months after I first started playing MineCraft, I didn't even know what commands were, then.

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    I'd almost forgotten about this, but was reminded as I was looking through all my MineCraft screenshots. I go through them every now and then, because I take pictures of various places with the seed displayed as a means of saving them.

    A while ago, I was checking out a seed in Creative and for some reason, I decided to go to the End.

    When I got there I realized something very neat. There were two EnderDragons.

    I tried making a new world using the same seed to see if I could get two of them again, but it didn't work.

    Has anyone else ever gotten this? And what would cause this?

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    Hm, interesting.

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    Awesome looking build! What texture/resource pack are you using?

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    Pictures, please?
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