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    posted a message on Rarest thing I've EVER seen in Minecraft

    Looks like either a chunk error or you're running mods or something..

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    posted a message on Another 2 redstone suggestions!

    What is a redstone hopper supposed to be used for?

    Why does it need such a large amount of redstone to make?

    Explain how it gets "activated" by a redstone signal.

    Why should we have a new dispenser when the one we have already does what you're suggesting?

    If you're going to make suggestions about existing blocks in the game,

    please be aware of how the mechanics already work.

    And for your suggestions about new blocks, please add more details

    that show how they are unique or useful, in order for others to better

    understand your ideas and what you're trying to express.

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    posted a message on Giving Lightning Uses!
    At the moment, uses for lightning are very limited. They transform mobs, harm players, and that's all. I have some ideas of how it could be used!

    So, basically, what I got from your suggestion is to add a few new things in the game so you can...

    just have yet another potion to damage players?

    We don't really need another method of damage, with all the multitude

    of weapons, potions, traps, redstone mechanics, etc. that we already have;

    if you have some other, unique idea for lightning that is balanced, I'd like to hear it.

    Otherwise, No Support.

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    Been playing in an SSP world for awhile, was originally just a nomad;

    but I found this beautiful little spot and decided I had to settle down.

    (Also, it was becoming unmanageable how many pack animals I needed to move my stuff around...)

    So I started working on a settlement in a little glen near the coast; so far I've just got a simple lookout built,

    but I'm planning on adding farms and farmhouses for the Villagers workers I'll be abducting hiring,

    as well as stables for my horses and a barn and pens for my livestock. After that, I'll have to see.

    This is the lookout post at the top of the cliff looking from the west with the glen beneath it.

    There's a hidden redstone door at the base of the cliff leading to the top.

    This is the view from the east on the other side of the cliff; you can just see the ocean on the right of the pic.

    Close up view.

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    posted a message on Bridge Design Feedback?

    That was a good suggestion, Absar9, so I went back and fiddled around with it a little bit.

    I found that I didn't really like the oak fence so I replaced it with mossy cobble, and

    switched a few blocks around; here it is in my survival world.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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    posted a message on Bridge Design Feedback?

    Hey, guys, what's up?

    So here's the deal; I've been trying to design this bridge in creative because I want to replicate it

    in my survival world. The problem is I tend to keep tinkering with my builds until it comes to a point where

    it's complete junk because I keep changing this piece here, that bit there, as I'm never satisfied with how it looks,

    and then I get disgusted with everything and just scrap it.

    So. This time, I stopped myself at a certain point, and decided to upload some pics and get some critique.

    Should I keep "improving" it or should I just leave it? Or should I scale back even?

    Here's some pics. Also, this bridge is going to be built over a river, so the mossy cobble denotes where the water level is.

    Side view.

    Close up.


    From one end.

    Close up of individual support.

    Long view + block palette.

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    posted a message on Little Winter Cottage... any critiques?!?

    I really like the birch wood and the use of slabs along the roof edge, it looks neat;

    also, I prefer narrower chimneys and cobwebs over wool to simulate smoke, but that's my personal preference.

    I certainly agree with Teddie that adding curves, even slight ones,

    can greatly change the look and feel of a build while adding some oomph.

    Since it's going to be part of a village, I would experiment with how

    to build the same house with slightly different styles

    to give a more connected feel to the village as whole;

    also, you can use various styles of landscaping to tie all the houses together,

    while keeping individual lots distinct from each other.

    All in all, great-looking little house for a start,

    would love to see an update on the village when you get it going.


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    posted a message on A Savanna Plateau M Seed List

    Hmm, neat. I'm gonna go check it out.

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    posted a message on I wish I could build like this...

    Nice-looking build. It doesn't look terribly complicated, but it is big. Something like that just takes a lot of time.

    I'm usually too impatient for stuff like that, so I just whip out super-detailed small builds. xD

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    posted a message on Two EnderDragons?

    No, I didn't use summon; it was like that as soon as I went through the portal. This was only a couple months after I first started playing MineCraft, I didn't even know what commands were, then.

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    posted a message on Two EnderDragons?

    I'd almost forgotten about this, but was reminded as I was looking through all my MineCraft screenshots. I go through them every now and then, because I take pictures of various places with the seed displayed as a means of saving them.

    A while ago, I was checking out a seed in Creative and for some reason, I decided to go to the End.

    When I got there I realized something very neat. There were two EnderDragons.

    I tried making a new world using the same seed to see if I could get two of them again, but it didn't work.

    Has anyone else ever gotten this? And what would cause this?

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    posted a message on A Savanna Plateau M Seed List

    Nice seed! I checked it out for myself and spawned on the hillside. In searching through seeds on Amidst, I haven't found very many with Savanna Plateau M biomes right at spawn like that one.

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    posted a message on A Savanna Plateau M Seed List

    Found this just now and I couldn't wait to share it.

    Seed is: -7158805320559101603 Default, 1.8.X

    Co-ordinates: 520, 126, 250

    First set of pictures are at night-time with the whole area lit up,

    second set is during the day with pictures of the outside and some of the surroundings.

    I added the column in the first daytime picture for perspective; it's 20 blocks tall.

    Also, the top of this section of Savanna is quite large and relatively flat, so you could also build on top of it.

    The last two pictures are of the front and back, respectively.

    There is another Savanna Plateau M biome to the north as well, but it's not nearly as epic, though it does have a few decent overhangs.

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    posted a message on Stronghold Not There?

    Notice the coordinates. 350, 25, 960

    Quite a bit removed from where the enderpearls showed. I only found it by stumbling on a ravine it stretched across. If its not at this location on your world, then never mind. Best of luck.

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    posted a message on How can I make Open to Lan available?

    LAN doesn't work if you're on a server; it's only for Singleplayer worlds you want to open in a local network. If you want your friends to play, they'll have to join the server.

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