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    posted a message on ❄️ WinterCrest Anti Grief! ❄️ 1.20.4 🌈HAPPY PRIDE 🌈║ THE PERFECT PLACE TO MAKE FRIENDS ║ CUSTOM ITEMS & EVENTS ║

    Since June 10th, 2018, WinterCrest has been my home. The first day I joined in 1.12, I was very warmly welcomed! I read the rules, and then was told there was a place for me to get some free starter items! And I was pleased to know all of the items provided for me were donated by the whole community!

    We have a ZERO tolerance for grief, and any grief gets rolled back by staff members hand picked by admins, for being active, friendly, mature, and helpful to the rest of the community. There is absolutely NO pay-to-play, there are ALWAYS ways to get donor perks, such as: Perk Potions as a voting reward, Participating in events to earn vouchers, or even sometimes a friend wants to give a gift!

    WinterCrest is not just a server, we’re a family. I have never regretted joining this community. I have always felt loved, cared for, and welcome. WinterCrest truly is my home, even when my real life isn’t going so great.

    If you want a home outside of real life like me, WinterCrest is where you should be. You’re sure to be very warmly welcomed into our community and helped out at every turn you need it. If you decide to join us, make sure to find me and say hello!

    BeheadedPhoenix, Player of nearly 2 years! <3

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    posted a message on ★❄️ ★ WinterCrest ★❄️ ★ RELAXED SURVIVAL 1.14 🎨 ARTMAP🎨 [COMMUNITY] [CRATES] [NO GRIEFING] [SEMI VANILLA]

    I joined WinterCrestt the Summer of 2018. Ever since then the server has been my home. I have never felt more at home with any other server. The community is so positive and welcoming and there are players left and right going out of their way to help you. There's always staff around and because they are hand picked you don't have to worry about them not knowing what they're doing. Got Griefed? You can contact a staff member and they will roll it all right back for you at no cost. Public player shops, towns, and other fun warps are riddled across the world to ensure you have the best time playing here.

    We also have amazing events! Easter, Summer, Winter, etc! Sometimes even other players hold personal events like lotteries and build battles. Occasionally we have minigames up and running if you need a break from your survival build. Along with access to a public creative world for ranks Equitite+.

    I am grateful I have found WinterCrest. I could not ask for anything more than the family I have created here.

    - BeheadedPhoenix <3

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