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    posted a message on [CREATION] THE VILLAGE OF KREOLA
    No pics no clicks
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    posted a message on Map Names: Too Boring?
    Has anyone else been browsing maps and didn't even bother to look at some because of their names? I wouldn't want to play a map called The Legend of ___ or two boring words combined. Honestly, I think that's 90% of the maps out there. What do you guys think?
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    posted a message on The Steve-Parable
    The irony of this: you're claiming an idea that is a concept ripped straight out of another game.

    Plus, what's the point of 'claiming' this? I or anyone else can just create this before you ever finish it and call it their own. You're basically saying we don't have your 'permission' to make this.
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    posted a message on wheat wont grow umm... help
    Quote from Stealthman917

    It's only been 11...
    Anyways, have you tried to use bone meal on it? If so, has that worked?

    He's on peaceful.
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    posted a message on Minecraft WORKING time machine! [1.6.2 and up]
    No link
    No pics
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    posted a message on "Sorry, but we couldn't connect to our servers."
    It's happening to me today too. This is driving me insane :(
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    posted a message on Spawning endermen that attack you?
    Sethbling probably has an MCEdit filter for this. If he doesn't, suggest it in the comments of one of his videos :D
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    posted a message on Question about water and ice
    If there's a heat block under the source block of water (like glowstone), does the water still freeze and melt in a snow biome, or does it just stay un-frozen forever?
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    posted a message on A way to get endless desert?
    Try Worldpainter.
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    posted a message on FlareTide's Map Reviews [Heavily WIP]
    Note: I'll probably rarely review maps, due to me doing other things in life and Minecraft.

    (The thread is heavily work in progress, so I may not review maps until this is nearing completion)

    Hello everyone. I'm here to review your maps on a scale of 0 to 100. Want me to review your map? Post a link to it below and I might review it. Anyway, here's the system:

    Originality - How original was your map? Was it a unique brainwave, or was it just a cheap knock-off of another map?

    0 - Basically a copy
    1 - No original elements used in the map
    2 - Extremely little originality
    3 - Very little originality
    4 - Little originality
    5 - Half of the map is original
    6 - A bunch of originality
    7 - Lots of originality
    8 - Most of the map is original
    9 - Very little traces of other maps
    10 - Never seen anything like it

    Story - How engaging was your story/purpose? Is it hard to follow?

    0 - No story/purpose
    1 - Extremely weak story/purpose
    2 - Very weak story/purpose
    3 - Weak story/purpose
    4 - Mediocre story/purpose
    5 - Average story
    6 - Above average story
    7 - Interesting story
    8 - Fantastic story
    9 - Outstanding story, with a little flaws.
    10 - Unique, flawless story that blows the player away

    Creativity - Was the map made out of 1 material, or do you use a variety of blocks?

    0 - The entire map is practically a blank sleight
    1 - The entire map is made up of 1 material
    2 - Pretty much every section in the map is dull/boring to look at
    3 - Little variety with blocks
    4 - 2 or 3 main blocks used without the map
    5 - Average creativity, but still boring
    6 - Above average creativity that shows players that the map isn't dull to look at
    7 - Nice creativity that grabs the player's attention
    8 - Fantastic creativity which the player smiles at
    9 - Amazing creativity which the player praises
    10 - Outstanding, jawdropping creativity

    Detail - How detailed are buildings? Do they show effort?

    0 - No details at all
    1 - Extremely minor details
    2 - Very minor details
    3 - Hardly recognizable details
    4 - Minor details
    5 - Details only focused on the path the player is taking
    6 - Minor details throughout the landscape of the map
    7 - Average details throughout the landscape
    8 - Noticeable details throughout the landscape
    9 - Amazing details in the background
    10 - Outstanding details both in the main areas and backgrounds

    Difficulty - Is the difficulty balanced? (Normal is normal, bonuses are harder to achieve, etc.)

    0 - Impossibly difficult/You can walk the entire map
    1 - Absurdly hard/A couple of bumps in the road
    2 - Severally hard/Several bumps in the road
    3 - Extremely hard/Nothing to stop the player
    4 - Unbelievably hard/Barely anything to stop the player
    5 - Very hard/Minor things stop the player for a few seconds
    6 - Too hard/Several minor things stop the player
    5 - Hard/More things stop the player
    6 - Above normal/Below easy
    7 - Pretty easy
    8 - Easy
    9 - Normal
    10 - Balanced and constantly challenging and rewarding

    Length - Does the player keep saying "Just get the map over with" or "Too short?"

    0 - Player loses interest too fast/Map is done within a couple of minutes
    1 - Player loses interest fast/Map is done in several minutes
    2 - Player loses interest a quarter of the way there/Map is done in 10-15 minutes
    3 - Player loses interest after 1/4 of the map/Map is finished too quickly to be considered a "demo"
    4 - Player loses interest near the 1/2 point/The map can be considered a demo
    5 - Loss of interest 1/2 there/The map can be considered a lengthy demo
    6 - Loss of interest 2/3 there/The map is short
    7 - Loss of interest 3/4 there/The map falls short
    8 - Loss of interest nearing the end/The map could have been longer
    9 - Little loss of interest throughout the map/The map could have been a little longer
    10 - The player is paying attention and having fun throughout the entire map

    Gameplay - Does your map use unique gameplay mechanics, or is it just repeating the same one throughout the entire map, without keeping it fun?

    0 - Practically no mechanics
    1 - Very little mechanics
    2 - Same mechanic is repeated and is boring
    3 - Little new mechanics are introduced
    4 - Barely any mechanics are used
    5 - A few mechanics to enhance the gameplay are used
    6 - A bunch of mechanics are used to enhcance the gameplay
    7 - Gameplay may get dull at a few points
    8 - Gameplay may get dull at a couple of points
    9 - Gameplay is fun and worthy of the player's time
    10 - Outstanding mechanics enhance the gameplay

    Challenges/Rewards - Does the player get rewarded for their hard work, or is there no purpose to do the challenges? Are the rewards worth it?

    0 - There are no challenges/extras throughout the entire map
    1 - Very minor challenges are provided with no rewards
    2 - Minor challenges are provided with no rewards
    3 - Small challenges are provided with little rewards, but not enough
    4 - Challenges are provided with little rewards
    5 - Challenges are provided with rewards
    6 - Challenges are provided with too many rewards
    7 - Challenges make the player work for a decent reward
    8 - Challenges give close to the proper reward
    9 - Challenges under/overshoot with rewards
    10 - Challenges are balanced and reward the player with big rewards, but not too much that they're overloaded and have no purpose to do all the other challenges
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    posted a message on Requesting a group for making a "hexxit based" custom map
    Did you actually get this idea by yourself or did I inspire you? :P
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    posted a message on Fraction [Map Idea] [New Poll Question]
    Quote from Cosokin

    Awesome! Cool idea.

    Thanks :D
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    posted a message on Cart Shooter
    If you're too lazy to make pics on this post, I'm too lazy to download your map.
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    posted a message on Operation Enderman Hunter Mini-Game
    Why do singular spiders have the name "House Spiders" when it should be "House Spider?" :P
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    posted a message on Skyblock Re-Done
    Hey guys, let's just completely RIP OFF the guy who made the original Skyblock, it's fine!
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