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    Heya! I tried searching to see if these were discussed (or implemented and I'm just dumb), but didn't see it, so here I go.

    First, thank you for all your work on this and the minimap. You're a godsend.

    1. Any chance we could get the minimap light overlay on the world map? Sometimes I don't want to wander around with it on, but would like to pull up a glance and see regions where I need to put some work in generally.

    2. Would love the ability to essentially draw a line on the worldmap, and get a distance measurement.
    a. Does not need to take height into account, can literally just assume Y is constant.
    i. Although path distance w/ elevation would be pretty cool probably!
    b. Does not need to render on screen at all, or even stay put on the map, literally just want to be able to make a quick measurement like one does on Google Maps.
    i. Now, letting it hang out on the map as some sort of waypoint-esque thing would be cool.
    ii. Would also be doubly cool to have it render in game.
    iii. Add a&b together and essentially I guess you've just made Waze for Minecraft, which would be cool, but also I assume a little, uh, intensive.

    Anyhow, just drawing a distance on the worldmap would probably be enough for me to abduct a child and name them after you. Thanks again for everything.

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