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    Update 1.0:

    • We now have a creative server
    • Major bug fixes
    • Extra Security
    • Bug fixes
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    Quote from unilam»

    This server is by far the best PC server I've ever been apart of great staff, great community. Join us if you want to have an amazing Minecraft experience :)


    Thanks man, means a lot!

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    posted a message on ⚒️ForgeMC ⚒️ [1.8-1.15.2 java] [Survival + Factions] [Large active community 200+] [Newly founded server]

    Here is some information on our server:

    • Canadian Host Flag: Canada on Twitter Twemoji 13.0
    • Primarily American Playerbase Flag: United States on Twitter Twemoji 1.0
    • 24/7 Hosting (Yes that's right all the way past your bedtime!) ⏰
    • Massive diverse community and players from all ages and across the world 🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏽
    • Dedicated staff team and constantly updating with new content 👷
    • Hub server, room to expand.


    - 1.15.2 java edition (Soon to be 1.16)

    - Player shops / Player run economy with diamond shops at spawn (Start your monopoly)

    - GriefPrevention

    - Pets & Trails

    - Server dynmap http://play.forgemc.org:6969/

    - 30k by 30k map

    - Ranks with very unique rewards

    - Timed rank system.

    - Hard Mode (For real gamers only!)

    - Massive server and community projects

    - Active and kind playerbase


    - 1.15.2 java edition (Soon to be 1.16)

    - 1.8 PvP Mechanics

    - Gapple & EPearl Cooldowns

    - 1.7 Cannon Mechanics

    - Revamped Crates

    - New Spawn

    - New Ranks and Perks

    - Improved performance

    - supply and Loot drops

    - Risk = Reward


    - 1.15.2 java edition (Soon to be 1.16)

    - Large 100x100 plots

    - 3 plot maximum

    - plot biome feature

    - plot song feature

    - plot schematic feature

    :o How to join:

    Discord -> 🔗https://discord.gg/3XXcGJn

    Server IP: play.forgemc.org

    Server IP: play.forgemc.org

    Server IP: play.forgemc.org


    Small History - ForgeMC was named due to two separate communities uniting together and forging. So we thought ForgeMC was a fitting name. We believe that everyone has a place on our server since we have so much diversity!

    Like our server, leave a nice comment and or share it with your friends! :D

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    Still a open thread

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    BeefMC Partnering Discussion and Offer
    If you see spelling/grammer errors please excuse me, I have dyslexia.

    Hi, my nickname is Beef, I own a small SMP Community of about 175+ players, It is a semi-vanilla whitelisted server.

    The reason I am posting this is my server has recently been looking to branch out into a network and we wanted to add skyblock or some other new gamemode onto our community. I personally feel like our best bet would be to partner with a established server. This would be able to help benefit and boost both communities. I am wondering if anyone would at all be interested in somewhat pairing up to create a network together.

    I know this is a huge risk and probably a lot of fellow server owners are not going to be interested in this but please hear us out. Mainly what I am trying to get out of this is the best thing for our community which is a new gamemode and a bigger playerbase.

    More stats on my server

    • Age: 4 months old
    • Size: 175+ players (in our discord) / We average 6 on at any time
    • Gamemode: Semi vanilla - Few plugins but we try to remain as close to pure survival as possible
    • Other: server dynmap

    Things you may like if we switch.

    We have a dedicated host which allows us more control of our server and community as all of it is on one server rack. We can help our partner out by hosting your server on our rack if you are interested in better hosting. (not required)

    • We have a server website and store which we could easily integrate it with both servers.
    • I already have a established player-base and a amazing staff team.
    • I know their would need to be a lot of more further conversations done if anyone would want to follow through with this but I will publicly purpose our servers offer for a server network. This offer can be adjusted in the future depending on future conversations.

      Our Network Offer

    1. We are willing to move discord servers if needed too
    2. We would be willing to move server hosts if it is better then what we have
    3. All of my staff and the staff of the partnering server will stay in their positions, were not looking to demote anyone.
    4. We are planning on making a hub server that will bridge between our two servers. On one side of the network lobby would be your server gamemode type portal - which would link to your server. Then same for ours.
    5. We could be willing to adjust our whitelisted status possibly
    6. We could be willing to adjust some of our rules to better fit a more uniform network set of rules
    7. Willing to give other partnering administrators console access to our server in exchange for access to theirs as well
    8. Willing to bring on the owner of the partnering owner as a second owner on my server as well.
    9. Each Partnering owner of their respective community would have complete authority over their game-mode type.

    Please if you are interested in this offer or have other additional questions please comment on this thread of send me a message on discord. (Preferably discord)

    Discord: Beeeff#9886

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    posted a message on Hey guys! We are three friends from Montana/North Carolina looking for a server with reliable management and lots of activity!

    Hey guys, I run a 1.15.2 java survival server called BeefMC, we are a survival server with HARD mode. We do try to keep as close to vanilla as possible but we do have cosmetic ranks and crates to help support our server. Our community is roughly 110+ members as of today. We have weekly events and tons of community projects! If you would be interested check out our thread at https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/servers-java-edition/pc-servers/2999267-beefmc-1-15-2-community-16-server-survivial-hard

    EDIT: Sorry if this is messy, Typing from phone.

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    posted a message on LinexMC: We want you! *uncle same pointing finger*

    So sorry forgot to add it. https://discord.gg/nGFyNan

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    posted a message on LinexMC: We want you! *uncle same pointing finger*

    LinexMC is a new minecraft survival landclaim server. We have enormous amout of plugins and ideas for the server including quests, rankup, jobs, and so much more. We are currently not open but we plan on opening on March 22nd.

    The server has a good future ahead of it but we still are very understaffed. We are looking for dedicated and active staff members who are kind, honest and take leadership. We are also preferably looking for applicants with experience on ex-servers. Age does not matter. We currently have 2 jr.mods and are planning on adding 3-4 more before we open the server. If you are interested in applying for our server all you have to do is follow the simple steps.

    1. Join our discord server (https://discord.gg/nGFyNan)
    2. Once joined go to #announcements
    3. Click on the link and open it to the application
    4. Fill out a application with as much detail as possible.
    5. Submit and wait for a response on your application

    If you would like to learn more about the server or your application status please contact Andreww#9886

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    posted a message on LinexMC: Now Hiring, Looking for 4 trainees!
    LinexMC Applications

    What are we looking for?
    LinexMC is a brand new Greif Prevention (land claim) server. We are looking for loyal members of the community that can manage and lead the server as a staff member while also being a player. We are looking for players who will help our community grow.

    What sets Linex apart from other servers?
    We want LinexMC to be a community built server, we want the players to decide what they want to be added to the server and what they want to be removed. We have built a basic server platform to start with but once we open we will only add and remove what the players are looking for in our community.

    Along with that, we also have some very unique ideas for community events that have never been attempted before but may be very fun.

    If you are interested in a project like this please apply!

    What are the requirements?

    • The only requirement we look for is that you be honest in your application.

    What Jobs are we looking to fill?

    • Right now we are hiring 3-4 trainees, (helpers) this is the lowest staff rank on our server but we want to see how successful you are at the basics before we start you at a higher position. Promotions will be dealt out at a time when we see fit, this does not mean we will demote you for ill behavior.

    What experience are we looking for?

    • We prefer people who have staffed on a GreifPrevention server before and players who have staffed servers in general.
    • Any other advanced experience such as owner and/or developer is appreciated as well.

    How to apply?

    Other notes:

    The server is currently whitelisted but we do plan on releasing sometime within the next few weeks. We do plan on having some sort of staff meeting day once we get through all the applications. This will let everyone meet each other so we all can work as a team a bit better.

    Note: It would greatly help us if you joined our discord that way we can get your response back to you easier. Discord Link (click me)

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